Mobile Applications for Cutting Music

Get rid of the boring standard ringtone, by setting a favorite song to the call. However, on iOS, it is required to trim the track and convert to a special M4R format, and I would like to listen to the most interesting fragment instead of a long joining on Android.

Trim a song on Android or iPhone can be using special applications. We will tell about the best of them in this selection.

Programs for cutting music for iPhone

Selection of applications for cutting Music on iPhone is limited. The best of them are presented below.

Ringtonium Light

cutting music on the apple device is not the only The function of the ringtonium. Also, the program provides the user with access to his own music library and makes it possible to use filters and effects to edit sound.

y Ringtonium There are several features compared to other applications for trimming melodies from the AppStore:

  • accuracy Slicing. Thanks to the Macro Wheel wheel, the user will be able to achieve accuracy at the beginning and end of the ringtone. Accuracy is measured by hundredths of a second.
  • Comfortable learning system. It is extremely unpleasant when after installing the application you remain one on one with the toggles and faidters of an unknown destination. Ringtonium does not neglect the training of new users - the program will tell how to cut the melody and convert the file to the desired format.
  • Voice recording. A similar function will be very useful for professional musicians who are very important to "catch a muz for the tail."

Ringer - Ringtone Maker

This application for cutting music attracts not only efficiency and simplicity, but also the traditional design from Apple, which is based on minimalism. It is not worth counting on the graphic delights of users, but the program is able to give a result (namely ringtone in the right format) in 3-4 touch.

Ringer is able:

  • Use tracks to trim from library iTunes or directly from hard disk.
  • Processing video files and "extract" from them audio tracks.
  • Installing music attenuation at the end of the ringtone - for this purpose " Fade is intended.
  • Convert received files to format M4R, which in all iPhone is used by default to save ringtones.

Annex Ringer has several flaws. First, it does not support Russian. Secondly, a paid basis is provided. The value of the application is 749 rubles.

Ringtone & Wallpaper

One of the best applications for trimming audio on iPhone. Simple, but at the same time, the functional editor will be able to turn any composition in the original ringtone.

The program already has a large library with finished tracks for every taste. Moreover, the catalog is constantly updated with new songs.To create your own ringtone, it is enough to choose one of the compositions loaded on iPhone, trim it and set additional settings. In addition, other functions are available in:

  • recording using a microphone . An application is possible to record ringtones for calls and notifications, as well as their subsequent processing.
  • Built-in player. You can talkRington while editing or familiar with the music composition from the catalog before downloading.

To establish a ringtone as a ringtone, it is necessary to connectiTunes for . The paid version opens access to more tracks and fully blocks advertising in the application. You can use the catalog for free during the three-day trial period.

Programs for cutting music for Android

Create a ringtone on a smartphone with Android using the following applications.

Ringtone Maker and Cutter Audio from Inshot

Ringtone Maker is one of the best applications for cutting tracks and Creating your own ringtones for call, alarm clock and notifications. The program has a simple and intuitive interface.

Ringtone Maker allows you to adjust the attenuation at the beginning and at the end of the composition, as well as increase the overall volume of audio up to 300%. In the process of trimming, the boundaries can be set manually or specified in milliseconds. Track can be heard and, without leaving the application, set as a ringtone to an incoming call or message, as well as use for alarm.


An application may offer many functions that most competitors are not in:

  • collection of finished ringtones. Here you can choose the composition you like and in one click install it on the call.
  • Audiomyker. Allows you to apply one audio track to another and adjust the volume for each of them.
  • Multitasking. Background work at once with several tasks.
  • Separate preservation of projects. Files of each project are in a separate folder. Any unfinished project is easy to find and complete work on it.
  • Saving files in various media formats. It is possible to preserve the ringtones inMP3 ,OGG ,AAC ,M4A ,WAV andFLAC . Bitrate320 Kb / s and above is supported.

The paid version of the program offers extended media cards of finished ringtones and cut out advertising.

Video to MP3 Converter - MP3 Cutter

Video to MP3 Converter is a popular application fromInshot for Work with audio. When creating a project, the program will propose to enter the name of the composition and album, the name of the artist and the genre.

The editor can extract music from high quality video, trim and glue tracks, as well as convert them into formatsMP3 , MP4 andAAC . In addition, with the help of an audio unit, you can easily create your own ringtone.

The project is easy to share with friends using email or messenger. In premium versions, you can convert up to 15 files at the same time, set up gain and attenuation, combine up to 3 files, add covers. To temporarily unlock the VIP functions, you can view a 30-second commercial.

Main advantagesVideo to mp3 converter :

  • Working with multiple files at the same time.
  • Simple casting files when gluing.
  • Three-time increase in volume and change of bitrate.
  • Selecting ringtone for calls, notifications and alarm clock directly from the application.

