Overview Alcatel Idol 2 Mini 6016x

Expansion of budgetary smartphones Alcatel continues. Another mini-modification has become more. Overview Alcatel IDOL 2 MINI 6016X will reveal detail the description of the new apparatus.


Monoblock without delights. A simple unassuming design does not immediately allow you to guess that we have a reduced version of IDOL 2. Everything in its places: three navigation buttons under the screen, the glass front panel at the top of which the front camera, speaker and the illumination sensor and the rear panel with a removable plastic cover with the effect are accurately Soft Touch and Flash Eye under the Lens Camera. The smartphone lays out well in the palm due to the rounded side harms of the back of the case. On the side of the facest there are metallized inserts.

Performance and software

Smartphone is based on Android 4.3 OS. The installed applications cannot be transferred to the memory card, which is certainly uncomfortable when the fact that the main flash memory is only 4GB. RAM I would like to see here more than 1 GB here, but then it would already be a device of another class. Frequency of four nuclear processors 1.2GHz. The main memory can be expanded using Micro SD memory cards up to 32GB.

The device supports GPS satellite navigation functions and has a built-in compass based on a geomagnetic sensor.

Alcatel Idol 2 Mini 6016x The characteristics of the chipset are more disclosed after reinstalling the operating system on Cyanogen MOD, in one of the latest editions.

Channels are used for data transfer:

  • Bluetooth 4.0;
  • Wi-Fi 802.1N;
  • USB 2.0.

The Internet access smartphone supports communication standards: GSM 3G, GPRS, WAP, etc. To some regret, the device is not supported by the network LTE, but the manufacturer promises such an opportunity in the following modifications. At the same time, the empty exit with the pre-installed new version of Android 4.4 is expected.


The screen of the smartphone was built on IPS matrix with a resolution of 540x960. Display Anti-glare, with bright colors. Automatic lock is triggered when the smartphone is approached by the front side to any surface, so the screen is blocked when the phone is racing to the ear when calling. The color rendition is limited to 16.78 million color shades - it is quite enough to obtain a juicy picture. The display has a sensor capable of recognizing up to 8 touches at the same time and understanding the combinations of various gestures.


With the help of a basic camera with a resolution of 8 megapions, you can make good amateur pictures for home photo gallery, but no more. There are several modes in the camera settings, such as sports, HDR, timer, etc. To communicate on Skype, there is a front camera with a resolution of 0.3 mp. With her help, the unassuming photographer can also do self-portrait. In the dark, the LED flash drive is activated when shooting at a small distance. If the user believes that the level of lighting for a good picture is insufficient, it can manually use the flash. The main chamber is equipped with autofocus, there is a function of face recognition.


Removable battery This is one of the advantages and an argument in favor of choosing this smartphone. In a long trip, one lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 1700mach may not be enough, so the purchase of the second can not be guaranteed not to worry about the autonomous existence away from the outlets for two days.


by Alcatel Idol 2 Mini 6016x Overview It may be somewhat restrained in terms of technical characteristics of the processor and chipset, This is due to the fact that the available information of this kind on all Alcatel smartphones is very contradictory, and the manufacturer itself does not officially indicate some numbers in the specification.

Recommended price for Alcatel Idol 2 mini 6016x to 7000r.