Mobile apps for pet owners

Users who think that mobile applications for domestic owners serve only for fun over the pets, are deeply mistaken. Special programs help in the training of puppies, in finding missing pets, even allow you to develop a dog diet. The most useful and most fun applications for animal owners and are dedicated to this review.


One of the most useful applications for all owners of pets. The program is designed to simplify the care of animals. Here you can configure reminders of a variety of actions that you need to do from time to time. For example, the application will remind you of bathing, reception of a drug, as well as vaccination. Mention of all events are contained in the section "Schedule", so the news of vaccination will not fall as snow on the head.

The most important skill of the program is to preserve the history of the disease. 11PETS will allow even to be added to the appropriate section of X-ray photographic, if this was done after the paw fracture or some other misfortune. The user can also prescribe conventional life indicators - the weight and temperature of the animal.

The application is designed to make information immediately in several animals. Parrots, dogs, cats - Even if you have a whole zoo at home, nothing hurts to supply each animal with your own photo album and the history of disease. The fact of the ability synchronization of data with the "cloud" is also important - information about pets will not be lost even in the case of buying a new smartphone.

Approach 11PETs completely free, while the developers did not introduce advertising shown. The application will be very useful when you need to tell the veterinarian the history of the disease. And it will also allow you to understand how high the cost of maintaining a pet is.

Human-to-Cat Translator

Human-to Cat Translator will allow the user to forget about the voice barrier between him and his furry pet. This non-standard application is based on the principle of all translation programs: the user dictates into the smartphone the question that he wants to address to his pet (for example, “ Are you hungry?”), and the gadget translates this question into cat speech. The program also works the other way around – it is able to recognize the basic commands in cat language.

User of Human-to Cat Translator has access to:

  1. Samples of 25 cat voices.
  2. More than 170 different samples that can attract the attention of a furry friend (for example, birdsong, mice squeak, purr).
  3. 16 standard commands in high quality.

The application, which initially seems rather absurd (albeit funny), actually really helps to establish a dialogue between the pet and its owner. The Lite version of the program with reduced functionality is installed for free, although the Deluxe version is inexpensive - about $ 1.

Please note: the cat may react aggressively or restlessly to sounds - in this case, it is better to refuse further use of the application!


The SpotPet app helps you take care of your four-legged friend by finding the perfect, comfortable places to walk.

Thanks to mapping services, you can do good deeds, such as helping other owners find their lost pets. If you find a lost animal on the street, report the find in the app by posting an ad with a detailed description and photo on the profile page, and the animal may soon return home.

To become a member of the community, download Spotpet, register yourself and pets, and begin to explore the best sites for walking, hotels, pet stores, grooming salons and veterinary pharmacies.

Share your experience with other pet owners, recognize important news, warnings about Doghanthers and just spend a good time in the company of like-minded people.


Upet created so that you can share with the whole world the best moments from the life of your pet. Here you can post pictures and videos, as well as share news about the life of a pet and just a good mood.

Popular Social Network will help to find like-minded people and certainly will not allow you to get bored with such a number of positive video, stories and photos of dogs, cats, rodents, rehearsals and other animals with It is pleasure to share their owners in the community.

Diary of a pet

  • ​​

The free app will help you very much and carefully take care of a pet. Create your pet profile, add photos, draw notes, install reminders and use many other options that simplify your life in raising and caring about dogs, cats, hamsters and other domestic animals.

From now on, there is a real assistant in your smartphone, with which you can easily cope with everyday affairs relating to your favorite.

A nurse's diary has a nice interface, and it is fairly easy to use. In the program, you can record all types of activity, starting with a walk and ending with the veterinarian meetings, while diluting every note with bright backgrounds, fonts, photographs, pictures and stickers. The application will give a lot of positive emotions and pleasant memories.

Veterinary preparations

should pay attention to the application in the form Director of veterinary drugs. It will be a useful assistant to those who wish to quickly find official information about veterinary medicines and familiarize themselves with them, before proceeding to preventive and therapeutic measures relating to your pet.

The directory has a simple and pleasant interface, and also contains sections for the purpose that simplify the search for the necessary drug.

Translator for cats and dogs

Simple, an interesting application will be excellent entertainment for you and your pet.

The program is suitable for all owners of various breeds of dogs and cats - spitzs, golden retrievers, Siberian Husks, French Bulldogs, Scottish Fold Cats, Russian Blue Cats and Other Quarter Friends. It is very simple to use: to swing over the pet, there is enough a couple of presses - and the prank succeeded.

There are different sounds related to the feelings and mood of animals, as well as the automatic album is included here for your coast friend with the ability to edit photos.

Animal ID

Animal ID application is an international online platform for responsible home pet owners who care about the safety of their pet and want to help others Animals get a loving family.

