Overview of online service INVIDEO: Easy installation of videos for lovers and professionals

Information controls the world. It can be presented in different forms, but the most convenient for a modern person is short videos. Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and many other platforms allow you to watch other people's videos or upload your own. This can be used for entertainment or commercial purposes, such as advertising goods and services.

Many people think that creating even a short video requires a lot of resources – powerful processing equipment, specialized software, time, and you won’t get far without experience. This is partly true, but there are also easier ways to get a beautiful video with a minimum of effort, for example, use inVideo - a service with wide functionality that allows you to perform online video editing. Our review will tell you more about the possibilities of the online video editor.

Purpose of inVideo and its benefits

inVideo is an online video editor that can be used for amateur or professional purposes. With it, you can create a commercial, tell about a trip, edit a video for TikTok or prepare a short story on Instagram . And yet, no one bothers to use it to make presentations on study or work, create video reports or congratulations, record video instructions and reviews. Or maybe you need a resume showing your talents and skills, or are you asked to submit a portfolio of your work? For any described task inVideo fits perfectly. The reasons for this are simple:

  1. There is no need to install a program - everything is done in the browser. At the same time, you can download the finished video or immediately send it to social networks or friends.
  2. No need for a powerful PC. Even a weak laptop is enough to work with the service. If the rendering takes some time, then at the end of the process, a corresponding notification will be sent to the e-mail. You don't have to sit at your computer and wait.
  3. Simple interface. Even if this is your first experience of editing video, then with inVideo there will be no difficulties. Everything is intuitive here, there are tips, advice and full lessons for working with a resource. At the same time, the service is more suitable for professionals, because it will allow you to get high-quality content in a couple of clicks.
  4. Ability to edit your own video or use the template database. If you need to quickly make a roller (who did not come across a situation where the task issued today was necessary to fulfill yesterday?), And there is no suitable material, use the base INVIDEO. Here are templates all cases of life.
  5. FREE version with powerful functionality. It is not necessary to acquire a subscription to make excellent and informative videos. However, the paid version is significantly expanding the possibilities, and it is inexpensive. To familiarize yourself with premium options, a trial period is provided.
  6. Cloud storage. There is no need to download ready-made projects on a PC, because they can be stored in the cloud, where you quickly get access to them even from someone else's PC. For users of the free version 1 GB is available for subscription owners - 10 GB and 100 GB.

Getting started and basic functions

Regardless of what you are going to do in Invideo, it should be started with the creation of the account.

Three options are available - input via Google, Facebook or registration Using email and mobile phone number. Now you can proceed to work.

For any project, the choice of roller orientation will be available:

  • Wide (wide-angle) 16: 9
  • Square (square) 1: 1
  • Vertical (vertical) 9:16.

Selects follows from what platform for you is the target. For YouTube It is worth staying on a widescreen video - 16: 9. If you are going to expand the audience in Tiktok or advertise goods through stories in Instagram, then the perfect option - 9:16.

Next, you need to decide what you will work with:

  • Ready video templates (Pre-Made Templates).
  • Text Transformation in Video (Text to Video)
  • Creating rollers from scratch (Blank Canvas).


Press The "Pre-Made Templates" button and enter the keyword to quickly find a suitable roller on the subject. For example, "Webinar Invitation", that is, the "invitation to the webinar". You can, of course, search for manually, but, given the huge selection in more than 4,000 templates, it will take a lot of time. A Invideo, among other things, also created for its savings.

Next, select the video you like, its orientation and press "Use this Template". Wait for the video download to the editor to add your information to it.

huge plus Invideo is that in the selected template you can change literally all - background, text, images, music. You can also delete unnecessary scenes or add extra, sew a few rollers into one and make the transition between them. There are no problems in order to hang on the finished video recording of your own voice, for example, voice the text of your roller.

Text transformation in video

second option for creating Content - text conversion in video, for this you need to choose to click on "Text to Video". This is a good solution for those who want to convey some text information in a more beautiful and accessible form.

Here again, you need to select the appropriate option from the proposed, orientation of the future roller and click on "Use this template".

