Lenovo K12 Pro Smartphone Review: Huge display and high autonomy

in 2021 Lenovo returns to the release of smartphones in Russia. As the first swallow, the model K12 Pro.

This is an inexpensive phone with a large display and a capacious battery. In addition, it is able to offer a triple chamber with the main sensor of 64 MP and has a good performance. All this is offered for 14,990 rubles. Read more about Lenovo K12 Pro Read in our review.

Technical characteristics

  • Materials: Plastic, Glass
  • Operating system: Android 10
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 662, 8 cores, clock frequency up to 2 GHz
  • Video accelerator: Adreno 610
  • Operational / Permanent memory: 4/128 GB
  • Slot for memory cards : There is a combined, up to 512 GB
  • Display: 6. 8 Inch, IPS, resolution 1640 × 720, 263 ppi, 20,5: 9
  • Main chamber: 64 + 2 + 2 Mp, f / 1.8 + f / 2.4 + f / 2.4
  • Frontal chamber: 16 MP, F / 2.2
  • Protection: Fingerprint scanner, unlocking to face
  • Wireless modules: NFC, Bluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 AC
  • Battery: 6000 mAh, Fast charging 15 W
  • Dimensions: 172.1 x 76.8 x 9.7 mm
  • : 221 g
  • Features: Improved spray protection

Appearance and equipment

Lenovo K12 Pro enters the user in a standard size cardboard box in a blue-orange design. By tradition, it contains useful information about the manufacturer and the device itself.

Inside the kit with minimally necessary: ​​

Everything is neatly packed, a shipping film with a list of useful information is pasted on the display.

Lenovo K12 Pro is a large device, which turned out to be impressive not only in thickness, but also in size. It is long and looks solid in the hand. I note right away that the dimensions and weight do not affect ergonomics at all. Considering the fact that my main phone is much thinner and smaller, and my hand is small, this device fits in the palm of my hand as if I had been using it all my life. No discomfort is felt.

The case is plastic, the back panel is smoothly rounded to the side edges, which makes it convenient. The surface is textured, which again improves the grip and eliminates slipping in the hands. It is matte, so there are no problems with the appearance of prints or other stains. There are two color options - blue and grey. If officially, then gray-green and purple. The case changes color slightly in the sun or when the viewing angle changes, but the effect is not too intrusive.

There is a triple camera on the rear panel. It is framed in a square block, and it may seem that there are four lenses, but in fact the fourth “peephole” is a flash. The camera sticks out here, though, but very slightly, which, however, is not surprising, given the thickness of this smartphone.

The brand name is printed on the bottom of the rear panel. The inscription is quite small and does not catch the eye. In the usual place is a fingerprint scanner. I note that, despite the increased size of the device, it is installed perfectly - the finger always rests clearly on it.

On the left side there is a Google Assistant call button and a combined tray. On the right is the volume rocker and the power button. The latter with a texture that allows you to distinguish it tactilely. However, there are no difficulties with finding the right keys - the reason for this is their good location. On the top end there is a microphone and a connector 3.5 mm. On the bottom - USB-C, speaker and microphone.

The display is large, represented by a 6.8-inch IPS matrix. The frames are not the smallest, especially at the bottom, where there is a large indent. The front camera is embedded in the upper left corner. I can’t say that I have some kind of internal protest against teardrop-shaped cameras, but still, somewhere in my subconscious, the “drop” is immediately associated with the budget segment, and the “hole” feels more expensive.

Another thing about the case. The phone claims splash protection, and the manufacturer's website states that it is both outside and inside. The company promises the safe use of the gadget in the rain and in other similar situations. I do not recommend purposefully checking these properties, but still, the idea that some kind of protection is provided here is encouraging.

Summing up the above, I note that Lenovo K12 Pro is assembled very well. Yes, this is a big and heavy device, but this one does not affect the convenience of its use.

Among its advantages, it is worth noting the good location of the control buttons and the fingerprint scanner, good looks, interesting design colors, excellent ergonomics, non-staining surface. What I don't like about it is the location of the 3.5mm jack. I will not tire of repeating that it is more convenient when it is from below, however, this is subjective. And the plastic case is quite delicate. Despite the fact that I used the device very carefully, a couple of scratches appeared on it.


