Infinix HOT 11S smartphone review - another leader in the budget segment

I do not cease to be surprised how mobile technologies are rapidly developing. Here is an affordable smartphone - it is no longer about blurred photos on low-resolution cameras, dull displays and slow applications. It is certainly not in the case of the HOT 11S - a new model from the budget line Infinix.


  • Materials: Plastic, Glass
  • Operating system: Android 11
  • Processor: MediaTek Helio G88, 8 cores, clock frequency up to 2.0 GHz
  • graphics processor : MALI-G52 MC2
  • Operational / Permanent memory: 4/64 GB
  • Slot for Memory card : There are up to 256 GB
  • Display: 6.72 inches, IPS, resolution 1080 × 2460, 399 PPI (Update frequency 90 Hz, Sensor frequency 180 Hz)
  • Main Camera: 50 + 2 + 0.08 MP
  • Frontal chamber: 8 MP
  • Protection: Fingerprint scanner fingers, unlocking to face
  • Sym-card slots: DUAL NANO SIM + Micro SD
  • Wireless Modules: NFC, Bluetooth 5.0, IEEE 802.11 A / B / G / N / 5GHz
  • Battery: 5000 mAh (18 W Charging)
  • Dimensions: 168.9 x 77 x 8.82 mm

Equipment and design

Infinix Hot 11S - a direct descendant of last year's hot 10s, which I told the last year in the summer. The smartphone received a number of attractive modifications and a new, presentable design, but remained the same available in the price, productive and hardy, like a younger model.

The device comes to a bright green corporate box. Included fast USB-C Charging 18W, transparent silicone case, a key for seizing a tray into two SIM cards and a memory module, as well as detailed instructions for quick commissioning devices.

Infinix hot 11S is sold in three color solutions: black, purple and nephritis. The sleek glossy body is decorated with a striped texture and glances in the light, exactly the plates of the bronze beetle. The fingerprint scanner is located on the power button, the inputs for 3.5 mm headset and charging cable are directed down.

The smartphone has a thin 8 mm body stretched by 168.9 mm in length and 77 mm wide. The front camera is located in the center near the upper limit of the screen, 50mm The main module is pressed against the side wall. Not so long ago, we have released a separate article according to the Infinix HOT 11S, where the package described in more detail and showed the appearance of the device. We recommend to familiarize yourself with it for the completeness of the picture.

Unpacking Infinix HOT 11S


Infinix Hot 11S received an excellent IPS display with a resolution of 1080 to 2460 and 399 pixel density per inch. The frames are still very small, about four millimeters on the side and above, the bottom - about seven. The screen has magnificent anti-reflective properties.

Unlike the previous model, the 6.78-luminous matrix of the HOT 11S gives the picture in FHD + format (whereas its predecessor worked in HD + format). The display has an impressive color reproduction, with a slight bias in cool tones, and high maximum brightness, so that the image will be clearly visible during the sunlight.

With the viewing angles, there is a complete order, with small details - too, everything is fine. The font is flat and folding, watching a video or play anything on HOT 11S very cozy with any angle. The device stepped on the predecessor, and also pleases the rapid 90 Hz update frequency that provides a note of a noticeable smoothness.

If you still doubt whether 90 Hz is needed the screen of the smartphone, try switching the device to the standard update frequency. A steady feeling will arise that the device will slow down during swipes inside the system or scroll through the pages in the browser, and you no longer want to return to a lower frequency.


Not the last argument in favor of HOT 11S is the branded operating system XOS Dolphin 7.6, the essence of which I described in detail in dedicated to Infinix Hot 10S article. If briefly, this is the own development of Infinix, created on the basis of Android 11th version. Dolphin 7.6 does not change the usual users interfaces, but complements them with many functional features.

For example, a smartphone theft alert system, a native app cloning utility, advanced privacy settings, a smart kid mode, a photo compressor, and a number of other extensions that I will introduce in relevant sections.

Numerous Quality-of-life modifications have been made to allow the Infinix Hot 11s to multitask and remain as easy to learn as possible for users of all ages. Whether you are looking for a convenient device for elderly parents, or want to make your child happy with their first smartphone, the Infinix Hot 11s is a great solution.

