OTG in the smartphone: what is it?

Reading Reviews or Descriptions of Smartphones, you could stumble upon the reference to OTG support. What kind of technology is this?

The designation "OTG" is rarely found on a box with a tablet or smartphone. Manufacturers of electronic equipment and advertising of their products will not focus on this technology. Nevertheless, this function is very important. Its support can significantly facilitate the use of the device, and the lack is complicated. In short, let's find out what OTG is in the phone.

  1. 1 Purpose of the protocol
  2. 2 OTG cable
  3. 3 How to find out whether the OTG smartphone is supported
  4. 4 Summing up

Purpose of the protocol

OTG-supporting devices allow you to connect different periphery and USB flash drives to a manner Something a laptop. In this case, the tablet or smartphone does not have a full-size USB port in its composition - the connection is carried out via Micro-USB or USB Type-C. It is clear that for these purposes requires an adapter. It may be present in a box with a smartphone. But much more often the OTG adapter is bought separately.

Which devices can be connected to the smartphone? Yes Most different:

  • USB drive - it does not have to be a flash drive, a connection and an external hard disk may be connected (here It all depends on how voltage gives the connector);
  • Keyboard is a good way to get rid of the virtual keyboard when working with documents hiding part of the useful space;
  • Mouse - sometimes useful when working with a tablet;
  • Camera or camcorder - You can transfer to the android photo or video, after which it is necessary to process it and upload it to the social network;
  • Printer is a great way to quickly print a document if the device does not support the wireless data reception.

Word, OTG technology is very useful. Moreover, you never anticipate when it comes the moment when it takes the use of such a function.

OTG cable

As already mentioned above, an OTG adapter will be required to connect peripherals. At one end there is an input for a full-size USB plug, and on the other - the micro-USB output. Almost always the adapter is an approximately 10-centimeter lace. This is due to the fact that the creators of the cable need to overtake several contacts between themselves - these are the requirements of the OTG protocol.

There are similar adapters a bit. Surely you will find an adapter in the nearest store at a price of 150-300 rubles. And on all sorts Aliexpress and Gearbest such things can be bought even cheaper. In short, you are unlikely to come across the problem of acquiring an accessory, even if accommodation in an extremely small settlement.

How to find out whether the OTG smartphone supports

is not present on all devices working using Android. Most often, it is deprived of the most cheap smartphones. However, medium-budget devices are also far from always recognize OTG cable with peripheral connected to it. How to find out if the device supports this protocol? To do this, you can go to the manufacturer's website, having familiarized yourself with the characteristics of the device. However, it is much easier to download the program USB OTG CHECKER program (56] or similar to it. After its launch, you will be provided with an informational message about the absence or presence of OTG support. For example, we tested DOOGEE BL7000 allows you to connect the periphery. But the cheaper doogee x30 is devoid of support for this technology.

Most often, the protocol is used to transfer any files from a flash drive to a smartphone. In most cases, when connecting a USB drive, the operating system itself offers to start a specific application. But you can use any other - for example, by the file manager.

Summing up

We recommend buying smartphones with OTG support. Especially if the device has a very small amount of permanent memory. And certainly such a protocol must be implemented in a tablet used to work with documents. Even if you think that in the coming days the possibility of connecting the periphery you will not be needed. Repeat, the need to use the OTG function may occur at any time.