Nine important innovations MIUI 9

Chinese company Xiaomi Together with its last smartphone introduced the next version of the shell over Android. MIUI 9 brings a number of new features that expand the abilities of the Clean version of Android.

This shell passed the long way and became one of the best on Android. It is available not only on Xiaomi smartphones, but also on the devices of other manufacturers. Surely and the new version will be popular among the Android platform enthusiasts. Let's try to understand, due to which it should happen.

1. Improvements

MIUI 9 has become noticeably faster, more responsive, which cannot but rejoice. MIUI has never been one of the light android lung firmware, so any improvement speed aimed at increasing is doubly. Xiaomi accelerated the cold launch of applications, presented a dynamic distribution of resources with the priority of system processes for the most important applications and ensuring smoothness of work. However, there are concerns that some applications will abuse this distribution of resources. Approximately the same features offer Android Nougat.

2. Universal search

MIUI now has a search in the style of Spotlight, only even better. The search is conducted not only among data, images and documents, but also by keywords. Also, the search will be triggered in conversations, the developers probably mean the correspondence of SMS.

3. Smart Assistant

Nowadays, all manufacturers try to offer their own digital assistant. At Xiaomi, he entered MIUI 9. Perhaps it will not be a full-fledged replacement of Google Assistant or Siri, but still this is a useful addition, which will allow to search on the device anything with the help of voice. The assistant will interact with the above-described universal search and will allow you to view the calendars, notes and all other data on the smartphone.

4. Smart application boot

This feature resembles Google Now on Tap. When activated, the bootloader analyzes the contents of the screen and issues contextual information. For example, if the phone number is written on the screen, you can immediately call if the address is written, you can open the card and find it.

5. Quick launch of applications

The launch of applications on MIUI 9 should be noticeably faster than MIUI 8. You need to wait for the appearance of smartphones and independently check the difference.

6. The new interface of the lock screen

The gesture to the right on the screen will open a number of shortcuts to turn on the flashlight, Mi Pay, Mi Remote, Mi Home and others. Probably the location of these labels can be configured.

7. Multitasking with screen separation

Users of this shell will be able to display two applications at the same time. On Android, this opportunity appeared last year.

8. High-quality audio

Recently, the company like Google, Apple and other major manufacturers of smartphones try to improve quality Sound, now Xiaomi does the same. A new audio calibration algorithm appeared, which should improve it in headphones and speakers. There is also a special audio amplifier promising to reveal the potential of headphones. It may be possible to work like an application HTC usonic, where the sound from the headphones is adapted to the ears of the user.

9. New wallpapers

Although this is not the most interesting opportunity, a beautiful appearance will never hurt. Numerous high resolution wallpapers are available.