How to turn off Talkback on Android?

If you suddenly turned out to be activated Talkback (voice support), then be sure to read our article - she talks about the method of its disconnection.

The Android operating system has a multitude of functions, some of them are not even suspected of some of them. One of these "chips" of the mobile operating system is TalkBack. It is intended for visually impaired people - when it is turned on, the text on the screen is voiced by a robot. However, some people activate this feature completely accidentally. Then they do not understand how to disable TalkBack. What actions to do this should be done - today's article will tell me.

What is it for?

In fact, TalkBack is a separate application that makes the default Android. You can activate it almost on any smartphone or tablet. These features regularly use people with problems from with vision. The program voicates them all menu items and other interface elements, as a result of which you can use the device without looking at its screen.

Ordinary people, of course, this function is absolutely not needed. An ordinary user will read all the menu lines or signatures under the icons faster than the robotic voice. Fortunately, the default TALKBACK is disabled. But it can be activated by chance when you get acquainted with the "Settings" section. It can also be included if you buy a smartphone from hand - after all it is possible that his last owner sees badly.

Disable TalkBack

Now many tablets and smartphones have their own branded shell. However, in terms of settings, they are all about the same. In this regard, TalkBack on Android any version and with any interface is deactivated the same, for a very rare exception. To do this, you must make the following actions:

Step 1. Go to the " settings section.

Step 2. Go to subsection " Special features. On some smartphones, it can be hidden in menu "Extended Settings".

Step 3. On some shells, then the transition to subsection " vision".

Step 4. Go to the TalkBack section. On smartphones and Samsung plates, it may be called Voice Assistant.

Step 5. Deactivate the checkbox located next to the name of the function.

Step 6. Most likely, it will most likely need confirmation of your actions. To do this, click on the " Yes button.

Do not forget that the first pressing on the item will not mean anything - it will only force the robot to voice the corresponding text. Therefore, clicking should be double - on the double-click manner with the left mouse button when managing the Windows operating system.

Deleting TalkBack

If you can't turn off TalkBack, then simply delete this service from your smartphone. The easiest way to do it through the Play Market, because Depending on the device model, this package may have different name.

To do this, launch Play Market and vBE in the search bar "Talkback". A list of available applications will appear. Choose something that the developer uses Google LLC. In our case, this package "Special features for Android". Here, press the button "Delete".

After that TalkBack you will not be disturbed. If you need to turn it on again, you can install this application through the Play Market.