MWC 2019: What will be shown in Barcelona

Mobile World Congress is the largest annual exhibition of mobile technologies. Another stage will take place very soon.

MWC 2019 will be held in Barcelona. The event will begin on February 25 (some companies will hold the first speeches per day or two to the official start) and will last until February 28.

What is interesting to the exhibition this time? Many rumors received official confirmation. ZTE Promises to bring a folding model from the line Nubia. LG and Huawei confirmed intentions to submit at the exhibition 5G-smartphones. It is also likely that guests and viewers of the MWC 2019 will be able to look at flagships Sony xperia xz4 and LG G8.

In this article we collected information that different mobile manufacturers prepare to show on MWC 2019.


It was previously expected that Samsung Galaxy S10 will be held at MWC 2019, however, the South Korean manufacturer scheduled the presentation of the flagship a week earlier - February 20 in San Francisco.

According to official information from Samsung, the Announcement of the folding smartphone will also take place on the same day.

This does not mean that for MWC 2019 Samsung did not prepare anything interesting. At Barcelona exhibition, the company can bring something from wearable gadgets: Smart Watch Galaxy Sport or Fitness tracker Galaxy Fit. Taking this opportunity, Samsung can present on MWC 2019 an updated line A for Middle-class mobile devices or a new tablet, but these events will not be key.


Sony often uses MWC for the announcement of new smartphones. This time the Sony Xperia XZ4 may appear before the public.

Sony Press Conference is scheduled for February 25 8:30 in Central European time (7:30 GRINVICH, 2:30 East time). By Pacific Event will begin on Sunday on Sunday February 24 at 23:30.

So far little is known about the Sony Xperia XZ4. According to leaks, the smartphone will have a built-in main camera. Such a decision (if, of course, it is true) would be a big breakthrough for the company, since other Sony smartphones are equipped with a single lens.

Judging by the same renderings, the Sony Xperia XZ4 will be among the most widescreen mobile phones: it will be a phablet with a 6.5-inch display with a 21:9 geometry. The renders show no notch or headphone jack. Frames are visible at the top and bottom of the display, the material of the back panel is similar to glass.

This design is not modern, and the triple camera is a new solution only for Sony. It's too early to judge how the XZ4 will stand out from other mobile phones.

Sony Xperia XZ4 Compact may also be presented at the exhibition. Leaks about it showcase an even more ancient design, wide bezels, a 5-inch display, and a single rear camera.


According to South Korean media, LG's flagship will be shown at MWC on February 24 G8. The company itself confirmed the date and fact of the presentation of the smartphone, but it did not say whether it would be the G8 or some other mobile phone.

According to LG representatives, in Barcelona the company is going to announce a 5G smartphone with a 4000 mAh battery, a cooling system based on a vapor chamber and a chipset Snapdragon 855.

Perhaps this is not about the G8, but about the LG V50 ThinQ. According to some reports, LG is going to present both models at MWC 2019, but only the V50 will support 5G.

There are speculations that the LG G8 will use a 4K LCD matrix, made using sound-through-display technology. This solution would help to reduce the top part of the frame or even get rid of it, but the renders of the LG G8 show a display cutout with a dual selfie camera.


P20 did not show up at Mobile World Congress 2018, but a year earlier Huawei brought to the exhibition P10. Therefore, there is a chance that at MWC 2019 we will be able to take a look at the Huawei P30 (although according to the latest rumors, the presentation of the smartphone will take place in March).

For the P30, Huawei's CEO made a very vague statement: according to him, the smartphone will surpass the P20 and Mate 20. There is almost no other information about the device.

There are rumors that it will have three or four main cameras, the resolution of one of the lenses will be 38 MP. Logically, it should work on the Kirin 980 chipset, since Huawei first uses new processors in the Mate line (Mate 20 on the Kirin 980 was released last fall), and then in the P line.

In 2018, KIRIN 980 was one of the most powerful processors for Android devices, but by the time the R30 will be released, he will have to compete with new chipsets.

Most likely, Huawei P30 consists of MATE 20 Pro intra-screen scanner of prints. It offers a triple camera (at least the Pro version) and an on-screen cutout.

If the P30 appears on MWC 2019, it will not be the only noticeable gadget from the company: Huawei is also going to bring with you folding smartphone with support for the fifth generation networks.


On MWC 2019, several devices from can be presented at MWC 2019. HTC, but which exactly is the mystery.

In 2018, the company reduced the release of smartphones, but did not refuse plans to release several new models in early 2019. Probably, their announcement will be held in Barcelona.

