IPhone does not connect to a computer: causes and ways to solve

If when connecting a gadget to a PC for synchronization with iTunes, an error occurs, this is not a reason to panic and suspect that iPhone is broken. Possible causes of the error is a huge amount: it can be caused by the incorrect firmware or reluctance of a computer protective on the computer. Allow the connection of Apple's equipment. It is important to pay attention to the error code: the numbers can suggest not only the reason why PC does not see an iPhone, but also a way to solve the problem.

Why an iPhone does not connect to a computer: Connection errors with iTunes

All errors, Arriving when the Apple smartphone is connected to iTunes, can be classified for such types:

  • errors due to communication problems.
  • Errors caused by conflict with anti-virus software (firewall, firewall).
  • Problems that occurred due to incorrect USB connection of the gadget.

Each of the types of errors Consider in more detail.

Network errors

Problems of this species are usually caused by the fact that the computer cannot connect to the Apple Update Server or with a device.

Network error numbers: 17, 1403, 1004, 1013, 1014, 1015, 3200, 3004.

Communication problems are accompanied by messages like " When loading software, an error occurred" and " An unknown error occurred.

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Solve problems with the network Alone is not easy, and sometimes impossible at all - It is often necessary to simply wait when the update server returns to correct operation. However, some errors can still try to fix it - for example, such:

  • 1403. This code indicates that the damaged iPhone is used to restore the iPhone firmware. Download another file or download the same, but through another download manager.
  • 1013-1015. Similar errors appear if the user tries to translate his iPhone to the older version of the OS, because the new seems to him uncomfortable. Apple allows you to "roll back" to the previous version of the OS only for 2 weeks after the release of the new one - this period is given to the user to familiarize themselves with the possibilities of the current software. In other cases, return to the older version apple apple routes is prohibited.
  • 17. The error is formed if the iphone owner tries to translate his gadget with one custom ( user-modified ) firmware to another. This operation must be performed, after entering the smartphone to the DFU mode - then there will be no problems. Details of the DFU mode described here.
  • 3004, 3200. With these errors, the user risks encounter if it decides to update his smartphone in the first days after the update. The problem lies in the shipping upload of Apple servers. Solve such a problem of the ordinary owner of Apple's technique, of course, cannot be waiting until the excitement subsides.

Problems with protective software

If you regularly encounter that iPhone is not Connects to a computer due to the protective software unit, it is worth thinking about the installation of another antivirus, because synchronize the Gadget C Aytyuns will have to be constantly. You can deactivate protection with each iPhone connection, but in this case the risk is the risk that then you just forget to turn on the antivirus.

Another alternative solution is to transition to another program to load media files (for example, on iTools ), but most likely, when using similar software, the antivirus will also "swear".

It is possible to understand that the problem is precisely in protective software, it is possible by error numbers. Problems of this type are assigned numbers 9006, 9807, 11222, 13014, -39 and so on.

The appearance on the screen of one of these codes indicates the blocking of any operation. For example, when an error 9807 is blocked by checking certificates, and in case of error 9006 - loading the firmware.

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Separately, it is necessary to mention the problem with the code ( - 39) - it appears if you cannot upload music compositions purchased in iTunes Store on the iPhone. The reason for the appearance of this error is capable of becoming not only antivirus - probably on the PC, an irrelevant version of Aytyuns is loaded. Before changing protective software, update Aytyuns, Go to the store again and try to repeat the download.

Problems with USB Connection

The error number makes it clear which connection component causes a failure.

Errors associated with incorrect USB connections have the following codes: 13, 14, 1601-1609, 2001-2011, 4005, 4013 (etc.).

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that the problem is to connect, You can judge the following messages in the error window:

  • " During synchronization, an unknown error occurred.
  • " The time waiting time from the iPhone has expired.
  • " The device can work faster."

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Consider ways to eliminate the most common problems:

Errors 13, 14. You may need to replace a USB cable. Such errors often appear when the user tries to connect the iPhone with a latter-quality Chinese cable. Note that the reason may be different: for example, 13 - Error appears also when trying to install a beta version of iOS from the Windows environment, A 14 - due to conflict by with antivirus. Therefore, before you go to the communication salon for a new cable, try others, less costly ways to solve the problem.

When an error occurs 13 (it is quite common), disconnect USB 2.0 support as a first measure. This can be done like this:

Step 1. Right-click on the " computer icon and select" in the menu that appears.

Step 2. In the " section section, select" Device Manager.

Step 3. In the " dispatcher", find the block " USB controllers" and select " USB 2.0." Click on this item right-click and click " Disable."

errors 1601-1609. If the iPhone stopped connecting and shows a similar error, most likely, it will be enough to change the USB port on the computer to avoid these errors. However, other measures may also be necessary: ​​updating or reinstalling iTunes, checking the hosts file linking the domain to a specific IP address for unwanted entries.

