ONYX BOOX FAUST 3 E-Book Review - Best friend of the book

Despite all the advantages of e-books, the experience of using them can be spoiled by a huge number of factors - ranging from low-quality displays, uncomfortable diagonal and low resolution, and ending with iron and a weak battery, because of which the device will be annoyingly quickly discharged. In this article, we will talk about Faust 3, an Onyx Boox reader that meets almost all the needs of a modern book lover.

You can talk as much as you like about preferences in book format, but devices designed specifically for these needs have a number of undeniable advantages over printed products, as well as over tablets and smartphones with their variety of applications for reading.

An ordinary book needs the right environment and lighting, a companion on the road from it is good, but not very convenient, and if you eagerly “swallow” one after another, you will have to regularly visit the bookstore and allocate places for storage, not to mention the price differences between physical and digitized literature.

Smartphones and tablets are a good alternative, but the flickering displays of most models put a lot of strain on vision, while the backlight in readers (if any) is designed in such a way that illuminate directly the image on the display, and not shine directly into the user's eyes.

If you take a few minutes for everyday reading and often take breaks, this is not essential, otherwise you can seriously spoil your health.

In addition, the reader is a great way to introduce children to literature. Not a boring, modern and compact device with a diverse library will help a teenager pass the time more usefully than the Internet or mobile games, and educational materials in today's world have long been digital copies.

Today we will tell you about Faust 3, a new modification of one of the most popular e-readers Onyx Boox, a brand that specializes in the production of high-quality readers that have received many different awards.


  • Screen diagonal: 6.0 "
  • Screen resolution: 758 x 1024
  • Screen type: E Ink Carta
  • Operating system: Android 4.4
  • Volume of RAM : 512 MB
  • Memory size (ROM): 8 GB
  • Slot for Memory cards : MicroSD
  • Features: Moon Light 2, Wi-Fi Module, Bluetooth
  • Size: 170 × 117 × 8.7 mm
  • EU: 182 grams

Packaging and equipment

FAUST 3 Sale in a matte black box without illustrations. On the title side, the name of the reader is derived by red handwritten font, and on the back detail the device specifications are listed. This is not just a packaging - the box performs the function of the device to store the device with a cover and magnets to the manner for fixing it.

Inside in a saturated-red case there is a reader, seemingly resembling an ordinary diary in an artificial skin cover stitched around the edges. On the surface of the material, FAUST is engraved on the surface.

at the box Double bottom. From the cardboard, separating the e-book from the complete set, the white fabric tape is extended so that the reader is easier to withdraw from the case. Under it hidden a warranty card of the service center, a sticker with a bar code code, a brief manual of the user in Russian and the charging wire with a micro-usb plug.

The cover of the book is removable - four fastenings repeating the form of rounded device angles, the device is firmly held on the edges. The substrate is stitched by a soft tissue material, protruding elements from thick plastic protect the riders from shocks and possible damage during falling, and in the closed position it holds the magnet.

By the way, on the official website of the Distributor Onyx BOOX in Russia, individual covers compatible with dozens of BOOX readers are sold in several colors and with different covers on the cover.

The body of the device is plastic, matte and several brand. The left and right buttons are located with the corresponding parties closer to the display center, and the "Back" key is immediately under it, next to the baoox logo near the black background. With their help, the user controls the passing of pages, menus and backlight.

The enable button is displayed on the topboard, on the bottom there is a microSD card slot and a micro-USB connector for connecting the charger. The weight of the device together with the cover covers is about 185 grams.

FAUST 3 looks like an attribute defining a wealthy person. It is organically lost on a massive desktop among gliders, written accessories and folders with documents, and it will be profitable to look as a gift to a valuable friend, relative or colleague.

Connection and configuration

The activation key instantly revives the reader, the promotional screen saver is rebuilt into Conveniently organized menu. There is a forgotten feeling that you observe not a digital display, but the magic screen of the developing drawing, the images on which occurs and disintegrate on the aluminum powder under the glass.

