Is it worth it to force close applications on a smartphone?

Imagine this situation: you play your favorite game, see the film or leaf of tape in Instagram, and the smartphone suddenly hangs. You click on the screen or spend your finger on it, but nothing happens. The application simply hung.

It is usually not a big problem, since you can simply close the application and open it again. However, this is not always triggered. In this case, many are resorted to extreme measures - the forced completion of the program. But how safely to perform this operation? Let's figure it out.

When it is possible to forcibly close the application

when an application is attempted on the screen, a warning is often displayed, reading something It seems: "If you forcibly close the application, it can work incorrectly."

it is somewhat ironically, since you close the application first because it is already working incorrectly (i.e. freezes ), and the operating system of the smartphone does nothing with it.

If everything works properly, then during use the application easily moves from one action to another. When you finish using the program and close it, the operating system will automatically delete it from memory.

It is worth recalling that some applications, such as weather or WhatsApp, can continue to operate in background.

However, if something goes wrong, the application may freeze, bite and fly during use, which is very annoying. In this case, a forced completion of an incorrectly functioning application can be useful because it closes all running processes.

So, the application is unable to access the cache files. Given that it can no longer interact with resources on your device, it ceases to respond.

Is there a risk of data loss?

Forced stop usually solves the problem if the application works incorrectly. However, it is important to know that in this case you risk losing the incomplete data in the application.

For example, suppose you play the game, and it begins to bite. You forcibly close it, and all the progress achieved immediately before closing the application can be lost because it is not saved in the application directory or cache files.

A good way to avoid this is to simply wait. Often excessive use of RAM can lead to a device hang, which is likely if you play a demanding game on the middle class phone. In order to avoid it, just wait a few minutes, and the device must earn again without losing any data.