LG G3 review

The next addition to the line of top smartphones from LG took place recently, but the novelty is already competing with such powerful devices as HTC One M8. The LG G3, which is reviewed below, has a lot of obvious advantages over analogues from other companies, the main one of which is undoubtedly a screen with an ultra-high resolution Quad HD.


In terms of design, it almost completely repeats its predecessor G2, but G3 uses a special way of texturing plastic that makes its surface look like metal. This “metallic” feeling was achieved by the manufacturers thanks to a special sputtering technology. The case is matte, not shiny. There are no greasy spots on the screen due to the special coating. The smartphone is available in several colors based on shades of yellow, pink, purple, etc. The weight of the device is 150g.

Performance and software

The smartphone uses the same “hard worker for everyone” SnapDragon 801 series processor on four cores with a frequency of 2.5 GHz. Graphics are handled by an Adreno 330 processor. The base model has 2GB of RAM, but a 3GB version is available. The main memory, depending on the modification, can also be 16 or 32 GB. The smartphone runs on the latest version of the popular Android4.4. KitKat operating system.

Of interest is an extension of the shell that allows "safe" work with the device of other users. There are situations when other people, such as colleagues or relatives, sometimes use your phone. With the "Guest mode" enabled, you don't have to worry that your confidential information, such as a photo from the gallery, will be available to someone else.

Supported receive/transmit technologies:



4G LTE ;

Wi-Fi (+access point);

GPS (with support for GLONASS ).


Large 5.5’ touch screen with multi-touch function is built on the basis of IPS matrix. To date, not many smartphones can boast a screen resolution of 2560x1440 in QuadHD format. The density of pixels per square inch area of ​​the matrix is ​​538, this is a great indicator. The screen has automatic brightness adjustment, which is quite sensitive to the slightest changes in the level of illumination.

The chamber

Overview LG G3 would be less interesting without mentioning the highlight of the main chamber of the laser focusing system. Thanks to a particularly accurate laser rangefinder, similar to that used in professional cameras, the camera can more accurately focus on the subject. Resolution of the main chamber 13MP, frontal 2.1m.


in LG G3 The characteristic of the battery is losing Z2 from Sony for a couple of hundred mAh, but even at the same time, 3000mach grabs for two and a half hours 3D games on such a large display. The battery is removable, lithium-polymer in it is applied graphite cathode to compensate for large display energy consumption. This battery is the newest development of the Specialized LG Chem division. In the video playback mode, the battery "holds" up to seven hours.


This is one of the few topical smartphones to date with the ultra-high resolution screen. If you close your eyes for its value, then we have a high-tech embodiment of engineering thought in combination with excellent design and quality.

The recommended price for LG G3 for all regions on average is 25-30 thousand rubles.