How to update Google Play on Android?

As we said in one of the previous materials, the Google Play client is essentially a regular application. This means that it needs to be updated regularly. Only in this case, new sections will appear in it, greatly simplifying navigation. Fortunately, the need to update the Play Market for Android rarely comes. The fact is that usually this service is updated in the background mode without disturbing the user. But sometimes this doesn't happen.

Why is the Play Market not updated?

There are several most common reasons that Google Play does not want to update:

  • You installed it yourself (downloaded as an APK file).
  • You do not have access to the network or access to Google services is blocked by the firewall of the router.
  • Technical problems on Google's side - this also happens, servers tend to fail from time to time.

How to update Google Play manually?

If you know that the update must definitely exist on Google's server, you can manually request that it be downloaded. To do this, do the following:

Step 1. Open Play Market.

Step 2. Go to " Settings".

Step 3. Click on the current build version.

After completing these steps, you will be told if you have the latest version of the client installed. If not, then a corresponding request will be sent to the server. Google Play should update within the next few minutes. If the current version of the application is installed on the smartphone, a corresponding notification will appear.

But if you downloaded the Play Market on your Android as an APK file, then it will definitely not want to update in this way. In this case, you will again have to go to some third-party resource, downloading and installing the now more recent version of the client. How to do this - we told in the article about installing Google Play.