LG V30 Preview

LG announced its new flagship smartphone LG V30. While sales started, you can look at it and answer the question: Does LG need another smartphone besides this?

You are reading a review of the portal Phonearena.com, Original material was published on August 31, 2017 of the year.


August 31 In Berlin, the company LG introduced the flagship smartphone LG V30. Looking at him, ask the question "Why is LG G6?" It uses curved and almost cramless design, as a result of which the device has become much more elegant compared to LG V20 and LG G6. Specifications and functionality also exceed both of these devices. Journalists managed to spend some time with a new smartphone and are ready to share their considerations, although changes can be made to the release of the final version.


As already mentioned, LG V30 has become more elegant and polished compared to last year's predecessor and even with LG G6, plus it has protection against water and dust IP68. Smooth curved edges are used in which a 6-inch screen with rounded corners in the LG G6 style is used. Unlike the latter, the surface is completely black, all sensors are in a thin black frame, and the screen turned out to be more large-scale and phrase "Infinity Display" here seems more appropriate. In all directions, compared to the LG G6, the new smartphone has grown only a few millimeters, which does not prevent him from comfortably lying in the hand, while the diagonal of the screen increased almost half a half. Bright aluminum gives excellent sensations and premium appearance. Gorilla Glass 5 closes the front and back side of the smartphone. Double Camera Slightly beyond the housing, the print scanner and the lock button, on the contrary, slightly recessed inside. It cannot be called a revolutionary design, but the execution is at a good level.


Since this is a preliminary instance of the device, extensive testing Left for later, but the first impression is very good. The aspect ratio of the screen is 18: 9, as in LG G6. The resolution of a larger 6-inch display of 2880 x 1440 pixels is used panel OLED. The ratio of the size of the screen to the size of the housing is 82%, which is a solid value, colors and detailing are also excellent. Viewing video on this screen brings real pleasure at the expense of a clear image and moderately saturated colors.

Interface and functionality

LG continues to maintain a company status that gives users a choice But at the same time supports the organization and accessibility. Customization is not limited to graphic themes, you can also make changes to the operating system, use custom buttons to navigate, unique unlocking methods and a new feature called Floating Bar. She replaced the second screen in LG V20. Transparent The semicircle is where the user places it, pressing the shortcuts with contacts, applications, audio controls, screenshots, screenshots and gifs, the screen, etc., is shown. This is an excellent replacement of the auxiliary display, the function is unobtrusive and maybe if desired, it is quickly removed, its use is simple and intuitive. Fashion of this year requires developers to create as much as possible only screen and do not waste space. What is missing here, it is supporting gestures on the print scanner. Since it is located on the back of the case, the ability to scroll through it the pages would be by the way.

In general, the LG V30 offers excellent aesthetics and attention to trifles, Showing other manufacturers how to create functional shells over Android.

Facial and voice recognition

In addition to the quick fingerprint scanner, developers are offered for unlocking two additional methods: Facial and voice recognition. After setting, they allow you to quickly log in, but to teach your smartphone to find out your voice, you will need one attempt. Facial recognition is configured quickly, but for the voice, four records need and so that the same words are pronounced with the same intonation. It will be interesting to follow the development of this technology, but it is obvious that it recognizes the meaning of words, but just a sample of sound waves. When the function is configured, it quickly awakens the smartphone without the need to take it in hand. You can simply say a code word without a single movement and see on the screen turned on, there are no notifications. If you use facial recognition, it is enough to take the device in hand and after a second you will be identified and allowed into the system.

