On the Android phone, the microphone does not work: what to do?

Why does the microphone on the Android device work with interruptions or does not work at all?

Unfortunately, it will not work out some unambiguous answer to this question. Causes may be very different. However, most of the problems can be divided into two main categories: software malfunctions and hardware faults. Below will look at each of these categories.

Enable and disable microphone

Sometimes, the user's ear accidentally turns off the microphone in Talk time. This is due to the fact that on some budget smartphones the approximation sensor does not work well. If the sensor works correctly, the phone screen will automatically turn off during the conversation, and the sensor will not respond to pressing. Otherwise, false responses are possible.

How would you be there, during the conversation, check whether the microphone is active. If disabled, simply turn it on:

in many messengers and programs for videoconferences There is a possibility of disconnection His microphone. Be sure to check whether the pictogram of your microphone is not crossed:

Checking the microphone performance

to Check whether the microphone works, use the standard application "Dictaphone", which is on any phone. Depending on the model and firmware version, its interface may differ slightly.

Step 1. Run the application "Dictaphone".


Step 2. Press the record button and tell me anything into the microphone.

Step 3. Stop recording. To do this, click on the appropriate button.

Step 4. Go to the Saved Records menu.

Step 5. Select the desired one and listen to it.

What you hear determines the next course of action. If there is no sound, most likely the microphone is damaged - we will talk about this at the end of the article. But what if you can clearly hear yourself?

Prevent apps from accessing the microphone

or other functions. Let's take a quick look at how the permission system works on a smartphone with Android.

Permissions granted to applications

In older versions of the mobile operating system Android, permissions were granted to the program during installation. However, it was not safe. In addition, such applications could interfere with the proper operation of the smartphone.

In recent versions of Android, permission is only granted to an application if it requests it. It remains up to the user to decide whether to grant permission only once, grant permanent access, or prevent the application from asking about it at all. In Android 11, the developers went even further. Now, if the program has not used the permission granted to it for some time, access to it is revoked. It is no coincidence that Google spends a lot of time improving the permission system.

As already mentioned, one application can interfere with another. So, for example, a smartphone microphone can be used by a couple of dozen installed programs. But what happens if one of them constantly accesses the microphone, even in cases where this is not necessary? The microphone will malfunction, hence the intermittent speech in instant messengers and video conferencing programs. In this case, as a rule, the applications Phone and Voice recorder are not affected.

If you're experiencing this kind of problem, you're probably wondering what application is crashing? And what program is constantly constantly accessing the microphone? We are talking about voice assistants : Google Assistant, Yandex Alice and others. Some users can no longer imagine life without voice search, and this is undoubtedly very convenient. However, if the microphone malfunctions due to the voice assistant, you will have to choose one thing.

Disable access to the microphone to the voice assistant

Please note! This instruction may be useful if during the conversation through the messenger or a video program, together with your voice, the interlocutor hears outside sounds and noises.

Let us consider how to disable the access Google Assistant to the Microphone of the device:

Step 1. Open "Android settings".

Step 2. Go to "Appendices".

Step 3. Open "All applications".

Step 4. In order to quickly find the desired program, start typing "Google" In the search bar. Then open the Google application - it is it that is responsible for work Google Assistant.

Step 5. Go to "application permissions".

Step 6. Select "Microphone".

Step 7. Press to "prohibit".

Step 8. The screen displays a warning that the operation of the main functions of the device (including voice search) will be impossible. We choose "still prohibit".

Step 9. Restart the device and check if you can hear you well when talking through messengers.

Disconnecting access to the microphone in any application

in some cases, other applications may also interfere with the operation of the microphone. If separate messengers you use solely for correspondence, provide them with access to the camera and the microphone is not necessary. In order to find out what programs access and limit it, do the following:

Step 1. Go to system "Settings".

Step 2. Open "Appendices".

Step 3. Go to "Permissions".

Step 4. Then open "application permissions".

Step 5. In the list, select "Microphone".

Step 6. An applications that can record audio will be displayed in the following list. Select a program to limit access to the use of the microphone.

Step 7. Press "prohibit".

Please note! On how to limit access to individual applications to the microphone on older versions of Android was written on our website.

The closure of the last working tasks


However, there is less cardinal solution of this problem. In order for applications that work in the background, do not interfere with your microphone work, do the following:

Step 1. Press the button with the image of the square in order to see the last launched tasks.

Step 2. Close all the latest tasks by clicking on a special button.

Pay attention! In the screenshot, it can be seen that in the background works Google Assistant, which can affect the operation of the microphone.

Step 3. The phone will report that there are no recent applications.

Step 4. Try to call through the program for video links, for example, WhatsApp, Telegram or Skype. Ask the interlocutor, whether you can hear you well.

Important! The lack of this method is that it is necessary to close the working applications before each audio or video call. In addition, this method works far from all.

If none of the tips helped solve the problem, try to reset to factory settings, pre-maintaining important data. This will help to eliminate the software problem, for example, a failure due to viral or other unwanted software.

We recommend users to make such a reset independently, because if you contact the service center, the first thing there will be done is to reset your device to factory settings. Repeat again, it will eliminate the probability of a program problem. On how to make a reset to factory settings, it was said in detail in our article.

Mechanical malfunctions

If in any applications the microphone works with failures, then it may have clogged or faulty.

Pay attention! We are now talking about the main microphone. However, one of the additional microphones can also be out of order, which is most often used to implement active noise cancellation.

How to clean the microphone on the smartphone

If you are poorly audible due to the accumulation of dust in the microphone hole, try to clean it.

Pay attention! It is necessary to act extremely careful not to damage the microphone.

Take a thin needle and gently, slowly, eliminate the garbage that has accumulated at the hole itself. You can not apply effort and shove the needle too deep.

But, what if the water got into the microphone? In this case, you have to disassemble the smartphone. Since the back cover in modern smartphones is not removed, there is a chance even more damaging the device. Therefore, it is best to contact a service center, where a specialist will clean the contacts from the oxide and, if necessary, will replace the microphone to a new one.

If the microphone is defective

if the above recommendations did not help and the microphone does not work, then most likely it is faulty and will have to be replaced. In some models of smartphones, the microphone module is removable, which means it can be easily replaced. Possessing the necessary skills and tools, it can be done yourself. But if you doubt success, it is best to attribute to the device to the service center.