Overview of Smartphone Lenovo A766 (Lenovo A766)

everything is known in comparison, so I want to share with you my opinion on the use of Lenovo smartphone A766. I use the phone 8 months, so I know what I say.

From the very beginning I want to focus on the price, which can vary from 80 to $ 120. But what price did not put any store, the smartphone is budget, and believe me for the word, he stands his money.

first, What pays attention to is 5 "screen. If you take into account the whole familiar expression that the smartphone without the Internet is "closer", then for surfing on the Internet it will suit 100%. And, taking into your hands a different phone with a smaller screen, some "flawback", awkwardness, "space" is lost. It seems that you moved to live from a 3-bedroom apartment in 1 room apartment, well it is so - figuratively speaking.

Performance and

I won't see anyone with the name of the processor, because by most opinion, I call it, like most users, nothing does not speak. The main thing is that the nuclei in it is 4. And foster attention on a very important indicator - the clock frequency of 1200 MHz than it is more, the faster the smartphone works. And it is necessary to know.

RAM 512 MB, so this option is not suitable for lovers, because Serious games are brazed at high characteristics of the graphics of the game.


The camera in the phone contains only one and it is 5 megapixel. The quality of photos with sunlight is excellent, but with weak lighting, the quality is lost at times. The same can be said about video shooting.

What else liked it is the rectangular shape that gives him an expensive as for me, look.

Now a little about the configuration. Complete set, to put it mildly "poor": smartphone, charging plus a USB wire and adapter to our outlet. But this is understandable, because the smartphone is budget.


Battery with a capacity of 2,000 mAh, which is enough for 1 day intensive use. In the "Stationary Phone" mode of the battery only for 2 days. Therefore, I advise everyone - do not take a smartphone with a battery less than 2,000 mAh, because you have to keep charging with you.

To the above advantages include the quality of the assembly. The cover is very tightly adjacent to the housing and will not be built. The backlash is missing. Slim phone, just 10 mm.

Small RAM?

Before buying a phone, I watched a lot of videos on which people attributed to shortcoming minor memory, which made me laugh. Why do you ask? All because it reminds me of a story when such critics were bought by Zaporozhets and attributed to the disadvantages of the engine characteristics, they would have been not bad if the engine from Mercedes was installed here. Guys, his budget does not allow to install such memory!


But, as not to twist, and in any phone you can find disadvantages. Therefore, I do not consider the option with the RAM and the point. What did not like it, so this is the phone cover. Very smooth and subtle, in the sense that there is no rigidity in it, although her length is big. Could strengthen it. But, I removed this flaw. I bought a rubber overlay on the cover, which protects the glossy surface from scratches and the phone does not slide in the hand.

I can also attribute to minus that the phone " freezes" somewhere once a month. But, and here you can find a way out. With the slightest "glitch", we carry out a reboot of the phone and everything works.

I advise everyone to buy and you will not regret, like me, about my purchase.


Watch the video overview Lenovo A766 below.