Overview of intracanal headset Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless 2

The convenience of wireless headsets is indisputable for people leading mobile lifestyle. The question is only in choosing a type that could fully meet the needs of consumers. Inserts are compact, but are not able to protect the user from external stimuli, and overhead headphones often sound well, but not everyone will fit. An alternative solution offers Sennheiser - a new intra-channel gadget with a system of active noise reduction Momentum True Wireless 2 became the hero of our new review.

  • type of ambuchuers: intra-channel
  • Sensitivity: 107 dB
  • Distortion coefficients: 0.1%
  • Bluetooth version: 5.1
  • Protection class: IPX4
  • Battery capacity: 60 mA * h
  • Opening hours: 7 h / 28 h

The German company Sennheiser is one of the leading world innovators in the field of audio engineering. The founder of the company became the most discerning scientist and engineer of Fritz Zennheizer, who being another 11-year-old boy collected his first radio. Under his beginning, the "Olympic Reverber" was created, who first sprouted at the opening of the 1936 competitions in Germany, and at once at the end of the war in 1945 the inventor founded his own company, which later became known as Sennheiser Electronic.

During its existence, the company has repeatedly displayed advanced devices and developments that use record-wide demand among consumers and a number of popular electronics manufacturers. In addition, the creation of engineers of the company often asked a high rate of competitive organizations engaged in the production of equipment for playing and recording audio.

By the way, this year Sennheiser marks its 75th anniversary and in the light of this fact official Online store Sennheiser. RU delivers goods for free throughout the country, and also provides a 10% discount when paying online. Here you can find more detailed information. On the jubilee site Sennheiser, you can send your wishes and congratulate your favorite brand with a holiday, read 75 mental stories from long-time friends and partners of the company, to see the chronology of its achievements, and also learn about free online seminars from guests and representatives of Sennheiser Sound Academy.

Returning to the innovations of Sennheiser, it would be embarrassed by the attention of Momentum mobile headsets - a premium series of headphones of various form factors, which are allocated by non-standard design solutions and stunning sound quality - that in general, in our days and It is a business card campaign. Today I will tell you about intra-channel headphones Momentum True Wireless 2 - a modified version of the headset, which received the WORLD AWARDS prestigious WORLD Award in 2019.


Headphones are removed in the branded box as In the casket with a lid on the front side. The place inside the rovelet is divided by two packs: foamed polyethylene with drowning inside headphones and a black cardboard box - accurately opened a gift packaging with some original decoration.

Instructions for safety instructions, brief instruction manual, short wiring for charging format USB Type-C and plastic packaging with ear adapters - along with pre-installed four pairs of sizes XS, S, M and L.

Despite the Sennheiser brand logo, the charging case causes sustainable associations with jewelry. A small box with a folding lid on a magnet is tightly covered with a pleasant to the touch with a gray cloth. Inside two depresses, where headphones do not fit. On the back of the case there is a button, when you press the LED, which displays the battery status lights up. The gadget is designed for 28 hours of playback - 7 hours without recharging and another 21 hours in stock.

Headphones are ergonomic and modern design. The main body consists of black matte plastic, silver discs with a brand logo are banging on the front side, and the right and left sides are marked on the internal and the left sides, the outdoor contacts are molded and the sealing of ambules are modestly issued. Despite the massive on the first glance, the headset looks just wonderful and very careful in the ears.

Connection and configuration

The first thing to do Before using True Wireless 2 - Download on the smartphone Sennheiser Smart Control. This is the official software that freely extends to Google Play and the App Store. The instructions are attached to the corresponding QR code.

Unlike inserted fellows, the headset is fixed in the ear with a small turn. Contrary to my doubts, she sits very steadily, whatever position you have taken and how sophisticated did not move. When you first extract from the case, the headphones are included in the pairing mode automatically, you only need to find the device in the Bluetooth settings.

Like most similar sets, True Wireless 2 is controlled by touches, but with some adjustment to the left and right headphones. Volume, for example, is regulated by clamping a sensor with the appropriate side. And at the same time, one touch of the left headphone will stop the current player, while touching the right - refers to the voice assistant Google Assistant or Apple Siri, respectively.

By the way, the gadgets are equipped with a "smart pause" function, which independently stops playback when you take them out, and smoothly renews when you start using them again. To quickly take an incoming call, just click on any of the headphones during the call. With the help of the application, you can completely reconfigure controls for yourself, and for this Sennheiser definitely gets a plus card in karma.

sound and features

with all the same Manipulations with presses or in the application you can easily enable the built-in system of active noise reduction. This technology uses external microphones to capture extraneous noises that interfere with audio listening. Foreign irritants are extinguished by a special sound that generate headphones in antiphase to the main signal.

The Transparent Hearing function is also activated, in which microphones, on the contrary, begin to receive and transmit sound sounds from the environment on the dynamics. Considering the insulating properties of the ambush, it is very appropriate. It becomes easier for you to perceive all that happens around you without the need to immediately remove the headphones.

the absence of any discomfort or pressure on the ears, the presence of properly arranged and very responsive sensors As well as features such as " transparent hearing" and "noise reduction" makes True Wireless 2 even more secure, convenient and adapted for everyday use in an active urban environment.

Sennheiser did not whit, when they wrote that their headset had a sound characteristic of the premium level of intracanal headphones. Like most company gadgets, they sound very loud, volume and implausably good. Frequency is well balanced by default, but if you wish, you can always be twisted using one of the equalizers built into the application.

cases with a microphone are similar. The speakers clearly and confidently transmit the voices of the interlocutors, no echo or the effect of "voices from the pipe" is not. They also hear you too, the sound does not stutter and does not disappear, wherever you are.


For me, True Wireless 2 was opened A new level of perception of music in street conditions. The headset is not completely, but moderately suppresses individual noises, and forms the sphere from sounds around you, hiding each individual tool sounding in the composition. Immersion in audio content is practically the same as if I were walking in large overhead headphones. At the same time, your ears are open, there is no massive headband and other irritating factors.

It is worth adding a complete lack of wires, a very solid and neat design with a recognizable brand, as well as long-playing batteries - one and a half hours of charging, and you are secured by the Sennheiser branded acoustics for the whole day!

Despite a number of negative opinions, I did not have any problems with the software, so that the disadvantages of the headset can be attributed unless its price tag - on the official website at the moment the device costs almost 23 thousand rubles. The company offers True Wireless 2 models in black and white color solutions.

Sennheiser talented engineers once again created a very cool device that fully meets the high standards of the famous company. It sounds perfectly, looks good and has a number of relevant functions, thanks to which True Wireless 2 in everyday life is solid pleasure.