Infinix Note 11 Pro smartphone review - for those who love more

Infinix was founded in 2013. According to information from the official website, in 2021, the brand as part of Transsion Holdings takes 6th place in the global market for the sale of smartphones. For a fairly young manufacturer, this is a worthy result. In November, the company introduced two new smartphones - Hot 11s and Note 11 Pro. We talked about the younger model Hot 11s earlier, and today we will consider Note 11 Pro. The bet in the older device is made on the screen, camera, design and powerful processor.

I must say right away that this is my first acquaintance with smartphones Infinix, and I did not expect anything special from the phone. I was especially skeptical looking at the parameters of Note 11 Pro and its cost (the average price is 19,000 rubles), but after two weeks of use, the smartphone pleasantly surprised me and completely changed my attitude towards it and the company as a whole. The model has certain disadvantages (in particular, there is no NFC ), but, in my opinion, its advantages completely outweigh them.


  • Materials: plastic, glass
  • Operating system: Android 11
  • CPU: MediaTek Helio G96, 8 cores, up to 2.05 GHz
  • GPU : Mali-G57 MC2
  • RAM : 8 GB, LPDDR4X
  • ROM: 128 GB, UFS 2.2
  • Slot for memory card : separate, up to 256 GB
  • Display: 6.95 inch, IPS, 1080×2460 resolution, 386 ppi, 120Hz refresh rate, 180Hz sampling rate
  • Main camera: 64+13+2 MP
  • Front camera: 16 MP
  • Security: Fingerprint sensor, face unlock
  • Navigation: GPS, BeiDou, GLONASS
  • Wireless modules: Bluetooth 5.1, Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
  • Battery: 5000 mAh (33W charging)
  • Dimensions: 173.06 x 78.37 x 8.7 mm
  • Features: stereo speakers, SuperCool, 30x zoom


Infinix Note 11 Pro is supplied in a cardboard box of standard sizes with bright green decoration. It causes the name of the phone, the technical information and features of the model are listed. In addition, on the right side you can see two QR code. Scanning them, the user will enter the TUV. COM website, where the TUV RHEINLAND certification is confirmed and the battery.

TÜV RHEINLAND GROUP is an independent international organization that checks various devices and issuing security certificates. In the case of Infinix Note 11 Pro, we are talking about the screen and fast charging.

The smartphone has a very rich equipment. It includes:

That is, the kit offers everything you need to start using the device and not worry about buying accessories.


INFINIX NOTE 11 PRO exists in three Colors: Blue, green and gray. My version of the smartphone is green. Color calm, with a matte tint. On the surface there are vertical lines on the body, beautifully iridescent in the sun.

The body of the model is made of plastic. The rear panel textured that there is a convenient grip with covered edges, as well as, taking into account the matte shade, makes a smartphone with a non-commercial and eliminating the use of the cover.

The camera at the smartphone is very massive. Silicone bumper from the kit partially compensates for its protrusion, but even with him on the back, the gadget does not lift. I do not see in this special problem, but it does not like it to many users.

The camera block is rectangular here. It may seem that it consists of four lenses and outbreaks, but in fact the sensors here are three. The largest is a 64 megapixel main lens. His "partners" is smaller: Channel 13 MP and a module for blurring a background 2 megapixel.

As I mentioned, the camera is massive and attracts attention. Besides her, on the back side, closer to the bottom, the brand name is posted. It is not particularly noticeable.

The front side is almost completely represented by the display. The bottom there is a small indent, from the rest of the framework less. The front camera is cut-in, located in the center from above. Above it is thin, barelyNoticeable spoken speaker. It also serves as the left channel, forming a stereo pair with a multimedia speaker. On the right of it is a double flash for shooting Self in the dark.

On the right side there is a power button, it is also a dactylconus sensor. There are no questions to work, unlocking is carried out quickly and unmistakably. Alternatively, there is no complaints for its work as an alternative. Over the switching key, a combined volume control button is installed.

The tray for the SIM card and the memory card is put on the left side. It is non-commissioned, choose between two SIM and the memory card is not required. The tray has a rubber seal, but any moisture protection in the device is not claimed. Nizhny end: connector 3.5, microphone, multimedia speaker, USB-C. Top end is not busy.

