How to turn on android voice recorder

The recorder is a system application for recording sound, which is automatically installed on all Android devices by default.

The utility is ideal for those cases when you need to urgently write a conversation with a person or talk large text for further work. Next, we will tell you how to use a dictoon and consider similar applications from third-party developers.

How to enable voice recorder

If you want to record an important conversation, a lecture or a meeting, then use the built-in application for this. How to enable voice recorder on android:

Step 1. Open the menu and find in the list "Dictaphone". As a rule, the application has an icon with a red microphone. If you have many programs installed, then use the search by name.

Step 2. Press to "Allow" to allow the application to record audio and issue other rights (access to files, phone calls).

Step 3. Open "Record Settings". To do this, tap on the icon in the form of a gear.

Step 4. Here, specify the type of file being recorded (low AMR or high 3GPP, select the path to save files (internal or external memory).

Step 5. Return to the main screen and press the button "Record" to start recording.

Step 6. Use the pause button to suspend the record or "Stop" to completely stop recording and save the audio file. Click on the flag icon to visually split the record.

Step 7. Click on the icon "List of audio files" in the upper right corner to view all records made. Here they can be heard.

Do not forget to periodically remove unnecessary audio files. So you will not only clean the memory, but also do not give yourself to compromise in case of loss of the device.

Third-party applications for recording sound

If you often make audio recordings and the integrated voice recorder functionality is not enough, then try using a third-party application. Consider the most popular.

HI-Q MP3 Voice Recorder

Hi-Q MP3 Voice Recorder is a simple voice recorder that writes files in the format. MP3 and allows you to store them not only in the internal memory of the smartphone, but also in the cloud. If you wish, you can configure automatic synchronization entries with Google Drive or Dropbox. The voice recorder is distributed free of charge, so the application can be downloaded through Play Market.

Parrot Voice Recorder

Parrot Voice Recorder is a multifunctional voice recorder with high-quality audio records. The application applies free of charge and is suitable for recording telephone conversations (only in Pro versions). Among the main features is a convenient notification system that allows you to control the recording in on the background, as well as support Android Wear.


Smart Voice Recorder is a simple utility designed for continuous audio recordings. The voice recorder is equipped with the "Sushina Pass" function, which significantly reduces the length of the track and saves the disk space. Other features - A sound spectrum analyzer in real time, built-in tools for calibrating the microphone enhancement and recording support in the background.

Now you know where in Android the voice recorder and how to use it. If you record the sound no more than 1-2 times a month, then you will be enough system utility. If you are looking for a voice recorder for daily use, it is better to establish a specialized program from a third-party developer.