How to turn on the flash when calling on the iPhone?

Apple is famous for its attentive attitude to users with limited physical abilities. In the settings of the iPhone there is a whole section called " Universal Access, where there are functions that help adapt the process of operation of the gadget for such people. One of the similar functions is LED-flash when calling, designed to notify users with a weak hearing of incoming calls or SMS messages.

It is quite fair that the LED flash on the iPhone found a lot of fans and among the ordinary owners of "apple" devices. To hear the built-in polyphonic melody or feel the vibration, being in a crowded place, is difficult, but the flash, which flashes when the call is blindly bright, you will not miss exactly. How to activate this useful function on the iPhone?

How to turn on the flash on iPhone when they call?

Install the flash when the call can be installed on the iPhones of any modification over 4th. Owners iPhone 3GS This default function is not available due to the absence of the required LED. The people who needed light alerts due to health problems could purchase a third-language accessory-flash entitled iflash. Now finding a similar accessory just as difficult as itself iPhone 3GS.


Put the flash when calling the iPhone 4th or any more Late modification, on the contrary, is very simple - it is done in 3 steps:

Step 1. Go to " settings" and follow in the section " Main".

Step 2. Lay down the " universal access" - you need it.

Step 3. Scroll down to the " rumor block", find the " LED-flash toggle switch for warnings" and switch it to the active position.

Now the iPhone will notify you with flicker not only about an incoming call, but also about the admissory SMS message. In addition, the flash will turn simultaneously with the melody of the alarm.

iPhone flashes, only staying in lock mode. If the device is unlocked, most likely, the owner uses and the challenge will not miss it.


Many users of "apple" gadgets, alas, refuse LED flash when calling, despite the fact that they consider this function extremely Useful. They are guided by the considerations of saving charge, believing that the activated LED plant the battery faster in many times. In fact, this is a misconception: Of course, LED-flash consumes energy, but not so intense, as, say, 3G compound or Wi-F i. Therefore, the user who wishes to achieve long-term offline iPhone, other ways should be applied, more efficient than the flare from the call.