Itel Vision 1 Review: Budget Smartphone without flaws

Intel Vision 1 is a good option for those who are looking for a reliable and affordable smartphone. As a rule, such devices have some drawbacks, but in this case they are not.

If you are limited in the budget, but you want a phone capable of making decent photos, launching undemanding games and not discharge a couple of hours after the start of use, then Vision 1 is your choice. At the time of writing text, it costs 7,000 rubles. Read more about the device in our review.


  • Case materials: Plastic
  • Operating system: Android 9
  • Processor: 8-nuclear Spreadtrum SC9863A, clock frequency up to 1.6 GHz
  • Video accelerator: PowerVR GE8322
  • Operational / Custom memory: 2/32 GB
  • Slot for Memory Cards : Separate, up to 128 GB
  • Display: 6.08 inches, IPS, permission 1560 × 720, 19.5: 9
  • Main chamber: 8 + 0.08 Mp
  • Front camera: 5 Mp
  • Protection: Fingerprint Scanner, Face Recognition
  • Navigation: GPS, GLONASS
  • Wireless modules: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LTE
  • Battery: 4000 mAh
  • Dimensions: 73.5 × 155.3 × 8.5 mm
  • Weight: 167 g

Packaging and equipment

Intel Vision 1 falls to the user in a cardboard box of orange. It shows the device, lists the main specifications, as well as information on a specific device.

Inside the user will find:

The case is a dense plastic bumper with a matte surface. It fell perfectly on the device, does not slide in his hand, it does not have imprints. In my opinion, this option is more interesting than standard silicone covers stretching through a short term of use and losing appearance.


The phone is made of inexpensive materials, In particular, the hull is plastic. However, it does not leave the feeling of cheapness, and in appearance to determine how much the device is hard.

Facial panel - IPS screen with 2.5D effect and with a drop-shaped neck. The indents from above and the bottom are not the smallest, but in general it looks neat and nice.

The display received HD + resolution - for a budget price tag, this is normal. The picture is quite adequate - the pixels in movies and games is not visible, the reserve of brightness is enough during the day, at night the screen does not blind, the viewing angles are maximized. In the settings there is intelligent brightness adjustment, a blue filter, a font change, the ability to activate the screen on when notifications appear. The sensor works fine.

Rear panel removable. Two SIM cards (Micro SIM) and a memory card (Micro SD) are installed under the cover, but the battery is not removed. The panel itself has a gradient effect. In my case, the device is initially purple, but at different angles and lighting took a variety of shades.

The housing pleases with successful ergonomics: the device turned out to be small and well lies in the palm of the palm, and also does not collect fingerprints. The location of the elements in the back is familiar to the 2020 - Dactyloskop in the center and the chamber decorated in the form of a square in the upper left corner.

The location of the other elements is also standard: on the top end the headphone jack, the left edge is empty, the right - power and volume control, from below the speaker, microphone, Micro USB connector.

regarding the assembly of questions no - the cover sits tightly, no backlash, no hoptes, Skipov, nothing is asleep. It opens easily - on the right there is a small gap, which is required to pick up a nail. It is worth noting that for the first time I did not notice it, but the lid took off without problems and so. The location of the buttons is excellent - the finger itself falls on the power button, slightly above the volume control. Buttons are pleasant - not too tight, but do not hang out.

summing up the foregoing, it is worth noting that for its price tag, the phone is signed perfectly and looks good. It is felt that when creating the manufacturer thought about ergonomics. The case is non-slip, well falls into the palm, it is convenient for controlling one hand, the cards are installed easily. Buttons and connectors are located where you need.


, the hardware part of Intel Vision 1 is presented Eight-year chipset Spreadtrum SC9863A and 2 GB of RAM. Someone will say that the processor from the unpopular producer, but it does not matter if the device works fine. And due to the fact that the name of the processor manufacturer does not need to overpay, the phone turned out inexpensive.

In my case, the chipset coped without problems with everyday tasks - active correspondence in the messengers, use of social networks, listening to online music, watch movies and video on YouTube, surfing. Lags, hanging, heating - all this in the smartphone is absent. Interface responsive, works smoothly.

Geyming on the smartphone does not interest me, but for the inspection put several random games. There were no problems not. They start, the picture does not slow down, the game process is quite normal. I did not test the phone in this mode in this mode, but somewhere in 30 minutes I did not notice the deterioration of playability, the body also did not heat.