When you turn on the fully Russified Dolphin 7.6 for the first time, it will guide the user through device management, help configure its basic functions and tell you how and in what cases it is better to use advanced ones.

Performance and hardware

The Infinix Hot 11s runs on a MediaTek Helio G88 chipset. The recently launched budget smartphone Xiaomi Redmi 10 works on exactly the same. Judging by the benchmarks on reputable sites, the performance of the devices is about the same, but the Infinix Hot 11s has a couple of significant trump cards.

First of all, this is a well-thought-out cooling system that copes much better with the components of the device heated by high loads. In synthetic stress tests, the smartphone really outperforms most competitors with the same chipset and heats up less in resource-intensive applications than the same last year's flagship from Xiaomi.

Duty Mobile, Pokémon Unite, or Wild Rift. Booster AI algorithms distribute device resources to increase the stability of gaming sessions and squeeze the maximum available performance out of the smartphone without significant image degradation.

A handy utility that allows you to manually block extraneous activity, such as incoming messages or notifications, so that nothing distracts the user from the game, and at the same time supports the quick recording of game sessions.


The new Infinix Hot 11s is equipped with a 50 MP module with F1.6 aperture, a triple wide-angle lens and a quad-flash that significantly outperforms the previous camera in terms of capture quality. The AI ​​Cam features eye-tracking smart focus for improved portrait photos and a smart-beauty filter to smooth out imperfections.

The camera can capture video at up to 2K at 30 fps, supports Slo-Mo recording at up to 240 fps for slow motion. As additional features, Infinix added an advanced Super Night mode and Dual-star flash for the front camera to take selfies in the dark.

Unfortunately, the device also inherited the imperfections of the previous model. The AI ​​still doesn't focus well enough on shapes it doesn't understand and is sometimes too zealous with background blurring, the video still lacks stabilization, and the module lacks components to capture small objects. All four photos were taken in different modes: 4:3 (50 MP camera), smart-portrait, widescreen (12 MP camera), and subject in the twilight with Super Night. I left the color correction to AI.

Sound and connectivity

Powerful dual stereo speakers with support for surround sound format DTS. If the previous model sounded loud, but could not boast of quality, then listening to music through the Infinix Hot 11s speakers is a pleasure. The budget smartphone sounded as good as other flagships, and this is another small achievement for Infinix.

With headphones, nothing out of the ordinary, the Infinix Hot 11s supports the most common codec formats and connects to wireless headsets properly, albeit via Bluetooth 5.0, while the Hot 10s was equipped with a version 5.1 module.

The smartphone connects to IEEE 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac networks, when turned on, it automatically connected to Wi-Fi 5 GHz. The connection with the home Internet is stable, with the mobile it also works without interruptions.

As for the speaker, the interlocutor did not complain about the sound quality and spoke loudly and clearly. I did not notice any strange distortions in the sound, due to which on some budget smartphones the caller's voice accompanies an unnatural echo.


As with last year's model, the battery capacity of the Infinix Hot 11S accumulator is 5000 mAh, but now the smartphone is powered through the fast 18 W charging and is supplied with the most popular Type-C port now, while on board the HOT 10S is the rapidly obsolete microUSB.

The smartphone also supports the Power Marathon function, which allows you to enable advanced power saving mode capable of "extending life" with a battery by 25-30%. Infinix Hot 11S batteries are enough for a ten-hour video frame or hundreds of hours listening to music, while the Infinix Hot 11S battery is charged from scratch to 70-75%.


at Infinix Hot 11S Magnificent FHD + Display with 90Hz Update Frequency and Productive Chipset, from which Dolphin 7.6 squeezes the absolute maximum, and now More excellent stereo speakers, improved ergonomics and advanced cameras with frontal flash and improved AI.

Infinix HOT smartphones continue to be among the most interesting budget decisions. HOT 11S is a confident competition of Xiaomi Redmi 10 similar configuration, which is a little inferior to the Infinix device under loads, is deprived of a series of "magic" functions XOS Dolphin 7.6 and costs about three thousand rubles more expensive.

If you look after an inexpensive smartphone for 12-13 thousand rubles with an NFC module and want to get from the device as much modern solutions as possible, be sure to look at Infinix Hot 11S. It may well be that in this price segment of the device simply will not be worthy competitors.

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