The top of the screen is assigned to the indicators and manipulation authorities - the screen of active applications, the "home" symbol, "back", inclusion of the "transparent page" effect. There is a time indicated, battery charge and connected Bluetooth networks and directly Internet. The main menu is divided into four massive sections:

Library - takes up a dominant location in the list. If you have been able to work with AlReader on a PC or download "reader" to smartphones, you will find out this interface. The library system automatically sorts books on authors, series and names, allows you to manually filter the literature and scan the device for new texts.

In general, AlReader is very flexible on various kinds of settings. During the reading, the user can call the menu to quickly adjust the brightness, highlight a piece of text as a quote or bookmark, convert text into speech, customize profiles, styles and fonts and much more. I have already been using this software for a very long time and find it most convenient among Android available.

By the way, all new users are waiting for a pleasant bonus here: Faust 3 has already loaded fourteen immortal works, including the Granvenon Bitter, "Roshovist »Nekrasov," Weak Heart "of Dostoevsky," Shinel "Gogol and many others. Alas, "Faust" in this list did not turn out.

File Manager - Android universal tool for searching, copying and deleting all sorts of files in the device's memory. Only those formats that support OS are displayed.

Applications is a general section illustrating the entire software installed on the reader. The default is "transmission", allowing to share files by air, clock, calculator, browser, mailbox (which for some reason does not work with Gmail mail), dictionary, download section and selection of screensavers - when moving to sleep mode 98] The reader loads the random screensaver from the list already downloaded.

The "Music" application allows you to use FAUST 3 as a player if, for example, via Bluetooth to connect a wireless headset to it. And the WEB reading application will send you to the official File sharing of the BOOX where you can upload books, images and other files.

ONYX BOOX does not have a special software for downloading other applications or books, but users can transfer them to the APK or literature by many ways, including an SD card And direct download from PC or other devices.

Settings - allows you to update the system, account for the device and for the ONYX BOOX ecosystem, adjust the time and date, adapt power saving and languages, connect the network and manage applications. In short, fully configure FAUST 3 under your needs.

Features and Impressions

FAUST 3 screen of the latest generation of black and white version E Ink Carta. For children's books with color pictures or watching photos is not the best option, but if you plan to read ordinary books on it or even a black and white manga, today E Ink Carta will be the best choice.

The classical six-in-one diagonal of the display allows users to be comfortable to dive into reading favorite books, and manufacturers create compact readers who do not take a lot of space. When resolving 758 to 1024 points, all characters are drawn quite clearly, up to the smallest parts on the illustrations.

An unambiguous plus FAUST 3 is the presence of moon light 2 highlighting, which significantly increases comfort when reading even in normal lighting conditions. If desired, the backlight can be enabled and disable in one click. In addition, the user can adjust the color temperature and create several illumination profiles, for example, with warm yellow light for soothing night reading in the dark.

Hybrid control using the buttons to turn pages and the touch screen is also an undoubted plus. Do I need to explain the advantages of the touchscreen? Ease of navigation in the menu, Internet access, the ability to quickly scaling text in the reader and so on. The only thing to which the modern user will have to get used to is to delay the device. FAUST 3 is much slower than modern smartphones, so from high-speed printing and lightning surfing in the network will have to refuse.

FAUST 3 Supports all the most demanded book formats: TXT, HTML, RTF, FB2, FB2.zip, FB3, MOBI, CHM, PDB, DOC, DOCX, PRC, EPUB, PDF, DJVU, as well as JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP and works with Comic Book Archive comic archives. The only moment: according to the manufacturer's statements, on board the reader 8 gigabytes of memory, but in fact we have about five free - the rest, apparently, go to maintain system performance.

The main and only essentially disadvantage of FAUST 3 I see the absence of moisture protection. The device should be protected from rain and take it to the bathroom. But the battery with a capacity of 3,000 mAh is enough for weeks of reading without recharging, provided that the backlight remains moderate, and the reader will be used in direct intended.


Onyx BOOX FAUST 3 is an excellent e-book equipped with the latest quality standards of black and white readers. The device is not only convenient for reading digital literature, it is functional and easy to handle, is aesthetically pleasant, durable and spreads at an adequate price.

If you select a flexible device with a black and white, equipped with a backlit display for replacing the smartphone, a tablet or printed book, be sure to look at the products of Onyx BOOX, and specifically to FAUST 3, if you want to save a little.

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