Permanent memory in the device - 32 GB (about 20 GB available). This is a necessary minimum for 2020, and given the fact that there is a separate connector for Micro SD, this is quite enough. The device is not designed for heavy games, and there is enough applications to install applications. Photo, music and video can be stored on the memory card, and cloud storages Nobody canceled.

The chamber

The camera in Intel Vision 1 is represented by a double module behind and single in front.

The front camera has a resolution of 5 MP and removes quite well. There is a mode AI, which improves the photo, as well as the shooting of portraits (with a bokeh effect), the ability to overlay stickers. Perhaps, the professional bloggers will not be enough for professional bloggers, but an ordinary person take pictures and lay out in instagram quite real.

The main chamber consists of two sensors - 8 mp and auxiliary 0.08 Mp. It is declared as a sensor to determine the depth, that is, in theory, should be blown up, but to say whether it bears some real benefit, it is hard. In different shooting modes, this sensor triggers (if you close it, the screen does not display anything), but I still failed to understand the principle of his work.

Despite this, the camera demonstrated itself above expectations. Among its regimes:

  • HDR ;
  • Panorama;
  • Intelligent shooting (scene definition);
  • muted light (some analogue of night shooting);
  • portrait;
  • manual;
  • Stickers;
  • Smart.

The latter reminds the work of Google Lens, that is, it defines the specified object in the frame and is looking for information about it on the Internet. The remaining modes are understandable by name.

In my opinion, the optimal option for use is intelligent shooting. The camera independently installs the scene and reports that he has chosen - the sky, the building and so on. In this mode, the frames in most cases are obtained by successful. In this aspect Intel Vision 1 pleased me - from the point of view, the photo did not expect anything good from the device for 7,000 rubles.


However, judge themselves, snapshots below:

Video Smartphone writes Maximum resolution FHD. There is naturally no stabilization here, however, the result is acceptable. Separately there is a mode - short video. In it, the record lasts 10 seconds. It will come in handy lovers to post Storsith.

Communication and Security

Quality Communication at a high level. There are no problems with Wi-Fi connection, Mobile communications works well, GPS finds satellites quickly, routes locked exactly.

There are no questions to the speakers - during the conversations of the interlocutor, it is heard perfectly, the film without headphones to see quite realistic. The microphone qualitatively transmits the voice - on the other end of the line noted that the audibility is normal.

Device protection is represented by a dactylconus sensor and unlocking in the face. Both options work quickly and without errors. At the same time, the latter works even when they just look at the new notice. The hat on the street also does not prevent user recognition.


The battery of the model obtained a capacity of 4000 mAh. This is a standard value for modern devices. 70% of the charge I was enough for 1.5 days with an average intensity of use: 2-3 hours of communication in social networks, about 2 hours online video, 30 minutes of games, 1 hour listening to online music via LTE connection. The brightness was predominantly exhibited at a maximum. Power supply included - 5V / 1A. Quick Charging No, but for its price - it is quite normal.


From the box, the device works on Android 9 with the branded shell, the updates in a few days of testing did not appear. The interface is familiar and the shell does not bring some features, with the exception of branded software. Several desktops are available to the user, tabs with the latest applications, themes, news and wallpaper. There is a menu with all software, located alphabetically, which is quite convenient.

Among applications from the manufacturer:

  • Phone Master (helps to clean the memory, has a built-in antivirus, controls the flow rate of the battery and.).
  • Smart Transfer (simplifies data transfer from other Android smartphones).
  • Instant applications (quick access to downloading recommended programs).

In addition, the device has several interesting functions:

  • Call recording.
  • Record video from the screen.
  • Floating ball (quick access to selected applications from anywhere).
  • Ultra (Battery saving mode in which only basic functions remain active).

In general, the interface is pleasant - interference from the manufacturer is unobtrusive, sometimes there are optimization tips, but this happens rarely and does not interfere with comfortable use.


Intel Vision 1 costs 7,000 rubles. For this money, you get a phone with a nice appearance and quality build, adequate performance for everyday tasks, a decent camera (in my opinion, it shoots very well for a budget smartphone ), a quality screen and autonomy, which is enough for a working day. At the same time, the kit has everything you need - a protective film, a headset, a case.

In my opinion, Intel Vision 1 is a very balanced device for its price, in which I personally could not find any minuses.