Cutting Music & Ringtone Make

Pruning Music Pro - Another very successful application for cutting ringtones. The program works with most popular formats (wav ,aac ,amr ,mp3 ). But it is worth noting right away that cutting music files in formats that preserve the full sound quality (flac ,alac ), unfortunately, is impossible.

In order to get a ringtone, just select a track, and then specify the beginning and end of a new song. It is very convenient that the boundaries can be set manually or set in milliseconds.

In addition, the bottom panel displays the total duration of the future ringtone. Typically, a full call lasts 45-50 seconds, so the developers recommend trimming the audio within the specified limits.

The program has a concise interface and several main sections:

  • Cutting music. Displays the editing window.
  • Manage contacts. Allows you to assign a separate ringtone to each contact. In the built-in address book, you can see for which contacts the ringtone has already been set earlier.
  • Flash LED settings. You can use the flash and LED indicators of your smartphone during a call. It is convenient that in the application settings you can set the display to turn off automatically in bright light or when the battery is low.

Ringtone Maker by MeiHillMan

A compact application with advanced features and a slightly outdated interface. However, the latter did not stopRingtone Maker from receiving many positive reviews from more than 750,000 users.

Key BenefitsRingtone Maker :

  • Automatically scan all audio files in the device's memory.
  • Zooms the area being edited five times.
  • Record audio using the built-in microphone and save it as a ringtone.
  • Support for common formats, includingmp3 ,wav ,aac ,amr ,3gpp ,3gp andm4a .

The disadvantages include a little intrusive advertising, which, however, can be easily disabled if you restrict the program from accessing the Internet connection.

Super Sound

Super Sound is a powerful tool for adjusting, trimming and mixing music files. Everything you need is here.Conveniently, the sources can be downloaded using social networks and instant messengers. In addition, a good collection of music of various genres is available in the editor itself.

Trim tracks manually in the simple audio player. If necessary, you can increase the volume of music (3X) and the speed of its playback (2X), and the built-in equalizer allows you to adjust the settings at different frequencies.The applicationcan change the audio quality by working with mono and stereo channels, sample rate (from 8000 Hz to 48000 Hz) and bit rate.

In addition to the basic functions,Super Sound has other instruments:

  • Converter video to audio. You can extract music from any video and save it asmp3 . Further, the file can be easily converted to the formatsflac ,aac orwav .
  • Mixer. The editor allows you to overdub up to four songs at the same time. At the same time, you can adjust the volume, duration and frequency for each of them.
  • Bonding. You can cut a selection and paste it into another song. The timeline of the tracks is colored in different colors, which is very convenient when applying additional effects.
  • Changing voice . The tone, tempo and speed of the dictaphone recording change. You can edit the voice parameters manually or use automatic tuning. The ability to change the voice using one of the voices added by the developers is available.

In the paid version of the program there is no advertisement and access to the extensive library of music files. Unlock the full version for free for up to three days.

Ringtone Maker - MP3 Cutter

Professional tool for creating music and ringtones. Before editing, the application will independently find all the saved tracks in the memory of the smartphone, and if necessary, will scan and in hidden system sections. The received ringtones can be sent immediately through the application to friends.

inRingtone Maker Two edit modes are available. Simplified has a more discreet interface. Here the track boundaries can be customized with a classic way by moving special marks inside the timeline. For convenience, the rewind buttons are also provided.

Professional regime is intended for those who are used to processing music using a detailed signalogram. A fourfold scaling is supported, as well as output detailed information on format, sampling frequency, bitrate and recording duration.

But this is not all that knows how to doRingtone Maker. Here are some more features of the program:

  • Two musical players . Professional player is equipped with all the necessary tools for editing audio. Built-in small player reproduces tracks directly in the list of found compositions.
  • Contact Management. Set or change the incoming call melody for each contact, without leaving the application.
  • Support for popular formats. The program works with filesMP3 ,WAV ,AAC andAMR .

Ringtone Maker from Big Bang

Ringtone Maker - Free app for Android, allowing you to create a ringtone without using a computer. This program has a wide functionality, and to the number of its features include:

  • The effect Fade - with it, you can adjust the gradual increment and attenuation of the sound. In addition, the overall volume of the recording is also adjustable.
  • When editing a sound file, an oscillogram is displayed - it simplifies the process of cutting.
  • Extended scalability steps - on Ringtone Maker 6.
  • The edited file can be immediately sent by e-mail.

With Ringtone Maker, the sounds recorded on the gadget voice recorder are also edited. You can write an audio directly through the application - for this, it is enough to press the button with the image of the microphone in the upper right corner.


Download the program for trimming sound most often It is required to users iOS - strict requirements of "apple" gadgets to ringtons eliminate the possibility of setting the call full MP3 -Melodia, and the built-in signals are hardly able to satisfy music tastes of music lovers. For trimming melodies on iPhone, it is recommended to use Ringtone & Wallpaper - this popular application has received many positive feedback in AppStore. [549! Cut the audio on Android is recommended using Ringtone Maker - this program has a wider functionality compared to the analogs and is free.