Infinix Note 11 Pro is a device with a screen of 6.95 inches. The device is large, but in use is convenient. Comfort is achieved due to the fact that the smartphone is quite narrow (78.37 mm) and thin (8.7 mm), and also has a sliding back with a textured surface. Without a cover, the device is quite well lies even in a small palm, but they have to use them with two hands.

I like the design, color solutions, a non-commercial surface of the novelty. The phone is pleasant tactile and perfectly assembled. In general, this is a good option for fans of large smartphones.


Infinix Note 11 Pro is equipped with a display 6.95 inches with FHD + resolution, update frequency 120 Hz and 180 Hz sampling frequency.

Many users complain that smartphones turn into "shovels" and persistently asking to return the devices of smaller sizes. However, objectively in large displays has its own charm: they are simply created for consumption of such content, like games, movies and serials, surfing. I myself am addictive to lovers of more compact devices, but still watch the series or videos on YouTube is definitely more convenient on a large display. Similar situation and games.

Infinix Note 11 Pro received an IPS matrix with a good brightness margin, natural color reproduction with a slope of cold colors and wide Viewing angles. We use it very nice and comfortable for the eyes. It should be noted and the presence of oleophobic coating, the screen is almost not coveredprints and you do not need to constantly wipe it.

There are not so many settings in the new product. Among them:

  • Choice of topic;
  • Manual refresh rate (60 and 120 Hz) or auto;
  • Enable adaptive brightness;
  • Change font size;
  • Eye protection mode;
  • Ultra touch - set the speed of swiping and animation.

You can also play with the lock screen, set a time to turn off the display, or make it never turn off at all. There is also support for gestures.


sampling rate 180 Hz. This is a serious bonus for gamers, and in general, a high frequency has a positive effect on perception.


Infinix Note 11 Pro out of the box comes with Android 11 and has a proprietary shell XOS v10.0.0.

I have mixed feelings about the shell. On the one hand, I like it, on the other, it sometimes annoys me. It is important to understand that we are not talking about any failures or bugs. The device works very smoothly, quickly and without any freezes. However, XOS offers a lot of utilities and applications, among which there are few useful ones, others rather litter the memory.

I cannot say that this is a serious minus, since this is more a matter of perception. Personally, minimalism is closer to me, so the pile of not always clear applications does not particularly please me. However, this is all solved by removing or disabling unnecessary software and notifications.

Credit to the manufacturer for the fact that there are no ads and some of the tools are really useful. For example, a proprietary gallery (a number of companies do not consider it necessary to make this application at all) allows you to compress photos to save space, create collages, delete unnecessary images. It also provides a secure storage that allows you to hide something from prying eyes.

There is a branded player in XOS, a children's mode, a smart QR code scanner, a curious YoParty application (allows you to synchronize music on several smartphones), Beez (program for creating music), cloning (utility for quick data transfer to the new device), as well as a branded notebook, utility for the exchange of data XShare, a freezer ("freezing" of applications), own voice assistant FOLAX, Online service for listening to BOOMPLAY music, built-in translator, corporate browser and much more.

(2 99)

Separately, it is worth mentioning the Xarena utility is its kind platform for collecting all installed games. Next, the smartphone through the DAR-LINK Engine tool dial study studies the user's habits and optimizes the smartphone to optimally use resources. Here you can activate a number of telephone settings for the game: Deviation of calls and notifications, health control (the device will remind you to interrupt and move), optimization of graphics.

I do not want to say that XOS is bad. The shell is pretty in its own way, but it offers too many different options, among which there are both useful and unnecessary. For example, Xclub - like of the social network, sending a lot of incomprehensible notifications, so it is precisely worth it.

Again, problems with stability or speed of work does not cause a shell, so it needs to be adopted and adjusted to yourself to imbued with all its capabilities, and they are here, I repeat, very wide.


INFINIX NOTE 11 PRO received MediaTek Helio G96 -An eight-core processor with a maximum frequency of 2.05 GHz, represented by in the summer 2021. This is a powerful solution for medium-price segment smartphones capable of providing high gaming performance. Thanks to him, many projects are launched at high settings.

The novelty received quick memory, and 8 GB RAM can be expanded by 3 GB through the use of unemployed user memory.

We emphasize the cooling system. In Infinix Note 11 Pro uses a graphene film to reduce temperature. At the output, the result is impressive. With active use, the device does not heat completely, it does not happen in the trottling test. The results of benchmarks and examples of the game process are shown below.

