Infrared Camera for Smartphone

Infrared chamber (thermal imager) is a professional device that can be used for different tasks. It costs it is expensive, but a good alternative appeared for household tasks - an infrared camera for a smartphone.

Similar accessories appeared on the market relatively recently, so the choice is modest today. However, if desired, buy an IR camera is quite real. About how the infrared chamber works for the smartphone and which models are on sale, told in our new selection.

What is an infrared chamber

Thermal imager for Smartphone is a small prefix with a special thermal imaging matrix and a compact lens. It does not have its own display, in his role just the screen of the phone. Connection to it occurs through the power connector (Lightning, USB-C, USB-A). The camera's own battery is usually not provided, a mobile device is in the quality source. To view the resulting image requires the installation of special software. Manufacturers of infrared cameras offer their own software for these purposes. The application offers a lot of settings: Method of display, color palette, temperature measurement units, maximum and minimum temperature comparison and much more.

At first glance it may seem that there is no particular benefit for an ordinary user, but in practice the scope of the application is very wide. You can see if the batteries are not clogged and how uniform they have heated, whether plastic windows are made, find hidden heat sources in the apartment being purchased (for example, a warm floor), where the insulation spoiled in the walls, or you can entertain, watching the cat moves in the dark in the apartment.

In other words, options for use. It was for this reason that not only a thermal imagers for mobile devices began to appear, but also smartphones with an infrared chamber. An example is BlackView BV9900 Pro in which in addition to the main triple chamber is provided by the thermal imager.

What to take into account when choosing

, as mentioned above, the large selection of infrared cameras for smartphones does not offer the market, so buying with a large probability will be Exercised on the basis of available funds. However, if the price does not play an important role for you, then when buying it is worth paying attention to the following parameters:

  • The resolution of the matrix. The quality of the resulting image depends on it. The choice begins with a low resolution of 80 * 60 pixels, which is quite small. A more optimal option - from 160 * 120 pixels.
  • Focusing At the thermal imager for the smartphone - the phenomenon is rare: due to the compact sizes of this device. But some models have an adjustable focus, which expands the ability to use them.
  • The temperature range will affect what tasks can be solved using an infrared chamber. In modern models, the temperature is displayed from -40 to +400 degrees. For home purposes of these values, even a lot.
  • Frame rate. It is understood that the mobile thermal imager will be used to study static objects, so the frequency of them is usually modest - 9 Hz. But if the plans include tracking animals on the hunt or other moving objects, then it is better to look for a model with a frequency of 25 Hz.
  • Compatibility. The camera should be supported by your device, so consider the operating system and its version, and also do not forget to look at the connectors for pairing.
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Infrared chambers for smartphone

HTI HP 102

  • Resolution: 32 * 32
  • Focusing: No
  • Viewing angle: 35 degrees
  • Frame rate: 9 Hz
  • Temperature range: From - 30 to 300 degrees
  • Interface: Type-C

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One of the most affordable infrared chambers for the smartphone on the market is HIT HP 102. It has two lens - for visible spectrum and heat radiation. The model is connected via Type-C, judging by the responses, problems with synchronization with it any devices on Android does not occur. The device is compact and easy, when working absolutely does not interfere. HTI HP 102 is the younger model of the brand, therefore it is modest parameters. However, given the price and the fact that its tasks do it, it is an interesting option for purchase.

Mobir AIR

  • Resolution: 120 * 90
  • Focus: No
  • Viewing angle: 50 degrees
  • Frame rate: 25 Hz
  • Temperature range: From - 20 to 120 degrees
  • Interface: Type-C / Lightning

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Moblr Air - Compact Infrared Camera With pretty good parameters. It has not the greatest resolution, but at the same time offers a wide viewing angle and high frame rate. The device supports work with iOS and Android (only models with Type-C). The pluses include miniature sizes, ease of connection, as well as low phone battery consumption.

Flir One Pro LT

    101) Resolution: 80 * 60
  • Focus: No
  • Viewing angle: 50 Degree
  • Frame rate: 9 Hz
  • Temperature range: From - 20 to 120 degrees
  • Interface: Type-C / Lightning

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FLIR One Pro LT is the third infrared camera from the FLIR brand. It offers not the most topical parameters, but has a number of interesting solutions. The device is concluded in the shockproof case. This and miniature dimensions allow it to be in his pocket without fear in some way to accidentally damage. Thanks to the sliding plug, the camera is connected even to smartphones in covers. With the help of the rotary washer, it is adjusted as much as the plug is pulled out, which allows you to tightly fix the phone and the camera. There is also own battery. Thanks to the branded technology for processing images Vividir, snapshots are obtained clear and detailed, which completely compensates for the low resolution of the matrix. Another pleasant bonus is a functional and convenient application, which is advantageously different from the software of the previous two devices.


  • resolution: 320 * 240
  • Focusing: There is
  • Viewing angle: 32 degrees
  • Frame rate: 15 Hz
  • Temperature range: From - 40 to 330 degrees
  • Interface: microUSB / Type-C / Lightning

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SEEK THERMAL COMPACT PRO - The most expensive and advanced model on the market. She received a high-resolution matrix, a large temperature range, a high frame update frequency and a vision range up to 550 meters. The device is compact, has a strong body from magnesium alloy and adjusting the lens. At work, this model is comparable to full thermal inspections, but it costs it expensive. The pros also can be attributed to a clear and convenient application in Russian with a large set of features.