It is known that the company is preparing to release an updated version of the average budget HTC U12 Life C 6 GB RAM and 128 GB of flash memory. At MWC, this model can light up.

That HTC will show U13 or the flagship apparatus with another title, hope is not worth it: there is no reliable rumors about its development, and the output of HTC U12 Plus is expected only in May.


Release OnePlus 7 will not be taken not earlier than the middle 2019. Therefore, at the MWC 2019, the company will most likely tell about his new lineup.

It is already known that oneplus is working on a 5G smartphone, the release of which is scheduled for 2019. According to rumors, it will be shown to the public in Barcelona.

The characteristics of the device are kept secret. There are assumptions that oneplus will not include it in the main ruler under the appearance of the 5G version of OnePlus 7, as this solution would lead to a sharp increase in the price of the gadget.

In other words, the 5G smartphone will be a separate product, and it can differ significantly from the company's main flagship.


Presentation of the Moto G7 model range has passed a week ago. So for the Barcelona exhibition, the company is probably preparing something else, possibly RAZR V4. According to insider information, the announcement of this device is scheduled for February, and the MWC can become a suitable platform for the first public demonstration of the renewed clamshells.

Two things are known about RAZR V4: it will have a flexible display and a high price.


MWC is an excellent chance for Honor Show something interesting from your developments. However, Honor 20 is unlikely to be ready for the beginning of the exhibition (last year the presentation of Honor 10 took place only in May). Honor View 20 is already on sale. So most likely from Honor should not wait for loud statements.


In 2018, many devices Nokia were presented on the MWC. There is a chance that at the exhibition of this year we will see not one new mobile phone from the once popular brand. The main highlight of the company can be Nokia 9. The possibility of its presentation within the MWC 2019, several sources are specified at once. In addition, last year Nokia 8 Sirocco was also presented at MWC.

Together with him, the company announced Nokia 7 Plus, Nokia 1 and several other devices, so do not be surprised if this year Nokia will bring a whole kip new mobile phones.

It has long been rumored about the preparing Nokia 9 PureView. Insiders differ in opinion about when it is presented - directly on MWC or earlier. Mwc looks like a more believable option, as it is known that one of the events of the company is scheduled for February 24.

At the two previous exhibitions, Nokia showed the updated gadgets 3310 and 8110, thereby providing the wave of nostalgic emotions in all those present. Whether the company will repeat this move in 2019, it is not clear. Insiders are silent.


MWC 2019 may be therefore the event where we first We will see mobile phones with the support of the fifth generation networks. Many of them are preparing for release in the current year.

As noted above, the 5G smartphones from LG and Huawei will be held on MWC 2019. But do not be surprised if other manufacturers will also appear their 5G devices.

The development of 5G smartphones lead onPlus and OPPO. Both companies can use MWC to show the public the results of their work.


in 2018 Xiaomi opened its first Retail store in the UK. Before this, the company has established the supply of products to some other European countries. It is expected that in 2019 it will actively move to the US market.

at MWC 2019 Chinese techgart can show something from its future smartphones. Xiaomi perfectly proven itself in the segment of state employees and flagship apparatus, but it is still unknown, which product the company will choose for a presentation on MWC. Perhaps it will become the folding smartphone. It is known that Xiaomi is working in this area.


Speech OPPO on MWC 2019 promises to be Interesting: The company will bring a folding smartphone with him.

It is also known that on February 23 in Barcelona OPPO is going to hold a kind of "innovative event", which will obviously tell about his latest developments.

Some OPPO products are used only in the internal market of China. The company's participation in MWC 2019 suggests that the Folding Smartphone ORRO will be available to residents of many countries, but it is not yet known in which regions it will be sold.

In addition, OPPO can do other statements. The company is working on a 5G smartphone and can well be shared with his achievements.


until recently about ZTE It was heard, and now it became known that the company is preparing to show on the MWC 2019 device from the line Nubia. Slogan "Flex Your Life" clearly hints on the fact that it will be a folding smartphone.


on MWC 2018 Vivo demonstrated conceptual beams Apex with an intra-flatted scanner of prints and a retractable self-chamber. It did not become a commercial product, but instead of it a similar Vivo Nex apparatus appeared on sale.

It is quite possible that this time Vivo will show an innovative prototype, although there is no reliable information about it.

And on February 20, a few days before the start of MWC 2019, the announcement of Vivo V15 Pro with a 32 MP retractable front chamber is scheduled.