Is it possible to replace the laptop with a smartphone on Android?

We tell you how to make a mini laptop out of a smartphone and what accessories, applications and services you will need for this.

Every year, mobile technologies bring something new and original to their field. The computing power of smartphones is growing, today the top chipsets from Snapdragon are comparable to Intel Core i5 chips, which are widely used in laptops and PCs in the middle price segment.

Thus, the idea of ​​using an Android smartphone as a replacement for a portable computer is not such a stupid idea. Samsung has already made attempts in this direction, releasing in 2017 the DeX docking station, which turns some models of the Galaxy line into a kind of PC.

Currently, there are several ways to make a portable computer from a smartphone, using some gadgets and built-in functions in the Android operating system itself.

Desktop mode

Before buying a small portable monitor and cable USB- C / HDMI, make sure your phone supports Desktop Mode - the so-called desktop mode. This feature is not available to everyone. The list of devices with its support is small, but it is gradually expanding. Today it includes:

  • Samsung Galaxy S8 series and above;
  • Samsung Galaxy Note8 series and above;
  • series Huawei Mate 10/10 Pro up to and including Mate 30;
  • Huawei P20/P20 Pro series up to and including P40/P40 Pro;
  • Honor Note 10/View 20;
  • Motorola Edge+.

If you didn't find your phone in the list, don't despair, because you can still expand its functionality to a desktop PC. Of course, it will no longer become like a laptop on Chrome OS, but you can work on it with increased convenience.

If your phone is on the list, all that's left to do is duplicate its home screen onto a larger display. Alternatively, you can use the mirroring function.


At least minimal peripherals are required, that is, a mouse and keyboard, as for any computer, without them it makes no sense to continue experiments. Of course, the smartphone has the advantage of a touch screen that can be used to enter information, but this is extremely inconvenient when working with text. Therefore, we arm ourselves with the following accessories.

Docking station

If you plan to always work in a certain place, for example, at the office desk, useful acquisition will be docking station. It will help organize work space in a convenient way. The device will delight its owner by the presence of several USB connectors and a slot for connecting memory cards.

Also, the docking station is able to charge the smartphone when connecting to an external display, and this is a very important point: with continuous operation, the battery will be spent very intensively without additional charging. With the usual use of a smartphone, this does not occur, the exceptions can be attributed to mobile games.

Keyboard and mouse

External peripherals - keyboard and mouse - necessary for productive work. With a small screen, they allow you to enter information at times faster. Working with the text becomes much more pleasant, and the screen keyboard does not close the overview.

It is best to purchase a wireless periphery. A lot of models Bluetooth-keyboards are presented on sale and mice with good ergonomics and stable bond. There are keyboards with built-in Stand. Such a model solves one of the urgent problems: how and on how to fix your phone to work comfortably.

Fast charger or external battery

Even if there is a telephone docking station, the source of energy will be required. This can be either an adapter with a function of fast charging, which you connect to the nearest outlet, or the plib. Which of the options choose depends on where you spend most of the time.


If the work implies stay in the office, choose a qualitative charger, compatible with the phone. Then right during use it will be focused on the network. If the activity is associated with a permanent dislocation, the ideal option will become a hard capacity with a large capacity.

Headset with noise cancellation function

This accessory does not apply to the mandatory. But if you need to focus at work, then a good headset with high-quality noise will save from annoying sounds out.

Not everyone used to work in silence. Someone concentrates music, and someone is white noise. The headset in any case will create an appropriate attitude.

Useful applications

Accessories got enough, the question with the recharge phone is resolved. Go to the next step. Expand the software features and configure it for your work to install additional applications from Play Market. Most often in the course of Word or Excel analogs from Windows or MacOS.

Google Documents, Tables and Presentations

This is a free package of office programs from Google. Documents, Presentations and Tables - the basis for performing many office and production tasks. Their possibilities are difficult to overestimate, and the functionality achieved that they can make direct competition with paid products from Microsoft.

Integration with Google disk simplifies collaboration with colleagues and partners.

Microsoft Office

If you prefer the usual classic set of programs, set the package of conditionally free office applications from Microsoft. Their interface is very close to what we are accustomed to see on the computer, they use the same commands.

Mobile package from Microsoft supports integration with cloud storage One Drive. This is a convenient solution to collaborate with files.

The main functionality is provided free of charge. Some functions require a subscription to Microsoft 365.

Google Calendar

The application calendar is indispensable for the organization of schedule, planning meetings and events. He has a built-in opportunity to send invitations to meetings. He will also remind him of Dedlayn. It is simple and easy to use, synchronized on all devices. It is impossible to miss any important event.


, a convenient application for video conferencing It is useful to each remote employee. Skype is one of the most famous options.

Through Skype, you can call on ordinary telephone numbers, but this type of communication is paid.

Skype has a lot of alternatives. Zoom is very popular lately.

Applications for collaboration

almost all popular applications For collaboration have mobile versions. At least Asana, Slack, TRELLO, Monday and Microsoft Teams are accurately represented in the Play Store. If another service is used in your company, access to it is possible through the Chrome browser.

The browser will also be for other purposes, for example, to use the services that do not have mobile versions. Chrome is the most popular browser to enter the Internet with Android. Does not suit chrome? Not trouble, your choice has a bunch of other browsers.

Say laptops bye Bye?

There are operations of increased complexity, such as processing photo and video editing. For them, one way or another will need a desktop computer or a powerful laptop with a full-fledged processor architecture. But everyday uncomplicated tasks in principle can be performed on the phone.

There is a chance that in the future all working tasks will be solved using the phone. Do you yourself are ready for such changes? Share your opinion in the comments and tell you how you configured the phone to help you in working life.