Before proceeding directly to the editor, add the title in the field "Add Headline" and text You want to see on the video in the field "Add Story". If it is not ready yet, you enter any characters - later they can be changed. Next, press the button "NEXT" (activated after filling the fields "Add Story" and "Add Headline" ).

Creating rollers from scratch

Third mode of operation - Creating a video from scratch. This solution for those who work with their own content and want to install, for example, glue a few rollers, cut unnecessary fragments, replace sound, hang text and so on.

Press "Blank Canvas" ("empty canvas"), specify the orientation and click on the blue button "Make a Video" ("Create video "). By the way, there are useful tips on this page, prompting how to make your videos bright and memorable. If you have this first experience, you should not neglect them.

Now you are in the already familiar editor, where you can add your rollers to start their installation and processing. By default, the tab "Ulpoads" ("Downloads") opens. To add a video, click on the blue button "Upload Media" or simply drag the desired file from the folder to the upload window.

inVideo interface

literally run away. There are a lot of settings here, which means that you can easily and quickly create a bright and memorable video, whether it is an advertising offer or just a story for subscribers.

The interface is generally familiar. On the left are the available media files. Among them are ready-made templates, videos, music, images, text, logos, stickers, masks, effects and much more. Each tab has many options to choose from, and this inVideo compares favorably with numerous programs designed to solve the same tasks. You will get tired if you want to go through all the available settings.

The bottom panel is a timeline where you can see the number of scenes, their duration, as well as delete them, add new ones, change the soundtrack and perform other actions.

The central part is a preview. On the right is the display of the current elements. You can work with them by directly clicking on the one you need or by selecting it in the window on the right. I recommend using the second option, because what seemed to you a simple pattern can also be a custom scene element.

The panel above the preview window allows you to work with the selected element. In it, you can change the font, its color, add a shadow, animation, or perform other actions. There are also options for customizing the images inserted into the scene. To do this, select the one you need to open the picture editor.

Above is a panel for managing the project - changing the name, size, canceling actions or moving forward a few steps. There is also a button “Download & Share", with which you can download your video or share it on social networks or with subscribers.

Please note that the free version of the video is only available in 720p with a watermark. Downloading and hosting are available after rendering is completed (before that, the buttons will be inactive).

The editor also has the ability to get information about your account. To do this, click on the round icon with your initials in the upper right corner. Here you can view all your projects and create a new one, to subscribe, add to the project of other users, if you do not work alone on creating content.

on premium version

to use Invideo you can be free or by purchasing a subscription. Two paid connections are available - "Business" ($ 180 per year / $ 15 per month) and "Unlimited" ($ 360 per year / $ 30 per month).

It should be immediately noted that, although the resource and free, if you plan to earn on the creation of content, then in the purchase of the premium, there is definitely makes sense, besides, the cost is quite accessible.


The free version suggests:

  • the presence of a watermark.
  • The ability to export 60 videos per month.
  • Resolution 720p.
  • Standard templates.
  • 1 GB in the cloud storage.

Business version:

  • Lack of watermark.
  • Premium Templates.
  • Exports 60 videos per month.
  • Resolution 1080p.
  • 10 GB in cloud storage.

Unlimited version:

  • Lack of watermark.
  • Premium Templates.
  • There are no restrictions on the number of exported video.
  • 1080p resolution.
  • 100 GB in the cloud storage.

These are the main differences between the subscription versions, but in fact there are more, Invideo offers a detailed comparison where you can understand the difference and evaluate the advantages.


Invideo is an excellent service for working with video content. It has many opportunities, an understandable interface, the mass of ready-made solutions that only need to be adjusted to their goals. The editor pleases that it does not have high system requirements. Invideo is convenient to save projects in the cloud and quickly get access to them for subsequent processing. It is also important that you can choose free use of the service or paid, but with an extended functionality. At the same time, here you definitely understand what we pay for, and additional options carry real benefits, especially if you plan to use Invideo for business.

It is necessary to understand that you will not be able to mount in Invideo. Yet it is a tool for getting short videos in professional and entertainment purposes. And with these tasks, he copes with a bang.