Lenovo K12 Pro screen is represented by an IPS matrix with a diagonal of 6.8 inches. This is a great option for watching movies, surfing or gaming. Display resolution is low. Frankly, it is small for its size, but it does not feel much inconvenience. The picture does not look loose, you can find pixels, but on condition that you set such a goal.

Yes, I would like to see FHD on such a display, but I can’t say that in this case HD is bad. Plus from low resolution - higher autonomy. And this was one of the key points in the development of the model, so something had to be sacrificed.

Display with good color reproduction. You can choose display options - bright, natural, saturated colors. The brightness is not the highest, the image is readable in the sun, but you have to look closely. There is also an automatic brightness setting, I did not notice any complaints about the operation of this mode for two weeks.

In addition, different settings are provided for the display - the display styles are selected, the font size and items are changed on the display, the "Careful Display" option is provided (until the user looks into the screen, it will not go out). There are also different ways of displaying information on a blocked display, as well as support for gestures.

In general, the image quality is in most cases comfortable. I would like to see a higher resolution, and the brightness in the sun does not always have enough, but all this is not critical.


Lenovo K12 Pro is equipped with Snapdragon chipset 662 This is a medium-level processor with eight nuclei and a maximum frequency of 2 GHz. This is a universal solution for this price segment. It is enough for a comfortable multitasking, as well as on it, you can play low and medium settings.

I installed GENSHIN IMPACT, WARFACE, MORTAL KOMBAT. When playing on low settings no questions for performance, but in the first two games in particularly hot battles, the device is significantly heated. However, on the game process it did not affect. I note that this model may heat up with other use schemes. For example, I noticed this when watching a photo in the gallery.

The memory is presented with a combination of 4/128 GB. In my opinion, it is quite enough for its price tag. If you wish, you can set microSD to 512 GB.

Summing up above, Lenovo K12 Pro is easily coping with multitasking use, it is quite possible to play (if you are not unnecessary picky gamer). He is smart, the interface works smoothly, which is achieved not only at the expense of the hardware, but also the clean version of the Android OS. There is some heating at high loads, but the phone did not hang or worse to work.


It is no secret that Lenovo is the current owner Motorola. It cannot be said that modern Motorola made some kind of revolution on the market (although the modular models definitely deserved interest), but also it is impossible to write it off.

One of the chips (especially those who loved, by the way, to users) is practically pure Android with some modifications. In particular, Motorola is actively implementing different additional settings and gestures that do not interfere do, but if you start using them, they make experience with the gadget more interesting and convenient.

There is nothing surprising in the fact that in mobile devices from Lenovo, it is used exactly the same operating system with the same modifications. In fact, it did not try to hide much and often on the screen there are inscriptions in the spirit of "Camera Moto", "Moto Services", etc. A few months ago I had a chance to use the Motorola G8 Play phone. With K12 Pro, I often forgot that it was Lenovo and it seemed that I had again in the hands of the device from Motorola.

All this I mean that in Lenovo went the right way and used the principle "Works - do not touch". The company did not invent the wheel, but provided users with a proven, high-quality and convenient system.

How is it good? At the first acquaintance, thought comes: "Clean android, nothing superfluous, great." And this thought is faithful, but when "failing" in the settings, you see different additional options and support for gestures. The latter are especially pleased:

  • Double-sized movement includes a flashlight;
  • Long pressing of the volume keys switches the tracks on the locked screen;
  • Pressing three fingers on the display makes a screenshot. At the same time, tools are immediately available for editing it;
  • A pair of rotational movements will launch the camera.

In addition, there is a "careful display", the split screen, the individual volume setting for different applications, Equalizer. In general, curious chips from the model abound and some of them open up time. This also pleases, because it seems that the device is already used to the device, and then there is another new option and living becomes even more pleasant.

Security Present fingerprint and face scanner. Both options work equally well, and in two weeks of use, I did not see a single error with recognition.

As a result, Lenovo K12 Pro is a nimble device with a clean OS, the ability to remove mandatory software from Russian developers and many additional options that do not interfere, but significantly increase usability if you start using them.


