Overview Motorola Moto E4

The budget series of Moto E smartphones is returned to the 4th generation apparatus on Android 7.1.1

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Motorola smartphones Motorola Moto E appeared on the shelves in mid-2014 after the success of the Moto G. Moto G. smartphones offered solid The average hardware components in price twice the smaller of flagship smartphones, while Moto Es were aimed at the initial price category. These smartphones cost about $ 100, while they could compete with devices for $ 200. This year, we are waiting for the return of budgetary apparatus already in the fourth generation called Moto E 4. Unlocked version is sold on the site Motorola at a price of $ 130. The question arises: did the developers have done enough to promote their Moto E smartphones line and maintain a high quality standard?


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Moto E 4 will not win the awards for the amazing subtlety of the hull or exquisite bends, but even a thicker case And the rounded edges give him a feeling of reliability in his hand.

The embossed plastic rear surface occurs with polished plastic edges and forms a dense holistic seam. Of course, it can be easily addressed, but the developers did not strive to ensure absolute impermeability. Under the screen is the fingerprint scanner, which is not a physical button, but is embedded directly into the housing. In addition to increased security, it gives a smartphone more premium sensations, giving advantage over competitors. Over the screen is the front camera 5 MP with one LED flash.

The compensation of the camera is located familiar to Motorola, its resolution is 8 megapixel, the LED flash is also alone. Developers promise a water-repellent coating that will protect the apparatus under minor splashes and light rain. Although the smartphone is not fully waterproof, the existing protection can extend its durability.


How can you expect from such a budget smartphone, it is not the most outstanding screen, but he does. The resolution is 720 x 1280 pixels, the accuracy of color reproduction and cleanliness is sufficient, although the color range does not reach flagships.

The density of pixels is also lower than the average and equal to 294 PPI, so the detailing is mediocre, and the angles of images are blurred. On the other hand, the brightness is not bad, which together with saturated colors provides an acceptable picture for most users.

Interface and Functionality

Refusing a few years ago from the Motoblur shell, Motorola took the use of the almost clean version of Android. In this case, this is Android 7.1.1. Apart from several preset applications of mobile operators, Moto applications and design of the smartphone icons, gives access to the stock version of Android, that for most is a plus. This allows saving system resources consumption and increases the interaction rate with a smartphone.

The MOTO application provides access to two small functions: Moto Display and Moto Actions. The first makes it possible to enable sleep mode screen with more warm colors, and also allows you to view notifications on the lock screen without having to completely disable a screensaver if it has been turned on. The second allows you to enable fingerprint scanner gestures, the gesture left back, right opens the multitasking menu, pressing works as the Home button. Eliminating software buttons increases the useful area of ​​the screen, but the accuracy of these gestures leaves much to be desired. Often, if you wish to perform the gesture to the right or left, pressing, which is annoying. This functionality requires refinement.

Continuing the conversation about the print scanner, it must be said that its speed and accuracy when unlocking the device is impressive. Quick Pressing the sensor instantly gives access to the home screen, the scanner works even faster than the smartphone is unlocked. Looks like Motorola is used the best scanner, no worse than flagship smartphones.

processor and memory

this year Motorola Vern Snapdragon processors have fallen after a short time using MediaTek production chips in Moto E3. Both variants are 4-nuclear, and the kernel is the same, but in Snapdragon 425 the clock frequency of 1.4 GHz against 1 GHz in the MediaTek processor. This means smooth and fast work Moto E4. Applications are quickly open, buttons when pressing reacting with tactile response, it normally functions the screen separation mode between two applications. The latter helps the presence of 2 GB of RAM, thanks to which both applications work quickly even at a high level of load.

Repeatedly during testing in the background Applications were downloaded when operating on the screen of two different programs, while the brackets were minimal and No application was forcibly closed. In multitasking mode, the work of many voracious applications, like Youtube with 720P video format on one side and navigation in Google maps on the other hand, was checked. For testing, the browser postponed the navigation panel to the side so that it worked in the background, YouTube remained on the left pane, after which I started downloading large games from the store. The video on YouTube displays everything as smoothly, even when applications were constantly changing on the other side. With such a high load , the performance did not decrease. When switching between large applications there were visible braces, but their duration did not exceed a second. It surpasses expectations from multitasking such a cheap smartphone, although this unit is far from speed champion. This can be verified on the basis of the results of the benchmarks, but in everyday work at any level of loading such performance for such a price is difficult to find.

In high speed games, it is not necessary to expect. They have brazers, sometimes skipped frames. Despite this, all games are available for launch.


To begin with, the camera interface should be mentioned. There is no multitude of photographing modes, both on devices samsung, the application is quite simple and understandable. Photographing modes are hidden in a small extended menu. Professional regime makes it possible to manually set the ISO parameters, the shutter speed, aperture, white balance and focus. However, the weakness of the sensor reduces the importance of these parameters.

The camera is not bad on paper, especially considering the price. Resolution of the rear chamber 8 MP, front 5 meters, both have a LED flash. Wonders from these cameras do not stand, although thanks to them you do not miss the right moment. There are a lot of digital noise and sharpness of the best in the photos and the sharpness is descended. The camera with difficulty transmits the details of the image, and the screen is experiencing problems with their display. Photos are better not to increase, otherwise the quality will fall even lower.

Color reproduction is also unstable. In some situations, the difference is almost imperceptible, although the shades are transmitted inaccurate due to a limited color range, which also contributes to the loss of detail. Other snapshots show the sensor's tendency to produce a cold blue shade. This happens with different lighting and especially noticeable on more pale colors, yellow and green. Even when the colors are saturated and well lit, there is an excessive compensation of the shades of other colors, such as yellow and red. There may also be problems with overexposure. Thus, the quality of photographs is mixed.

All these problems are exacerbated with weak lighting, especially noise. The flash helps a little, except for grainy photos become brighter.

The front camera is experiencing the same difficulties, although in portrait shooting to a lesser extent, especially with the decoration mode. Wrinkles and other disadvantages are smoothed here, including with the help of an outbreak.


Video recording

Video is limited 1080p format and noise and artifacts are also observed here. Stabilization works poorly, there is almost no automatic focus change.

Call quality

It is easy to forget about the quality of calls in modern smartphones, since they are most often used for something else. Fortunately, at least this basic need is implemented here at the proper level. The sound quality on both ends of the line is in no way inferior to other devices, although the speakerphone volume is lower than we would like for practical use.

Battery life

and with rare use it can work for two days. The battery capacity is 2800 mAh, from zero to 100% charged in 2 hours.


At the entry-level price point, value for money matters most. In this regard, Moto E4 performs well. The weakest point of this smartphone is the camera. The quality of the photos is inconsistent, the detail is low, the image is blurry, there is digital noise. This smartphone will obviously not be bought in order to take pictures.

The rest of the device is not bad. The use of a close to pure version of Android and a Snapdragon processor allows the device to run smoothly. There are no problems with multitasking, apart from small stutters of large applications. The fingerprint scanner is very fast.

Motorola once again was able to offer the quality and reliability of modern smartphones at an attractive price.


  • price;
  • assembly quality;
  • Fingerprint Scanner;
  • Internal components provide convenience with multiple applications at the same time.


  • Unpredictable camera;
  • Lack of screen detail.

Rating: 8.5