Overview of BQ-6001L Jumbo

Line BQ Jumbo has received an update - yes what! The new Jumbo is significantly different from the previous one - and above all in terms of in terms of design.

The first of the Jumbo smartphones, the BQ-6050, released in late 2016, received mixed reviews. The gadget attracted attention with an impressive screen, but otherwise inferior to most devices in its price segment.

In the spring of 2018 BQ updated the line, named after the most famous circus elephant, with the release of the 6001L. The manufacturer tried to eliminate all the shortcomings of the "predecessor", did it work out? What are the strengths and weaknesses of the budget phablet from BQ? We will tell in this review.

Technical data

  • Materials: metal, glass
  • Operating system: Android 7.1 Nougat
  • Processor: MediaTek MT6739WA quad-core, up to 1.28 GHz
  • Video accelerator: PowerVR GE8100
  • RAM / user memory: 2 GB / 16 GB (free 9. 6 GB )
  • Slot for memory card : yes, maximum capacity 32 GB
  • Display: 6" 1440×720 resolution
  • Rear camera: 13 MP
  • Front camera: 5 MP
  • Fingerprint reader : yes
  • Navigation: GPS, A-GPS
  • Wireless modules: Bluetooth 4.2, Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz / 5 GHz
  • Battery: 3900 mAh
  • Dimensions: 76.9 × 164.5 × 8.7 mm
  • Weight: 174 grams

What's in the box

The 6001L Jumbo is packaged in a rectangular cardboard box in traditional BQ red and white colors. On the front there is a note about the key advantage of the device: the aspect ratio of the screen is 18:9.

Complete set is not rich, although considering that the BQ has a online store, it would be strange to find in the box all the necessary accessories. Included in addition to the apparatus:

  • MicroUSB cable.
  • The power supply of 5 volts.
  • The clip for removal of the tray and under the SIM MicroSD.
  • User's Guide and warranty card.
  • The coupon entitles the purchase BQ branded accessories at a discount of 20%.


of mobile electronics manufacturers now and then remind users that the installation displays an aspect ratio of 2: 1 allows for more compact gadgets. There is also a renewed Jumbo display, but looking at this phone, it is difficult to imagine that it could be more. But once you understand the part about the circus elephant.

BQ-6001L is enormous! Jumbo owner will have to forget that you can use your mobile device with one hand. To get to the opposite upper corner of the screen, tilting your device "meet" the big toe. To drop the device with a fairly simple.

Note that compared with BQ-6050 model with a point of BQ-6001L design gone far forward. New complies with all the current trends. The body is made not of plastic, and of pleasant to touch metal. The cover can not be removed, and the battery is not withdrawn. Behind there is a fingerprint scanner - model 2016, we recall, this sensor had. Also on the back brink main camera unit and a dual LED flash.

the upper end
right edge
left face
the lower end

note the atypical location of connectors. Connector microUSB for charging and wired transmission data taken out at the top end. This is probably due to the fact that the speaker holes on the bottom take up too much space. Also present microUSB top connector 3.5 mm in - for headphones. The on the right is all the mechanical buttons - the POWER key and the volume adjustment swing. The buttons are distinguished by a pleasant texture, but, alas, fixed in the case fragile - if you knock your finger on a slightly, you can hear how they rattling.

On the left only a slot for SIM cards and flash drives. The slot is combined and has a feature: cards of different sizes are installed in it - Micro and Nano.


One of the main claims to the BQ-6050 was that its 6-inch screen had HD resolution (1280 × 720) And, as a result, was different "with a minus sign" the low density of pixels per inch is just 245 ppi. Updated JUMBO resolution HD + (1440 × 720) - that is, almost the same. The density of pixels on an inches increased to 268. A very small increase, justified by not the desire of the manufacturer to excellence, but the "geometry" of the screen.

However, problems with the resolution of JUMBO is only on paper. In fact, the image on the screen is very clear or some "squares" can not be speech. If there is no sharpness and contrast, these parameters (like many others) can be easily adjusted in the Miravision section.

The image of the image adds and the fact that the screen is made using the 2.5D Incell technology - that is, coated with rounded glass. For the model, the predecessor did not lead a similar.

Performance and memory

Smartphone in 2018 16 GB of user memory will obviously be a little. A pair of films in HD-resolution will take the whole volume. Moreover, the gadget supports flash drives with only up to 32 GB. If a 128-gigabyt card could be put in the device, the lack of integrated memory would not be thrown into the eye. Upon relevant characteristics, the user will certainly have to "escort" the file system.

Volume of RAM - 2 GB. At the same time, the gadget is a chipset from MediaTek MT6737WA, whose clock frequency is 1.28 GHz. The characteristics of performance were tuned to pessimistic way. During the game tests, we were convinced that pessimism was justified.