Lenovo K12 Pro received all the necessary communication capabilities for a smartphone from the price segment of about 15 thousand rubles. The model has:

  • Wi-Fi dual band support. Also, the device can act as an access point, and the user can choose at what frequency to distribute the Internet;
  • NFC for contactless payments;
  • GPS and Glonass - connection to satellites is fast, location is accurate, but there is no compass, so the direction of movement is not displayed;
  • Radio only works when a headset is connected;
  • When connecting a headset via Bluetooth, there were no problems with audio playback and signal stability, and I also did not notice any delays. There is support for AptX.

This model is equipped with two microphones. There are no complaints about the quality of voice transmission. The speaker is quite loud, but the sound quality is average. A similar situation is in headphones - you can listen, but you can hardly enjoy your favorite musical compositions.


Lenovo Smartphone K12 Pro received a triple camera with sensors 64 MP (main lens), 2 MP (macro), 2 MP (depth). Video can be recorded in maximum FHD resolution at 60 fps, stabilization is not provided.

Regarding the video I note that the quality is enough to shoot small amateur rollers. The voice on the records are written in the wrong way - even if the operator says, heard quietly.

There is no questions about the portrait lens - the background is blurred clearly and accurately. But the macromodule, although it works (you can take pictures at a distance of 2.5 cm), but at the same time the color reproduction it is clearly lacking, the picture looks fad. The shooting on the 64 MP module is possible with a resolution of 16 megapixel or 11 megapixel, but 64 MPs directly are made by a separate mode called Ultra Res. When viewing in the Gallery, the snapshots of 64 mp look somewhat blurred, but when approaching is visible higher detail.

The camera application here is significantly recycled. Those who did not have the experience of using Motorola smartphones (app from it), with a large share of probability will be inconvenient first. For example, the inclusion of HDR is not implemented by a mode (as it usually happens), but is in the settings where it does not seem to look for.

However, the inconvenience of settings takes on the set of modes - the point color (you can leave only one color in the photo or video), night shooting, photoclip, sinegramia, trimming, car removal smile, gesture for selfie, group selfie, filters, levels, etc. other words, if you like to take pictures on your smartphone - there are many useful tools, but you need to diverge to understand everything.

It is also worth noting that the camera is not in a hurry here. It works very non-painted, so it will not work quickly quickly to remove some interesting frame. But pleased the result. Being picky about the quality of photographs from smartphones, I can note that I liked everything here. However, make conclusions yourself, the pictures taken on Lenovo K12 Pro are below.


The model is equipped with a battery with a capacity of 6000 mAh, which hints at excellent autonomy. The manufacturer promises us 60 hours of entertainment, that is, about three days of work.

From myself I note that the device is actually a survivable. If they enjoy standard (calls, surfing, communication in social networks, movies, youtube, rare games), it's enough for two or three days. If used very actively, the battery confidently survives about one and a half days. The latter is verified in person, since with this smartphone I visited a trip, where work has fallen out with an unstable mobile network and distribution of the Internet, active listening to music and watching movies, as well as navigation and photography.

There are modes here to extend the autonomous work. One of them is the power saving mode (you can configure its inclusion schedule), the second is an adaptive battery. When you turn on the last device recognizes rarely used applications and limits their activity in the background.

The phone supports fast charging. The corporate power adapter charges it from scratch to 100% approximately two hours. Considering the capacious battery, this is a good indicator.


Lenovo K12 Pro is a confident novelty, which is not ashamed to return to the market. It is not a revolutionary and there will be devices that will be better in any other criteria (someone more powerful, someone better takes pictures), but if we consider in the aggregate, then everything is fine here.

In the model may not like the low screen resolution (in life it does not interfere with) and the slow work of the camera.

as positive moments - a large display (conveniently watch movies and play), a good camera (if you find yourself on a trip and want to capture seen, then it will suit it), Excellent autonomy (without any reservation). At the same time, there is a comfortable performance, understandable and fast interface, good ergonomics (even taking into account rather dimensions). Also captivates a large supply of memory, the presence of spray protection, NFC and fast charging.

In my opinion, Lenovo K12 Pro is a decent smartphone with an adequate price tag, which can be considered to be purchased if you need a balanced device.