How to update an app on Android

Android applications are updated regularly. This process can be automated or controlled by itself. Show how to manage updates on your device.

Each of us is constantly using numerous applications (Internet banks, Social networks, Messengers, games, office Programs, etc.). Thus, the memory of the mobile device is spent very quickly, and updates "arrive" regularly. But not all of them are useful or carry at least some significance.

For this reason, in many cases there is no need to establish an update in which only "increased stability" or "Fixed errors", while traffic goes as much as it would be enough for Installing another such program. For people, mainly using mobile Internet with limited traffic or a device with a small ingraded memory margin, will especially use this article.

Turn on / off Auto-update

Default on any smartphone / tablet running current version Android in Application Store Google Play The automatic software update feature is enabled. On the one hand, it is convenient. You do not need to manually check the availability of updates, as the system will make it in a timely manner. On the other hand, we have already dealt with the minuses of such a function.

To control the automatic update function, we repeat the following steps:

Step 1. Open Google Play Market on your mobile device.

Step 2. Press the icon of your profile, which is in the search bar.

Step 3. Go to section "Settings" and open the tab "Settings Connections ».

Step 4. Select a string "Auto-updating applications » and press " Disable " (to turn on, press" only for Wi-Fi"or" Any Network ", respectively).

How to update the applications manually

In case you disable automatic software updates, Check availability of new versions will need to be independently not to use too obsolete assemblies.

To manually update applications, follow these steps:

Step 1. Open Google Play Market and in the search bar open The profile menu by clicking on its icon.

Step 2. Go to section "Manage applications and devices".

Step 3. Select a string "Available updates".

Step 4. A list of applications installed on the device for which a new version is available. To get it, select any program from the list and click on the button "Update".

What if there is no Google Play

on some devices from manufacturers Huawei and Honor Services Google Play may be absent. But the companies took care of this and created their embedded application store in order to somehow replace the program from Google.

Some users are completely independently fighting with the built-in Google services, which consume a huge amount of memory, Internet traffic and battery resources, often even unjustified. In this case, we looked at another way to update applications.

Next, we will download a special utility that can become more lightweight replacement Google Play. It loads the system less and will not constantly "hang" in the background, checking the availability of updates or scanning applications. Its only its drawback - she knows how to find not all updates (for finding new will need to wait longer).

Step 1. Go to on this link to the site GitHub and download the utility apkgrabber by clicking on button "App-Release.apk". When loading through Google, there may be a warning about the damage to the device - do not worry and press "OK".

Step 2. Open any file manager installed on your Smartphone, and find the downloaded file (by default it should be in the internal storage, folder "Download" ).

Step 3. Press the downloaded file and set APKGRABBER by clicking on the key "Set". Before this, a system window with a warning about an unknown source can appear - you need to activate the slider.

Step 4. After installation, run the program and go to the tab "Updates". All found new versions for applications installed on the device will be located here. To download, you need to click "Install" or on the button with the name of the resource (Aptoide, APKMirror, etc.).

Step 5. To enable or disable automatic updates, open the settings by clicking on the gear and select the line " Checking for updates".