How to upload music on the iPhone from the Internet directly (without a PC)?

The non-alternativeness of the program iTunes as a media file conductor for iPhone and iPad - the relic of the past; Users "Apple" products have long been learned to bypass the requirement synchronization of the device with a PC and download music to the gadget through another computer software (in particular, iTools ) or directly from the Internet. Assist in the download of your favorite compositions in the memory of the device will be able to applications available in the AppStore and in an alternative store Cydia - the article will tell in detail how to use such programs and how to access the iPhone file system to install tweaks.

What is jailbreak and what is it needed for?

Jailbreak (in the literal translation from English - Prison Escape ) is the process of hacking the firmware of the IOS operating system, upon completion of which the user receives Full access to the iPhone or iPad file system. It must be said that Jailbreak is a completely legitimate operation since 2010 (such a US government recognized it), but an unsupported Apple company. Representatives of the company intimidate users by the fact that Jailbreak is able to lead to the exit of the gadget, however, according to mobile experts, this is not true.

Jailbreak is possible due to vulnerabilities in Apple gadget security systems. On the Internet in free access there is a mass of simple utilities that allow the jailbreak at home - to the number of such utilities Redsnow, Absinthe and others. The participation of the user itself in the process is minimal: you need to download and run the utility, connect the gadget to the PC, enter the device to the desired mode ( DFU ) and wait when a computer program will notify the completion of the operation.

Jailbreak gives a lot of advantages:

  • The user can upload applications not only from the AppStore, but also from alternative stores, like Cydia. The situation resembles the "black market": on Cydia are presented programs that were not allowed in the AppStore due to unnecessarily selection.
  • Jailbreak allows you to change the iPhone interface.
  • Finally, the jailbreak allows you to download music on the iPhone without synchronization via iTunes and in general without connecting the gadget to the PC through special downloader applications.

Despite the fact that the probability of the output of the gadget due to the jailbreak is minimal, this procedure still carries some risks:

  • Personal data are protected to a lesser extent.
  • iphone "flies" with warranty, since the jailbreak contradicts the items of the license agreement with Apple. If the user detects a factory malfunction and will incur a gadget to the service, he will refuse to maintain it without hesitation. When breakdown, it is recommended to restore the firmware, fully erasering all traces of the past hacking.

UC Browser: browser allowing everything!

The built-in browser Safari will allow the user to listen to the musical composition, but if the owner of the iPhone wants to download the song, it will not work exactly. It is doubtful that the Safari functional will ever expand to such an extent that the loading of the melodies will be available, because this is contrary to Apple's policy. It means to download music via the Internet, you will have to look for another browser.

A decent option is the incidental UC Browser. The browser differs not only by cross-platform (suitable for both iOS and Android, for example, for BlackBerry ), but also the presence of advanced features for downloading content directly from the Internet. You can download content as with jailbreak and without it.

Download music on an iPhone from the Internet through UC Browser by such instructions:

  1. Make sure that the Gadget with the Internet is reliable (We need 3G or Wi-Fi - E is not suitable).
  2. Through the address bar, go to any site offering listening to music. Official portals of musical groups are suitable, and music archives, like
  3. Find the melody on the site where free download is possible.
  4. Press the download button on the music site, and the built-in player UC Browser will start playing the melody.

  5. Press " to watch offline" in the player - so you run the download of the music file into the device's memory. Watch out for the green indicator - when the strip comes to the end, the download will be completed. An interesting feature UC Browser is that it is capable of renewing the load even after the connection was lost.

  6. The loaded composition can be found like this: Go to "Tools" and go through the path " of downloads" - " Music.

The important advantage lies in the fact that all loaded media files are automatically sorted by type - video, images, music. However, UC Browser there are disadvantages:

  • All compositions are referred to as Untitled. You can rename manually, but it already means that without additional loss of time can not do. In addition, a great risk is confused if several songs are downloaded.
  • Tracks are not available in the standard iPhone application " Music".
  • Tracks are not collected in playlists and do not play in order - each subsequent need to be turned on manually.

Bridge: Guest from Cydia!

Another option to upload music from the Internet is suitable only for devices with jailbreak. You need to use tweak (so called Cydia applications) called Bridge, located in the famous repository (storage) Bigboss. The main advantages of tweak is that it allows you to add files to the standard application of the standard application " " 88] "allows you to edit the meta-data of songs and a little cost - 2 dollars" pocket "to any iPhone user.

Instructions for the use of tweak Bridge is as follows:

  1. Start Safari and find a site where free download is possible Favorite composition (for example, the same "hares" or ).
  2. Long tap Open the menu Safari and select " Copy". Direct link to the file will be saved to the clipboard.

  3. Open Bridge and go to the " DOWNLOAD tab.

  4. In the " Enter-URL field" insert the saved link and click "Go". Load starts.

  5. Upon completion of the download, edit the meta data. This is important for the classification of compositions in Appendix " Music. In addition, at this stage, you can choose a cover for the composition from Appendix " Photo.

  6. Press the "Import" button and enjoy your favorite music in the built-in player!

It seems that downloading music through Bridge is an option without minuses, however, One disadvantage is still there: the program is quite arrogant to download links. For the correct download, the user needs to find a direct reference that does not involve registration with the login and password, the input of capping and redirect.

File Master: Master for all hands!

File Master is considered one of the most effective file managers for the iPhone. This application allows you to download music to an iPhone without connecting to the computer and is in free access to the AppStore - IPhone owners can exhale with relief, because for installation File Master, the jailbreak is not required.

Download music on an iPhone without a computer by File Master Easy - you just need to follow such instructions:

  1. after loading File Master Open this application and go to the " Browser section.

  2. Whether in the address bar, the address of the site from where you would like to download the composition. We will use the free service

  3. Find a favorite song and click on the download icon of the music file.

  4. Rename the composition so that you are easier to find it in the catalog. In the case of " Zaitsev, it is recommended to remove a link to the portal from the file name.

  5. Press the " button to download" - thus you start the download. Load progress can be tracked.

  6. Find the downloaded song in the " download folder and listen using an integrated player. Copy the song into the library of the standard application " Music", alas, will not be able, but you can transfer it to the " music folder" inside the program (to find it easier). To do this, you need to hold your finger on the composition until the menu appears, then press " Cut. Go to the " music folder", in the same way, call the menu and click " insert".

It is easy to notice that by how to use the manager File Master is similar to the application UC Browser, Although the functionality of the latter is incommensurable higher.


Ability to download music from the Internet to iPhone without a computer there is - software developers have long ago created cures for addiction to iTunes and showed the world programs UC Browser and File Master. However, the user must be prepared that he will have to put up with inconveniences - for example, the inability to play favorite tracks through the standard Apple application " Music" and create playlists from songs downloaded in a "pirated" way.