How to use the cloud on android

cloud or Cloud storage allows you to store your photos, documents, tables and other files on the Internet. At the same time, remote access to them is possible with almost any device. The only condition is an internet connection. But how to use the cloud on Android?

There are a lot of cloud services, so in our article we will look at only one - Google disk. The advantage of this cloud is that it allows you to edit documents and tables directly on the Internet from your Android device. Thus, a whole team can work on one project at the same time.

Installing the necessary programs

To work with the Google cloud service, we need the following programs:

  • Google Disk - for access to all files on the disk.
  • Google Documents - To view and edit documents.
  • Google Tables - In cases where tables are needed.
  • Google Presentations - If you need to create a presentation right on the smartphone.

On most modern smartphones, these applications are pre-installed, which means they simply need to be found on the device. If some of them are not, then do the following:

Step 1. Open the Application Store "Play Market". The label for starting can be on the main screen or in the menu with the installed programs.

Step 2. In the search string, enter "Google" and find "Google Disk ".

Step 3. Press the button "Set". Wait until the program is installed on the smartphone.

Step 4. In the same way, set the applications "Google Documents", " Google Tables " and " Google Presentations " (if you work with presentations).

Loading the file in the Google cloud disk

in order to release the location on the device, You can download some files to the cloud. Consider how to do it.

Step 1. Run the Google Disk program. To do this, press the button "Open".

Step 2. In order to download the file into the cloud, tap the button with the image "+".

Step 3. Press the button "Download".

Step 4. Select "Allow" in order to open the application to files on Your device.

Step 5. Select the file you want to send to the cloud.

Step 6. A message appears in the notification cortex that the file has been successfully loaded.

If necessary, the file can be downloaded to the device or open online (available for some file types, for example, for photos and documents).

Looking for the remaining free space

For free downloads in Google, a virtual space of 15 GB is available. In order to find out how much free memory remains, do the following:

Step 1. Press the button that opens the side menu or pull from the left edge of the screen.

Step 2. You will see the amount of available space on the cloud.

If desired, the volume of cloudy space can be expanded. To do this, use a paid subscription. You can make it by pressing the inscription "buy space".

viewing files with us shared

any user Google disk You can open your personal access to your file using your email address. Thanks to this, several people can simultaneously work with one document.

In order to view the files that shared with you, click on the third left button on the bottom panel.

Creating a document, table or presentation directly on the cloud

Step 1. In order to add a document or table to Google disk, press the button "+".

Step 2. Select the corresponding point, for example "Document".

Step 3. If the appropriate application was not set to you will be offered to do it. Press "Set".

Step 4. The generated file will automatically open in the application Google Docs, Google Sheets or Google Slides.

You can use the Google Photos app to back up your photos to the cloud. In this case, your photos will be automatically compressed, and the amount of free space on Google Drive will not change.