Huawei Nova 8i smartphone review: Very fast charging and no framework

For quite a long time, the company Huawei did not produce mobile equipment to the market, which began to rest on the alarming thoughts. However, the brand dispel all the concerns and presented new smartphones, one of which is the hero of our review - Huawei Nova 8i.

This is a representative of the middle segment. Its main features are a beamless display, fast charge 66 W and 64 MP camera. The cost of the phone starts from 23 000 rubles.


  • Operating system: Android 10, EMUI 11.0
  • Screen: IPS, 6.67 inches, 2376 * 1080, 393 PPI
  • Processor: Qualcomm Snapdragon 662, up to 2.0 GHz
  • Video examiner: Adreno 610
  • Memory (RAM / ROM): 6/128 GB, LPDDR4X / UFS 2.1
  • The ability of expansion of memory: No
  • Main Camera: 64 Mp + 8 mp + 2 mp + 2 mp, f / 1.9 + f / 2.4 + f / 2.4 + f / 2.4 + f / 2.4 + f / 2.4
  • Front camera: 16 MP, F / 2.0
  • Wireless Modules: Wi-Fi 5, NFC, Bluetooth 5.0, GPS / A-GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou
  • Battery: 4300 mAh, Huawei Supercharge 66 W
  • Dimensions: 161.85 * 74.7 * 8.58 mm
  • Weight: 190 grams

equipment and appearance

Novelty Huawei comes to the user in Cardboard box in traditional brand white color. Registration of minimalism - on the packaging there is a model name and some technical information.

But the contents of the package looks more interesting. Inside are:

  • Smartphone with a protective transparent film on the display.
  • Power supply 66 W.
  • Cable USB-C - USB-A.
  • Putting headphones.
  • Transparent Silicone Case.
  • Clip to extract SIM card tray.
  • Instruction.
  • Warranty card.

Thus, the kit already has everything you need to start using your smartphone right now. This is definitely a plus.

HUAWEI nova 8i received a nice design, designed to resemble the company's premium devices of past years. The back panel received sloping edges, which not only make the gadget more interesting from an aesthetic point of view, but also significantly improve ergonomics. The case is made of plastic, but you can understand this only tactilely, holding the device in your hands. Visually, the lid is very much like glass.

There is a large round block with four camera lenses in the center at the back. There was a flash nearby. At the bottom of the rear panel are the brand name and some technical information.

The model is available in two colors - starry sky (blue) and moon silver (pearl). Both options are glossy, shimmer beautifully in the sun. My version is the starry sky, and it is very easily soiled. This is frustrating, as you have to hide the smartphone in a case, which increases its thickness.

Front camera mortise. The manufacturer did not hide the proximity and light sensors in the frame, but placed them next to the lens. Thus, the camera turned out to be oval, but due to this, it was possible to abandon the frames. Someone will probably find fault with such a design of the front camera, but, in my opinion, it looks more interesting than wide frames.

On the right side of the smartphone is the power button, part-time fingerprint sensor. There are no complaints about his work. Alternatively, you can set face unlock: it works quickly and without errors. Next to the power button is a combined volume control button. The left side was left unused.

for two SIM cards ( memory cards are not supported) and an additional microphone. The headphone output, speaker and microphone are on the top.

In general, nova 8i pleases with build quality, nice design, good ergonomics. For disadvantages, I would take too much surface and a headset connector installed on top. Use wired headphones with the top connection is inconvenient.


Huawei Nova 8i is equipped with an IPS screen of 6.67 inches with a resolution of 2376 * 1080 and a pixel density of 393 ppi. The update frequency is 60 Hz.

The quality of the picture at the smartphone at a very high level. Image clear, overview angles. Maximum, natural color reproduction. The brightness of the matrix is ​​enough for comfortable use on a sunny day. There is auto-tuning, that's just inclusion of this option hid deeply in the screen settings, and not in the curtain, which is not very convenient. However, the mode works unmistakably, so you can turn it on once and forget about the need to adjust something manually.

Set of display settings Standard: Selecting application display styles, topics, color temperatures, text size. You can hide the neckline, turn on the protection mode, of the electronic book or activate a dark theme.

The notification indicator does not provide for a smartphone, but you can enable the screen activation when receiving messages from applications.

Someone will say that in this price segment there are devices with AMOLED matrices, but The convenience of using them depends on personal preferences. For me, AMOLED screens are too bright and saturated, I will not say that they do not accept them, but preferably choose smartphones with IPS.

Again, it's no secret that matrices can be configured in different ways, and the nova 8i has a really good screen in terms of picture quality. Perhaps this is one of the strongest points of the device. Given the almost complete lack of frames, it looks very cool.


nova 8i got a Snapdragon 662 processor with eight cores. The chipset is made using the 11 nanometer process technology and was introduced in January 2020. It is most often used in more affordable devices from the lower middle price segment, so its choice for a smartphone with a price tag of more than 20 thousand rubles looks very doubtful: there are too many competitors with more powerful solutions.

Memory is represented by a set of 6/128 GB. As I mentioned above, support for microSD is not provided.

nova 8i behaves adequately in life and is comfortable to use. It's fast enough for multitasking, enough to run entry-level and mid-range games at high graphics settings. More powerful projects like Wot: Blitz or PUBG run on medium installations.

The phone has no problems with heating. I spent several hours playing Mobile Legends, watching movies, actively corresponding in social networks and felt the heat of the case at the same time insignificant. A similar situation occurs when charging, which is surprising given its high power of 66W.

