LG Watch Sport Smart Watch Overview

These watches are a stylish product, if you do not pay attention to the thickness of the case. They are clearly made not for people with thin wrists. It is possible if the technology is improved, all this functionality in the future will fit in more compact buildings.

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LG Watch Sport are one of the strongest hours on the Android Wear 2.0 platform, although their thickness exceeds 6 mm. The advantages of this model include the presence of a cellular communication, which may be very useful. This purchase will cost weekly, the price is $ 349. In this review, we will try to understand whether the device is worthy of a similar price.


  • Housing: 45.4 x 51.2 x 14.2 mm;
  • Screen: 1.38 inches, resolution 480 x 480, 348 PPI, P-OLED;
  • Processor: 4-nuclear Snapdragon WEAR 2100, 1.1 GHz, Cortex-A7;
  • GPU : Adreno 304;
  • Battery: 430 mAh;
  • Storage: 4 GB;
  • RAM : 768 MB.

The combination of such characteristics is often found in hours on the Android Wear 2.0 operating system, as an example, you can call Huawei Watch 2.


Although the appearance is the case of taste, there is an opinion that LG Watch Sport is one of the most effective smart -cakes. The LG Watch Style simultaneously released simultaneously with this model. The main minus is the thickness of the case, which is even more than that of Huawei Watch 2. Extra place has passed to the inclusion of cellular support.

otherwise everything is quite attractive. The screen takes 77% of the housing; Although the clock is thick, the frames around the screen do not look large. The screen itself is based on the PMOLED technology, which is the opposite amoled. In the smartphones, such screens are rarely found, it is possible to recall the model LG G Flex 2. Durability leaves much to be desired, but they are widely used in compact devices like clock. For example, Microsoft has already been used in its Microsoft Band 2.

. The advantage of this technology is the ability to turn off pixels, unlike LCD screens where the backlight is used. This saves battery charge and display deep black.

The pixel density on the screen is quite high, so as not to see the individual ones in everyday use. The colors are more saturated than the LCD screens, but they are able to compete with the screen Samsung Super AMOLED.

Three buttons are located on the right side of the housing. The average is called a digital crown and allows you to switch between the clock dial and the list of applications, it also serves as the Home button. The top button launches the Google Fit application, the lower allows you to work with the mobile payment system Apple Pay. The left side is the speaker.

At the bottom there is a heartbeat sensor, you can notice the absence of contacts for recharging. Watch Sport clock supports wireless recharging. It is much more convenient than connecting the device to the wires. You can connect the clock to the computer, however, contacts are dirty and this worsens the recharging rate. With wireless recharging there are no such problems.

There are three holes around the heartbeat sensor. The package includes a small tool that through these holes allows you to open the bottom cover so that you can install the Nano-SIM card.

Android Wear 2.0

Like many other modern smart clocks, LG Watch Sport work on the Android Wear 2.0 system. It has both advantages and disadvantages. Some users like the first generation of this platform. She had a more intuitive interface and it was much superior to the Apple Watch System. A voice interaction and a Google Now Assistant, which tried to predict the user's desires were used.

The new version more resembles a trimmed system for smartphones, and not thought out interface for wearable devices. The gesture from the bottom of the screen opens the Google NOW notifications and cards, the length of the top will show the quick settings. Gestures left and right on the main screen allow you to change the dial.

The system received a lot of new features, some of which are really useful. For example, there are offline applications that can be downloaded in the autonomous store of Google Play Store. It was a great limitation of the original version of the system, there was also a minus there was a weak support for mobile devices on the Apple iOS platform. Now when connecting to the hour , iPhone, you can download applications from the Google store to your watches.

Thanks to the applications, Wi-Fi and LTE, the clock has become a truly autonomous device, to work with which it is no longer necessary to carry a smartphone with you. The support of Google Assistant appeared, which became the last generation of the Google digital assistant. There is also a payment system Android Pay. For it, there is a separate button on the housing, but during testing it has shown an error message. Surely this software problem that will be solved in future updates.

Reproduction Audio and Cellular Communication

True autonomous hours makes cellular. Users want to have devices that are constantly connected to the network. It eliminates the need to take a heavy smartphone for a walk or jog. Thanks to the LTE, the Google Play Music application can broadcast audio from the Internet.

The SNAPDRAGON WEAR 2100 processor includes a SNAPDRAGON X5 LTE modem, which means the presence of 4G category 4 with a speed of incoming connection 150 Mbps and outgoing 50 Mbps. When starting, it takes some time to wait, but when the audio buffering is complete, playback lasts continuously, if you do not miss the tracks. The processor for its capabilities resembles Snapdragon 210, so it does not boast of lightning speed.

The best way to listen to music is a Bluetooth-headphone connection or speaker. Connection is performed through the clock settings.

A small speaker is built into the housing, its sound is surprisingly good. Despite this, he is too weak for music.


Fitness is one of the main destinations of wearable devices. Without it, such a price would be unreasonably high.

For fitness In LG Watch Sport, the Google Fit application is used, which allows you to track walking, running, bike, exercise bikes, power workouts and other types of physical activity. A GPS sensor is used to track. Also here are offered instructions for classes, you can set goals.

Autonomous operation

If you speak brief, the clock needs to be recharged every night. The more functions are involved, the faster the battery charge is consumed.

GPS, cellular communication and listening to music via Bluetooth spend more energy than simple viewing of notifications on Wi-Fi. At the same time from morning to evening, the charge should be enough.

As mentioned above, a wireless recharging is used. The minus is the need to use the supplied charger or its replacement from LG.


LG Watch Sport are one of the first hours that seem to be a full-fledged independent device. Thanks to the high-resolution screen, cellular, Wi-Fi, NFC, GPS and other possibilities here have everything you need for independent work.

Also these watches are a stylish product, if you do not pay attention to the thickness of the case. They are clearly made not for people with thin wrists. It is possible if the technology is improved, all this functionality in the future will fit in more compact buildings.


  • Cellular communication
  • Stylish design
  • Function functions
  • Autonomous playback of audio


  • Thickness
  • Time of autonomous work