Processor and Memory

For the first time, the LG smartphone operates on the flagship processor SNAPDRAGON 835, the volume of the RAM 4 GB, 64/128 GB flash memory, there is a microSD card slot with a volume of up to 2 TB. Specifications at the highest level and Performance appropriate. It is only worth putting a finger on the print scanner and you will immediately feel the speed of this device. Multitasking is applied smoothly and quickly, applications run instantly. Sometimes even on the most advanced smartphones, the system can work with stuffing, the animation is displayed slowly or intermittently. There are no such problems in LG V30 and everything happens smoothly so much that you just do not think about it.

camera and video

If there is an aspect in which LG wants to move away from previous Smartphones and competitors, this is the camera. A double chamber was improved, a standard sensor 16 MP and a 13 megapixel wide-angle lenses with apertures F / 1.6 and F / 1.9 are used, respectively. The speed of switching between them in LG smartphones has always impressive, but a distortion was present. Now this distortion is reduced to almost zero, and at the hardware level, and not on the program. Contributed to this decrease in the width of the review from 135 degrees up to 120 degrees. This motivates more often to use wide-angle chamber, which can be useful in different situations when you need to remove panorama or group photos.

There are all the familiar modes of shooting, including meals, panorama, Time Lapse and manual mode, as well as some not such serious modes from LG G6. There are 360 ​​degree panorama, Snapshot, where the photo from the front and rear cameras is created, the Grid Shot mode, where you can remove four different photos or 3-second video and combine them together. It may be interesting, especially with social activity. There is still a couple of exclusive capabilities of LG V30.

Unfortunately, one of them did not work on the preliminary version of the smartphone. The shooting mode called Graphy will allow you to scroll through the gallery of photos, including removed by professionals, and choose that of them, on the basis of which the camera settings are installed so that you can shoot the same cool photos. It sounds interesting, it remains to know what will be in practice.

Quality of photos

Details of the pictures is at a high level, HDR manifests itself well when outlining objects in the shade, like The stems of grass on the sunny meadow, although too bright areas can be too sharp and disturbed. Of course, the higher the detailing, the better, but do not forget about realism. Colors most often look good, but in bright light, saturation can be lost, although the detailing remains. This high level of detail is especially useful when macro and low lighting.

In the latter case, LG V30 shows itself perfectly. Digital noise comes down to a minimum and rich and accurate colors of shadows remain. The smartphone has every chance of being called the best for shooting in the dark, it remains to wait for final testing.


Video recording was also improved, but not all possibilities are available in the preliminary version of the apparatus. All innovations are combined called Cine Video: This is a set of functions for working with video. This includes Point and Zoom, which blocks the focus on a specific section of the screen and allows you to change the size of the object separate from the entire image; Cine Effect contains 15 filters based on different movie genres; Cine Log allows you to edit in programs like Adobe Premiere; Video Studio is an editing program that can work with different photos and videos, as well as add effects after shooting.

The functions of editing on the smartphone were absent, work on them continues. Cine Effect is just filters, but with the correct editing program they can be useful. Point and Zoom causes the greatest interest. Zoom works smoothly, just click on the site on the screen and will appear in the slider, with which the object can be closer until it is in the center of the frame. For creative natures, this can be an interesting shooting tool that does not need to be confused with tracking autofocus. The latter is also available, but not in 4K format.


LG V30 contains a new digital-analog converter Hi-Fi Quad. The speaker here is not the most loud, but the connection of good headphones will not disappoint. The sound quality without a converter is also not bad, but the volume is to leave much to be desired. The Hi-Fi switch in the rapid settings adds energy to all aspects of sound. In the settings of the equalizer there are pre-installed profiles, but the default option seems most suitable.


With LG G6, you can begin to say goodbye. The flagship, which was not fulfilled half a year, it seems no longer necessary. LG V30 is stronger, it is better in all parameters compared to LG G6 and LG V20. From them he took all the best and got rid of the unnecessary, like auxiliary screen, received a functional software buttons, a wide-angle camera was improved. Hardware features are at the maximum level at the moment, the interface works fine, the chic screen shows excellent images. It remains only to change places the deadlines for the release of smartphones LG G and LG V to compete at the right time with other flagships. It seems that LG V30 has 7-8 months in the rays of glory. If the problems of the camera with bright areas are solved, the quality of the pictures can exceed the capabilities of the iPhone.