Launcher on Android: What is it for and for what it needs

Are you tired of the interface of your smartphone with Android OS? Want new icons, widgets or change the location of controls? Such an opportunity will be provided to you launchers from Play Market. What kind of applications, how to install them and how to use them, we will talk in this article, as well as we will give examples of their representatives.

Often the owners of smartphones with OS Android do not know that they have ample opportunities for registration of the appearance of the worker table or other system sections of the device. You can do this with the help of special applications - launchers. They offer a large selection of tools for personalizing phones, distributed free of charge, and you can use them at least every day, changing the inner design of the gadget to your liking. About what a launcher on android and why he need, let's talk in this article.

What is Launcher

Lunecher (Loncher) for Android is a system shell that provides ample opportunities to personalize the device. With it, you can configure the design of the desktop, the lock screen, menu and other components. Launchers allow you to change the themes of the design, the location of controls, view icons, add widgets and special blocks.

Preset system shells from smartphone manufacturers - Flyme OS from Meizu, OXYGEN OS from OnePlus, MIUI from Xiaomi, Realme UI from Realme, One UI from Samsung , etc. - also launchers, but inaccessible to independent installation. They are loaded by default on branded devices, download them to the gadgets of other brands is impossible. At the same time, exceptions are also happening, for example, branded POCO Launcher from Xiaomi, used on phones POCO and accessible to other smartphones with OS Android from Play Market.

Today on Google Play There are many launchers from different developers. To advise some definite of them can not, because Each user has its taste preferences and ideas about how his phone should look like. However, you can get acquainted with different launchers, try them in your work and choose the one that you will like most.

Examples of launcher for Android

in Play Market For the real day, a large number of launchers are placed. Examples of representatives of the applications of this type are presented below. Meet them, install, try using and choose the appropriate option for you. And the review of the best launcher for Android you will find in a separate article.

APUS Launcher

Popular and very convenient in circulation of a launcher with 100,000,000 downloads from Google Play. It offers ample opportunities for personalization of smartphone, thousands of HD wallpapers, useful widget tools at no cost. In the application you can earn points for inviting friends, registration and execution of various tasks, and then exchange them on numerous gifts.

Application functions:

  • Protection of PIN applications.
  • Thousands of wallpapers for every taste.
  • Setting the blur of the wallpaper, the size of the icon, the color of the text, animation during the transition between the screens.
  • Management of gestures.
  • Built-in search for contacts, music, video, on the Internet.
  • Battery savings using auto-stop function.
  • Weather and time widget.
  • Tape of personalized news.
  • Flashlight, buttons accelerate system and battery savings.
  • Recommended applications.
  • Smiley, stickers and Emoji in chat rooms.

The application is free, but it has advertising. The launcher is translated into more than 20 languages ​​and is suitable for smartphones on Android 5 and newer.

Launcher iOS 15

  • ​​

If you Android, but you like more, as it looks like iOS, This launcher will help you get the desired view of the desktop and the application menu in your smartphone. It is completely free, does not occupy a lot of space and does not interfere with the speed of the device. Among its capabilities:

  • Change wallpaper, setting up the mesh and size of the desktop icons in Style iOS.
  • The emergence of the control center.
  • Control device gestures.
  • Dark theme.
  • Weather widgets, hours, calendar, batteries.
  • Animated effects.
  • Renaming applications.
  • the ability to hide icons, etc.

The launcher has a disadvantage: a large number of advertising appears in the settings. However, after making all the necessary changes and transition to the use of the phone, the annoyable undesirable content is not displayed.

Computer Launcher

  • ​​

want your smartphone to have the same design, What is the computer screen? Meet this launcher. By installing it, you will receive an interface similar to the appearance of OS Windows. These are the same folders, the "Start" menu with tiles and applications list, taskbar at the bottom of the screen, etc.


  • Built-in conductor.
  • Working with folders: copy, move, delete, etc.
  • The notification center as in OS Windows.
  • Multiple main screen.
  • Widgets and weather widgets on the desktop.
  • Live wallpapers.
  • Weather tiles, calendar, photos in the "Start" menu.
  • A number of embedded applications (for example, image viewer).
  • List of disks, memory cards, video folders, "music", "download" as on a computer.
  • Built-in search row in Google.
  • Setting the color of the taskbar, the themes of registration under Windows, iPhone, Vivo, POCO, ZTE, OPPO, Xperia, etc.
  • Backup parameters and recovery.

The application is free, but advertising appears during the settings. You can delete it with a one-time payment.

How to install and use the launcher

regardless of What a launcher will you choose, download and are used equally. Consider how to do this, for example Yandex. Lousecher.

Step 1. Find the application on Google Play, press "Set" and wait for the download.

Step 2. Run the application and, if necessary, provide him with all the necessary permissions.

Step 3. If you want to only get acquainted with the capabilities of the installed shell, refuse to install the default application by the launcher.

Step 4. If you plan to use the Launcher constantly, go to settings, click on "Main Appendix" (depending on the smartphone - on "Main screen") and select the installed utility.

Now you can see what features the program offers and configure the desktop, menus and other system sections on your own taste.

Usually for this you need to find the downloaded launcher label on the desktop, but it can also be other labels, for example, "Wallpapers", "Icons "," Appearance ", etc., as for example below.

If you don't like the launcher, simply delete it through the application section in the smartphone settings, and then try another.


Launchers for Android - these are application-shell applications that allow substantially to change the type of desktop and other system partitions Your smartphone. With their help, you can configure wallpaper, icons, application lists in the menu, add widgets, etc. You can download the launchers from Play Market, there are a large amount available there. Examples of similar applications are presented above, and in this article there is a rating of the best launchers - download, install, meet their capabilities.

To advise some particular launcher is impossible, because Each user has its own preferences and views on how their smartphone should look like. Also consider the version of the operating system and the technical characteristics of the gadget: new shells may not work on old devices. And if you are ready to recommend some launcher - share with us your thoughts in the comments.