Jumbo coped with Mortal Kombat X - although the game still hijacked. When we tried to minimize the window with the game, the smartphone seemed to almost have a seizure - it hung for a few seconds. Future Fight and Asphalt 8 turned out to be too tough for Jumbo: the first one lagged in such a way that there was no question of the pleasure of the game, the second one did not start at all. With FIFA Mobile and Subway Surfers, the "giant" from BQ had no problems. Fans of arcade games will not notice that the performance of the device leaves much to be desired.

BQ-6001L scored 39,301 parrots on AnTuTu.

If you look at the rating of the ​​benchmark, you will find that there is no 6-inch smartphone in it that would be less powerful than the Jumbo. The closest competitor Cubot Max scored 40,000 points.

Operating system and software

If you use Jumbo even a little, you begin to understand why geeks value devices with "pure" Android so much, without any branded shells. The 6001L is running Android Nougat 7.1.1. Not the latest version of the "green robot", but with this device it works very quickly. The response to a click or swipe is instant.

Some users may not like the large number of pre-installed applications. Many of these programs can be uninstalled through " Settings" - " Applications".


The Jumbo's 13-megapixel main camera is capable of capturing high-quality pictures with natural colors and sufficient brightness in sufficient light. Although there is something to add here. For example, in clarity - at the maximum approximation, objects in the photo are covered with "squares". It would be worth speeding up the focus - due to the fact that it works rather slowly, it is difficult to shoot moving objects.

Vintage effect with frame

Jumbo has a built-in and easy-to-use photo editor that allows you to apply a filter, adjust contrast and brightness, put image in frame point." For this, the manufacturer deserves a "karmic plus".

The front camera has a resolution of 5 megapixels, although other information is found on the Internet - about 8 megapixels. This information can also be called correct, since the resolution of the image is increased by software - the “output” is really 3264 × 2448 pixels. The selfie camera is equipped with an LED flash and photographs surprisingly well - no worse than the rear one.

Communication, sensors

It was a pleasant surprise that Jumbo supports data transmission over Wi-Fi at a frequency of 5 GHz. There are few models in the budget segment that could boast the same. When tested on Speedtest, the smartphone showed approximately the same download and upload speeds - about 40 Mbps. At this speed, it takes no more than a second to download 10 MB.

During the entire time that the gadget was on our review, there were never any problems with Wi-Fi, nor with a 4G connection. The quality of the connection also did not cause complaints.

Despite the presence of a fingerprint sensor, it will not be possible to pay for purchases in stores with a phone - the device does not have a NFC module. This is logical: the gadget is still a budget one, and support for contactless payments is the prerogative of smartphones in the premium and mid-price segments.


As soon as a SIM card was installed in Jumbo, someone immediately called her. The phone roared like a wounded beast - so that your obedient servant almost dropped it from his hands. The BQ-6001L, without a doubt one of the loudest smartphones in the budget segment, brought back memories of the Nokia X1-01. You remember that instrument of acoustic torture, don't you?

The exorbitant volume of the sound is due, firstly, to the presence of a large speaker (due to which, we recall, the MicroUSB connector had to “move” to the upper end), and secondly, to the support of BesLoudness, a digital “improver ". Turn off BesLoudness in the settings - and the sound will become completely unremarkable and inexpressive.

Realizing that 6-inch screens usually consume energy "be healthy", we did not expect miracles from the BQ-6001L in terms of autonomy. However, Jumbo managed to pleasantly surprise. With activated (default) " Power saving in standby mode", the smartphone, being 100% charged in the morning, saved 34% by late evening. And I predicted that this would be enough for another 17 hours of battery life.

to WiFi. This can be seen from the image above.

The new Jumbo not only takes a long time to discharge, but also charges quickly. The manufacturer does not disclose the name of the fast charging technology, but it informs that a 3900 mAh battery can be filled up to “hundreds” in just 3 hours.


The updated Jumbo will be a real find for a user who wants to get a big phone with a high-quality display, but is not ready to sell a car for the sake of buying one from the latest Galaxy Note. Model 6001L can be attributed to the budget segment - its cost does not exceed 10 thousand rubles.

Jumbo features include:

  • Loud sound.
  • Impressive autonomy and support for fast charging.
  • Support for 5 GHz Wi-Fi data transfer.
  • Front camera with LED flash.
  • Smart fingerprint scanner.
  • "Pure" Android.

The model also has disadvantages:

  • won't be enough.
  • Not enough built-in memory (and not expandable).
  • No NFC support.

BQ-6001L, remaining a specific smartphone, still looks quite modern in the modern mobile market. Thanks to the display with the aspect ratio of 2: 1 New Jumbo is a compact predecessor and other smartphones with 16: 9 screens, the design of which is already considered obsolete. In addition, the device has a full order with ergonomics - with a large diagonal, it is quite thin and light. All this allows you to predict that the updated JUMBO will be popular not only among men.