Interesting the fact that the trottling test reports on the heating of the device 10 minutes after the start of work and the fall of performance, but I did not have to feel it in real use.

In general, Nova 8i is a pretty smart device without any performance problems (provided that you do not feel about hardcore gamers). Otherwise, it is definitely a sense to look for something else.


The novelty from Huawei works on Android 10. She did not receive Google services that no one surprises. On the OS on the phone installed the corporate shell EMUI 11.0. Its possibilities are very extensive. At first glance, it looks very simple and with a minimum of functions, but in reality it is enough to dig in the settings to change this opinion.

EMUI offers everything you need to the user. There are many confidential settings (setting passwords on applications, display of notifications on the screen, creating a personal space with access via personality confirmation, unlocking smartphone with wears devices and much more), game center (performance optimization, disabling notifications), Configuring audio effects, application cloning, etc.

The system has such useful options such as wireless projection, Huawei Share (transmitting files between devices without using the Internet), Huawei Beam (data exchange via NFC), phone dispatcher (Application for optimization), Health (programs to track life indicators using bracelets and Smart clocks ) and a lot of other useful utilities.

Is it possible to live without Google services? It is quite possible. Yes, there is no Google Play, but there is a corporate name appgallery that provides an extensive choice of software. If something is not in the brand store Huawei, you can easily download files with the APK extension through the Petal Search program and install the application.

The only thing I did not like is a variety of folders on desktops with applications recommended by different topics. Probably, this is done to demonstrate users of a large selection of programs, but in fact useful (personally) among them, and in general it creates a feeling of some extra jet. Fortunately, all these recommendations can be deleted.

Communication capabilities

Huawei Nova 8i From the point of view of wireless communications, fully completed:

  • The smartphone works in two Wi-Fi bands and can perform access point. Distribution is stable, checked in the field.
  • Bluetooth 5.0 in the presence of a good wireless headset will allow you to enjoy music with codec APTX HD, problems with communication in different conditions of use is not selected.
  • GPS Module works clearly, there is a magnetic compass: the position is displayed on the map, and the direction of movement is displayed.
  • NFC - Contactless payment in my case works through the purse application.

The device supports two SIM cards, the quality of communication is stable, the call recording function is not provided.

audience of the interlocutor Excellent, I would even say: high. Being in a quiet room, at the maximum volume of spoken dynamics surrounding well hear the conversation. The interlocutor did not have complaints about the quality of the voices, even if I was in a noisy setting.

Sound in headphones and through multimedia speaker of average quality. Volume is high, but there is no special expressiveness.


Huawei Nova 8i is a smartphone with Four lenses of the main chamber. The main sensor here is 64 megapixel. The front camera received a resolution of 16 MP. Video recording is possible in the maximum resolution of FHD C 30 FPS.

The camera interface is rather simple and familiar: downstairs change modes, from above Flash Selection, Filters, AI Processing, transition to advanced parameters. You can activate additional options in the form of a grid and a level, turn on the tag binding to the place, installing a watermark, turn off the sound, etc.

of additional modes at the smartphone is not so much and some specific features he does not offer. Also emphasize that it is very strange to remove HDR to the folder "More", since the option, in my opinion, refers to the category of necessary. The explanation for this see that the phone has AI mode, and, in sensations, HDR and AI work completely equally, only the first fastest, and with AI shooting the device asks for a few seconds to fix it to take it better.

There are no night shooting. It is long enough (to hold the device still need about 6 seconds, after which additional processing occurs), here Nova 8i clearly does not shine.

In general, the camera is ambiguous. It is not entirely clear why the lens is here for assessing the depth, if you can wash the background without a special sensor. It looks strange the absence of zoom: this option is not the most necessary, but sometimes it can be useful, the same macro is rarely used, given that the color reproduction of this sensor is most often weak. Plus, the camera in some modes works slowly, and there is not enough of some more specific options that could become a chicken specifically of this model.

The quality of photos is good, but does not cause delight. Considering that Nova 8i is made by Huawei - a brand who can make excellent cameras - in terms of shooting photos I waited more. However, judge themselves, examples of the photo are shown below.


Model received a 4300 mAh battery, which is closer to a low value today, but autonomy does not suffer from this.

The auto-brightness test showed nearly 13 hours of screen-on time. In life, the device lasts about 1.5 days, provided that I did not save the charge in any way: I listened to online music, watched movies, played games, actively corresponded in instant messengers and social networks.

For those who want to squeeze the maximum battery life out of the device, an energy-saving mode is provided here. In it, some functions will turn off, but the battery will last as long as possible. In addition, there are additional smart charging modes designed to reduce battery wear.

A 66 W power supply is a great bonus with a long-lasting battery. It charges it from zero to 100% in half an hour, that is, almost instantly. Given that a rare user discharges the device completely, this time will also be reduced.


HUAWEI nova 8i is a controversial smartphone. I consider display, premium design, ergonomics, memory capacity, good autonomy and fast charging to be its strengths.

The Snapdragon 662 processor provides a comfortable experience, but it is clearly not a gaming device. This is not a minus, since not all users need games, but gamers and fans of comparing different chipsets by the number of points in tests will obviously not like the device.

I like the shell. It is simple, but it has everything you need. The lack of Google services did not cause any problems for me. In general, their shortage is felt only at the stage of setting up the device and installing the necessary applications.

What upset me about the device was the camera. I definitely expected more from her.

As a result, HUAWEI nova 8i is a good smartphone with its own advantages, but not without drawbacks, which can become critical for some users.