(4 08) In general, Infinix Note 11 Pro demonstrates high performance, I have not observed any problems when using it. It is comfortable both in daily use and in games.

Communication capabilities

New Infinix received a Wi-Fi with support for 5 GHz. The smartphone steadily works in 4G networks, confidently receives a navigation satellite signal, displaying the position and direction of the user's movement.

The device has a function recording function, which is important for many users, and the recording is included without notifying the second party.

There is no complaints about the quality of the conversational speaker and microphone. Heard is good in any conditions, be it a lively street or house.

The conversational speaker in Infinix Note 11 Pro forms with a multimedia stereo pair. The sound in the device is loud and high-quality - this is another advantage of the model. Given that the device at the expense of a large display as a whole is designed for watching movies and geiming, stereo speakers to him very much. There is a built-in Equalizer and support for DTS technology with automatic switching of audio design depending on the type of content.

Let me remind you that the NFC module in the smartphone is not provided.


Infinix Note 11 Pro is equipped with a triple main chamber:

immediately striking, that there is no fashionable wide-angle lens and macro, so such a choice From the side of the manufacturer may seem strange. Personally, I use in everyday life mostly by the main lens, so it will not be more useful to argue about what additional sensors are more useful.

Camera application is convenient:

  • at the top Quick settings of the selected mode: work AI, Flash, Photo Size, HDR, filters, stabilization and permission for video.
  • At the bottom of the selection of modes, their list opens with swipe up.
  • In the Settings section, useful tools: timer, smart focus, location, inclusion, mesh, watermark, shutter sound and so on.

The work of the camera as a whole I was pleased, I expected the worst result. Photographed with automatic HDR and mainly in AI CAM mode, that is, all the settings entrustedThe device itself. I can note that the AI ​​has shown yourself with a fairly good side. In some situations, at the expense of HDR-processing, the picture became significantly better, given that the photos were created with a bright controversy and should have completely lit up.

The device is a night shooting Super Night and a 30-fold zoom. The latter does not seem to me particularly useful, as the quality of the photo deteriorates greatly, and use it, keeping the phone on the weight in the hands is extremely difficult. There is a device and optical zoom 2x. It provides quite a decent image and in some cases it turns out to be useful.

Night survey behaves not always equally. In some cases, the photo acquires some artistic expressiveness, becoming prettier, nothing happens in others. Perhaps a lot of light and the device simply does not use the mode, considering that it is not needed. Sometimes the frame simply becomes strongly dealt, which reminds the work of too long exposure. However, judge themselves, the examples of the photo will give below.

(5 80)

Separately, I note that there are "Bothitor" ", Allowing you to make a shape more slim or eliminate some features of the face. The latter option was manifested not only in camera mode, but also at video calls (I noticed the option in WhatsApp). This means that in real time you can make yourself a little more beautiful.


The smartphone is equipped with a battery 5000 mAh and supports fast charging 33 W.

The test for autonomy with automatic brightness setup showed 13 hours 34 minutes of the screen, which is quite good. My smartphone lives on one charge of about two working days. Charging takes about 1.5 hours.

Activate mode Energy saving, optimize the autonomy of the device and see the battery consumption in the Marathon Endurance section.


will begin with minuses, since they are not so much. The main is the absence of NFC. No matter how cool, but many users have already become accustomed to contactless payment.

Two more shortcomings are subjective. First, the smartphone is very big due to the huge diagonal. Not everyone will be comfortable to use it, although there is its advantages in this, and ergonomics do not suffer because of size. Secondly, the shell. It is interesting and functional, but you have to work hard to disassemble, remove and turn off the excess software, and in general, the presence of too much pre-installed programs may not like someone.

Now about the advantages:

  • Powerful processor + large stock RAM and ROM, no performance problems with any scenarios use in Infinix Note 11 Pro no;
  • Fast and stable operation of software;
  • no heating;
  • Large screen with excellent image and increased update frequency;
  • high-quality and loud stereo sound;
  • Separate tray for SIM and memory;
  • Pleasant appearance and calm color designs;
  • Ergonomic and non-commercial surface;
  • good chamber ;
  • decent autonomy;
  • Everything you need complete.

In my opinion, Infinix Note 11 Pro for the price of 19,000 rubles turned out to be a good player in the market, able to impose competition with smartphones from famous brands. If you select a large device to play, watch movies and hang on social networks, then you definitely should look at this phone.