How to view a password from Wi-Fi on the phone?

Now many of us have Wi-Fi. As a result, we arrive home and enjoy high-speed access to the global web, without fearing to spend mobile traffic. Once by introducing Password, then we give the process of connecting to the exhaust automation. But what if you want to see the entered password? How to do how to turn traditional asterisks into normal characters? Today's article is trying to answer this question.

When can it be needed?

Of course, you can find out the password from Waifa using a computer that is combined with a router with one wire. But often it is too long. For a while, you spend on the loading of the operating system, then you need to understand the entrance to the personal account... But not everyone remembers the password from this cabinet! In a word, it's easier to find out the password from Wi-Fi on Android.

Most often, the solution to such a task is required if friends came to you. Some of them may want to connect to the home network Wi-Fi, in order not to spend their traffic, having received a higher data transfer rate at the same time. If you remember the password, then it is very good. But much more often we do not hold such in your head, because of what you have to try to find out the password of the saved WiFi network. And suddenly it turns out that it is not as simple as it seemed.

Using the File Manager

This method works on many devices running android. It is to apply the file manager. With it, you can open a special file where the password is registered from the Wi-Fi network, which is automatically connected. As a file manager, you can use Explorer , ES File Explorer or any other similar application - this big role does not play.

Note: This method works only at the presence of root access.

Of course, you first need to establish such a program, after which the following actions:

Step 1. Launch file manager. In our case, it will be Root Browser .

Step 2. Go to the root directory of the system.

Step 3. Go to the " Data folder.

Step 4. Go to the folder " Misk.

Step 5. Go to the folder " WiFi".

Step 6. Click here to file WPA_SUPPLICANT.conf.

Step 7. You will be able to choose from several applications. You can use any text editor to open the configuration file. In our case, it will be RB Text Editor.

Step 8. Here, find the name of the saved WiFi network from which you need to find out the password. He himself is in the following line, in quotes.

That's all, you can easily find the password of the connected Wi-Fi.

Using WiFi Key Recovery

If you do not like to mess with a file manager, we advise you to use the application WiFi Key Recovery . It will allow you to familiarize yourself with the password literally in a couple of finger movements. But the program also requires the right of superuser!

Step 1. Install and launch the application.

Step 2. If necessary, provide a superuser program to press the appropriate button for approximately 30 seconds to press the corresponding button. In our case, the rights were provided by the SuperUser utility automatically.

Step 3. Check out the list of Wi-Fi networks. Find here an SSID with the name of your home network - the password will be specified in the column " PSK".

If you are connected to a huge number of networks, you can use the search string at the very top.

What to do without root?

And how to watch a password from WiFi on Android, if there is no superuser's right? We hurry you to disappoint, there is no working way for this case. You do not get access to the appropriate file. This is done in order to protect so that the password from one or another network could not know anyone. And also to get data from the network will not be able to some malicious application, in prosecution called the virus.