How to upload photos to Instagram from a computer

From the computer, download photos in Instagram is much more convenient than from the phone. Especially if the pictures need processing.

The main problem is that by default Instagram does not allow you to upload images through a browser on a computer or official desktop The application for Windows 10 (for MacOS does not exist analogue at all).

This is a fairly unpleasant moment if you want to share images made on a digital camera or you want to pre-edit them using a special software.

Next, we will tell how to get around the restriction on downloading pictures from a computer and publish in Instagram images from PC or MacOS. To do this, you will need only a few free programs.

Method 1: via Vivaldi browser

Step 1. Install Vivaldi

With the help of a free browser vivaldi, you can quickly upload in Instagram photos from both PCs on Windows and with MacBook. The application has a built-in web panel through which you can run the mobile version of the social network.

Download and set to your computer browser vivaldi. If necessary, import your bookmarks and configure other parameters. Either simply press "Skip" to use the default configurations.

Step 2. Create a web panel

Go to and in the left corner, click on the plus icon to add a web panel. The URL field will be filled automatically if this does not happen, then enter the address manually. After that, press the icon in the form of a plus.

Mobile version Instagram will be displayed on the left side of the browser, on the sidebar. It will remain there in the event that you will go to another address. Log in to your account and, if necessary, change the size of the sidebar for more comfortable work with the application.

Step 3. Upload photos to Instagram

At the bottom of the page, click on the icon in the form of a plus. After that, specify the path to the photo you want to publish in Instagram. If necessary, adjust the filters, add a description and hashthey.

Method 2: via Android emulator BlueStacks

Step 1. Set the Bluestacks

using the free Android emulator BlueStacks You can run mobile applications directly from the computer. Therefore, you can download Instagram without any special problems on the PC and download photos through it.

Download and set BlueStacks from the official site. Configure the basic parameters and be sure to select the language that will be used by the program. After that, wait until the installation is completed.

Step 2. Log in to Google

immediately after installation in The program will appear notification with the proposal to connect the Google account. Agree, after which enter the account data (login, password ). Familiarize yourself with the terms of the license agreement and press to "continue".

Next BluesTacks Suggested to configure other parameters. If you plan to use the program only to work with Instagram, then from most additional options can be safely refused. After that, enter your name (you only need to personalize some applications) and go to the next step.

Step 3. Install Instagram

When you connect to BlueStacks Your Google Account, you can immediately use Play Market. Start the application store and find Instagram. To do this, use the search bar in the upper right corner. On the Application page, press "Set" and issue an instagram access to data.

Wait for the installation end. After that, Instagram icon appears on the "My Applications" tab. Click on it to start the application.

Step 4. Publish in Instagram photos

since Instagram Works on smartphones in vertical orientation, the size and form of the window BlueStacks will change according to the requirements of the application. Log in in the account in the same way as you do from the phone.

To publish a photo, click on the icon in the form of a plus, and then select "Gallery". Here in the drop-down list, select "Other" and "Select from Windows". After that, specify the path to the snapshot you want to publish and press "Open".

If necessary, select the filter, add a signature, Pain the image. After that post a snapshot. As you can see, there is nothing difficult in downloading in Instagram Photos from the computer.