Since checking the hosts file is a procedure unfamiliar to ordinary users of Apple technology, it is worth describing in detail how it is carried out:

Step 1. On Windows 7 and 8, the file is located in the WINDOWSsystem32driversetc folder - go to this address and you will see the following:

Step 2. Open the file hosts (the very first one) in notepad:

Step 4. Pay attention to the last two lines - for PCs with Windows 7 and 8 they should be:

  • " localhost"
  • "::1 localhost".

On Windows XP, only the first of 2 lines is present in the hosts file.

If you notice that even one punctuation mark is missing, correct it immediately. An incorrect hosts file is one of the most common reasons why PC USB ports malfunction.

Errors 2001-2011. The reasons that the computer does not see the iPhone are malfunctions of the USB cable and port. For example, error 2003 indicates that it is time to clean the port and check the contacts. Error 2005 poses the greatest threat to the user's wallet: if such a problem occurs, you will definitely have to buy a new cable (preferably the original one).

Errors 4005, 4013. These errors appear during the device recovery procedure or after an update. To avoid them, you need to repeat the recovery attempt using a different cable and first entering the iPhone into DFU mode.

To avoid problems with your USB connection, it is recommended to follow some general tips:

  • Remove all extra batteries from the gadget before connecting, covers, bumpers.
  • Connect Lightning or 30-Pin directly to a PC port, not to a splitter or keyboard.
  • To connect your smartphone to a PC, use only original cables or accessories that were made by companies approved by Apple (for example, Belkin ).

How to fix the error 0xe8000003?

Error 0xe8000003 (either 0xE800000A ) refers to the number of the most common; Surely each iPhone user came across it at least once when trying to connect the device to the computer. Error with such a code indicates damage to the contents of the Lockdown directory.


Folder Lockdown is formed when the device is first connected with iOS to a computer - you can find it on Windows 7, 8, 10 according to the following disk address: ProgramDataAppLelockDown.

The directory stores files with extension.plist, providing access to information, which is on the I-gadget. If these files are damaged, it is impossible to synchronize with iTunes.

Fix the error 0xe8000003 as follows:

Step 1. Go through the above disk address - you will see PLIST files in the folder .

Step 2. Send the contents of the directory in the "Basket".

Step 3. Connect the iPhone to the PC and start iTunes.

Step 4. A message will appear through which iTunes will request access to information - press " to continue."

Step 5. Confirm that give access to data on the device itself.

After that, in the folder of Lockdown, files PLIST will be created again.

If you are the owner of Mac and collided with such an error, proceed:

Step 1. Open Finder and select " Go to".

Step 2. In the search field, write / VAR / DB / Lockdown and press " input".

Step 3. In the Finder window files with long unreadable names will appear. Files need to be deleted - for this you will have to enter Password administrator.

Despite the Soviets of Experts, found on the Internet, do not delete the LockDown folder completely from Mac or a PC on Windows.

Step 4. Restart the computer. After rebooting, the iPhone connection procedure must pass "like oil".

iPhone with jailbreak: common problems

iPhone holders with jailbreak are forced to face errors that have multi-valued codes. Such problems are most common:

  • 0xe8008001 . The user installs the smartphone unsigned (simply speaking - a pirate) application. The problem is solved by loading the fixt on the name Appsync, which can be found in Cydia (repository - smolk.myrepospace.com).
  • 0xE800003D . The appearance of this code on the computer screen indicates that the "jailbreak" iPhone cannot access the mobile operator settings. In case of error 0xE800003D, you should go to the PC on the way / System / Library / Carrierbundle and send custom bundles to the basket (which are called Carrier Bundles ).

Other errors when connecting the iPhone with PC

iPhone users may encounter other problems that do not belong to any of the listed categories and are not solved by the described methods:

  • (-9800); (-9808); (-9815) - iTunes does not allow to transfer purchased content to the device, because the purchase time differs from the PC clock. It is enough to simply change the time on the computer to the right, and the problem will be eliminated.
  • 20000. iTunes conflict with the Windows graphic shell. Change the topic of registration on the PC to the standard - you will not meet this error anymore.
  • 8248. This error appears after the update iTunes, if the mediacombine plugins are incompatible with its new version continue to operate. Go to " Manager" and stop the process Memonitor.exe - most likely it will be enough to eliminate the problem.
  • 414. iTunes does not allow you to download content, because the age limit is valid. You need to adjust the date of birth in Apple ID. Through Aytyuns Make it will not be possible - you have to go to The Apple ID management page and change the data in the " password and security" section.


Apple technician is quite capricious: errors that may occur when connected IPhone with PC - an innumerable amount. However, multi-valued error codes should not frighten users and mislead them about the complexity of the repair: most of the problems can be fixed with primitive measures (say, use a different USB port).

Those problems that the user is not able to deal with on his own, no one can solve - say, if the error arose due to overload on the Apple server, it remains only to wait for employees "Apple" companies will show quickness. Contacting a service to fix an error connecting an iPhone to a PC is a pointless measure - the owner of the gadget will only give money for the work that he himself could do in a couple of minutes.