Create and fill in the profile in the program, and now you have all the important information about your favorite in one application. You can maintain veterinary documents, pedigree and animal photography, and in the presence of identifiers - QR passports and microchip - it is easy to find your pet if he ran away and lost.

Animal ID applies a cachek-system for good deeds in the form of help to homeless animals from shelters. Those who wish to help just need to purchase an item marked with an Animal ID QR code, scan it and receive cashback, which will go to one of the shelters. The program has a simple, pleasant interface, useful features for you and your pet, and paid content.


This is the application will help you quickly and easily deal with any problem related to your four-legged pet. If you are the owner of a dog or cat, this program will be a good helper during the period of care and concern for them.

The application contains such sections as breeds, nicknames, healthy food, training, maintenance, diseases, treatment, and many other articles. In addition, the program has the opportunity to choose the breed of a cat or dog for you personally.


GoodBoy is a handy dog ​​training app. And if you are thinking about teaching your four-legged friend commands and skills, then here they will help you make your dream come true.

The program will be an excellent personal assistant for those who are ready to start training and train their dog, but do not want to spend a lot of money and time on a professional trainer. With this application, you can start training at any time.

So, the advantages of GoodBoy:

  1. The application includes a set of 30 commands, listed in steps.
  2. You can track achievements and compete with your friends. For example, who will teach their pet one of the commands faster.
  3. Convenient, nice interface.
  4. There are tips and advice for dog owners regarding feeding and care.

GoodBoy's concise, easy-to-understand instructions will make your dog an exemplary and obedient pet.

breeds of dogs and cats

In the mobile application, a huge number of dog breeds and cats were collected with a detailed description of their characters and features, conditions Content and care for them.

There is a convenient directory with which you can easily find the breed you are interested in.

The application works in the offline mode, so you will receive answers to any questions even without connecting to the Internet.

Dog Walk

with the Dog Walk application you can track daily walks with your pet, and also take pictures of the best moments of walking And share them with friends and relatives.

Here is a very simple and nice interface: everything you need to do is press the Start button and go for a walk. Dog Walk will show you the exact distance, duration and current location on the map.

In addition, the application is available for Apple Watch, and thanks to this opportunity you will not need a smartphone, because you can track all walks right on your clock.

From the minuses of the program - GPS in background speeds up the flow rate of the battery.


The Godog application can safely be called a pocket assistant who will help bring up from a naughty PSA of an exequate, calm and healthy pet. You will be able to traverse your four-way pets with the help of step-by-step lessons from professional focus, following their recommendations and advice. A huge number of training programs, such as "Puppy Education", "Proper Behavior" and others will become an excellent tool that will help give a dog to understand what is good, and what is bad.

In GoDog, you can create a diary of your pet's health, and never miss veterinary visits, medications and vaccinations again.

Also, using the application, you can track the daily activity of the dog in order to find an individual approach to it over time, taking into account its age, breed and other characteristics.

The app includes whistle and clicker tools to speed up the learning process and lots of useful information to help you build the right relationship with your pet.

There is also a clear user-friendly interface, but paid content can be attributed to the minuses of the program.


The Rundogo application will monitor the active lifestyle of not only the pet, but also the owner himself. Here you can track various activities and strive to improve your training results.

The program has the ability to check your activity level and compare it with your animal, analyzing the difference in time, route and pace.

In Rundogo, you can meet new friends and be inspired to new achievements with them.

Also, if you have a Garmin watch, then it will be even easier to track your training progress - exercise with smartwatch, and then import the data into Rundogo. In general, the program will be an excellent tool to combat laziness and improve health along with your four-legged friend.


This unique app will help you stay close to your pet even at a distance. All you need is the Barkio program and two devices in the form of a tablet, a laptop or smartphone, and from now on you are in touch with your domestic pet. The application is available on any platform, and also has simple settings with which you can deal with a couple of minutes.

Watch in real time, what makes your pet. Perhaps he plays, sleeps either unscrupiantly chewing new shoes: then you urgently need to give to understand the pet that it is absolutely impossible to do this. No matter what Internet you have, you will be left in touch with your pet until you make sure that everything is in order with him.

There is also an opportunity to hear what is happening at your home and receive notifications about the new noise.

Radiona for dogs Barkio saves past observations in the magazine and makes it possible to revise the video to once again analyze the behavior of the dog.

Share Account with your family, watch your favorite from different devices at the same time and help it transfer the separation.

The mobile app will become a faithful assistant in the upbringing and training of a dog.

The program contains more than a hundred exercise: "Teaching a pot", "sit", "give a paw" and other teams. And if you begin to experience difficulties with training, you can contact professional focus and ask the Council.

There are also categories "Good examples", where the participants of the order show how they trained their dog to one of the tricks, and "tests of the week" - every week you are waiting for photo contests, where you can share your achievements of your dogs.

with the application you strengthen your friendship with your favorite, and also raise it with a healthy and obedient pet, surprising your friends and relatives with a huge number of teams and tricks.