How to use Airdrop on iPhone?

The function AIRDROP - the innovation iOS 7, designed to facilitate the process of exchanging information and content between the owners of "apple" gadgets. The procedure of use AIRDROP is similar to information transfer via Bluetooth or by NFC -Technologies, which is actively integrated into the device with the "Operation" Android.

The main advantage of data exchange through AIRDROP is the lack of need to connect the smartphone to the 3G-Internet - to worry about the fact that the connection is too slow to send a file, it is not necessary.

What is AiRDROP and how does this function work?

Apple positions the function AIRDROP as the easiest and not requiring preset method send the file from one Apple device to another. This communication technology uses Bluetooth iPhone and the Wi-Fi module simultaneously to form a network with equal nodes. Within this network, the files are transmitted in an encrypted form, so this method of information sharing is also safe.

The exchange of data through AIRDROP requires compliance with such conditions:

  • gadgets that exchange information are located close to each other.
  • The gadgets are configured ICloud.

Look for an Available Wi-Fi Network and connect the device to it is not necessary.

The list of files that can be submitted is limited: for example, music and ringtones pass through Airdrop will not be possible. The function makes it possible to share the contents of the built-in applications " contacts", " photo", " cards", browser Safari.

Take advantage of Airdrop Wrouders of not all Apple devices are capable - only following:

  • iPhone 5th and subsequent modifications.
  • iPad 4th generation.
  • iPod Touch of the 5th and 6th generations.
  • Mac computers with Lion OS.

Even if on iPhone 4th modification is installed iOS 7, function AIRDROP Its owner is not available. Also, without Airdrop, Mac with OS X OS X and Apple Computers released earlier than the 2010 are forced.

How to enable Airdrop?

Users trying to find Airdrop in " settings" iPhone, too "wisely": This feature is activated through " the control center"(" Control Center"), to call which can be swipe from below-up. ARDROPicon is located just below the Music Player volume slider.

To enable AIRDROP, click on the icon. A menu will appear offering three modes:

  • " Turn off" (" OFF") - for Full deactivation of the function.
  • " For contacts" (" Contacts only") - only those people whose numbers are available in the telephone directory will be able to send files to the device. This item is selected by default.
  • " for all" (" EVERYONE") - iPhone will receive files from all devices that support the function AIRDROP.


It is recommended to choose the item " for all" - then you will definitely believe that you get the file. However, if you are in a public place, this mode is not the most suitable.

After you select the desired mode, the aircraft AIRDROP will change color with gray on white. At the same time, the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi modules and Wi-Fi modules will occur.


Enable Airdrop is needed on all devices between which data is exchanged.

How to transfer a photo or other file through Airdrop?

Transfer the file with Airdrop is not harder than by email. To send, say, photo, you need to act like this:

Step 1. On the iPhone, go to the embedded " photo" and select a snapshot that you want to share.

Step 2. Press the arrow icon directed upwards in the lower left corner of the screen.

Step 3. Once the photo is highlighted, click " Next" in the upper right corner.

Step 4. From the bottom there is a menu, consisting of three sections. The upper partition will contain a list of contacts you can send a photo. Select one of the recipients and click on its avatar.


As soon as the transmission is successfully completed, you will see a message " sent on the display". Further case for the recipient of the file. A notification appears on his gadget screen that another iPhone user wants to share with it picture.


After the recipient clicks " Accept", the picture will be loaded on his smartphone.

Airdrop does not work: What is the reason?

AirDrop - still quite "raw" technology, so fails when it is used is a common phenomenon. Among Apple users more often than others are two complaints Airdrop:

  • The sender's device "does not see" the iPhone of the desired recipient.
  • icon AIRDROP in " The control center is generally not.

The first problem will certainly help solve one of the following recommendations:

Restart both devices. Reboot is recommended before each data transmission session AIRDROP.

Check if the so-called Bluetooth pairs are activated ( Bluetooth + Wi-Fi ) on both devices. To do this, it is enough to open " the monitoring center" swipe from the bottom-up and see whether the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth icons are not darkened.

If both icons are burning white, it means that the cause of the malfunction is not in the Bluetooth pair.

Specify whether the functions "Handoff" and "Continuity" are activated. Both functions actually serve to combine multiple Apple devices: Activated option " Handoff", for example, gives the user the opportunity to continue reading an article on the Internet on the Mac from the place where he stopped by reading from his iPhone. To activate " Handoff" you need to go through the path " settings" - " main" - " Handoff and offered by" and activate the toggle switch Opposite " Handoff". On some versions of iOS 8, this function is located directly in " of the main".

To activate " Continuity" Go to the settings " Face Time" and move the slider " cellular calls iphone" (" iPhone Cellular Calls").


Functions " CONTINUITY" and " Handoff »Present on iOS version 8 and higher. On iOS 7 look for them meaningless.

If you encountered problems when transmitting data from iPhone on Mac, you need to check the version of the Bluetooth computer module. The HCI version must be not lower than 0x6, otherwise without replacing the module can not do.

Transfer files via AirDrop to PCs with Windows is impossible!

To solve the second problem (icon AIRDROP No) you have to dig in the gadget settings:

Step 1. Go through the path " settings" - " main" - " restrictions".

Step 2. Enter password ​​restrictions.

Step 3. In the block " allow" Activate the AIRDROP toggle switch.

As soon as you do these operations, the icon Airdrop will appear in " the control center.


Despite the fact that AIRDROP should serve to simplify data exchange between Apple devices (by developers plan), simple and reliable this technology will not name. The Internet is a shot with reviews full of negative: users regularly experience problems with detecting "addressee" devices, cannot transmit large amounts of data and therefore increasingly inclined to apply traditional information exchange methods. Without a doubt, the release of such raw technology harms Apple reputation is another reason to admit that Steve Jobs, insisting on the absolute closure of mobile devices, was completely right.