How to turn off sync on Android

Data synchronization allows you to simultaneously access the same information from different devices.

For example, you can work with e-mail, calendar, notes from both a computer and a phone. This is convenient, but synchronization consumes Internet traffic and consumes battery power. Therefore, further we will tell you how to disable synchronization on Android.

How to turn off app sync

If you want to reinstall the app from scratch, you need to turn off automatic sync Google. Instruction:

Step 1. Call the notification panel and find in the list "Synchronization". Click the icon to disable sync.

Step 2. To disable synchronization for individual applications, long press on the icon "Synchronization" and wait for the menu to appear.

Step 3. Here move the slider "Data auto-sync" to the state "Disabled" and confirm the action by clicking "OK".

If necessary, you can disable synchronization only for specific applications, accounts. If you cannot access the auto-sync menu through the notification panel, then follow these steps:

Step 1. Open the menu "Settings" and select "Google"from the list . In the list of available options, find the item "Backup".

Step 2. A list of backups will be displayed here. Select App Data. To disable data synchronization, move the slider "Automatic recovery" to the state "Off".

Now, after reinstalling applications, the device will not restore its saved copy. For example, for WhatsApp, the message history and other data will not be synchronized.


How to turn off data backup

To prevent apps and system settings from syncing after device reinstall or restore, you can turn off data backup on Android. Instruction:

Step 1. Open "Settings" and in the section "System and device" select item "Advanced settings". Here, find item "Backup and Reset".

Step 2. In section "System Backup" tap on "Auto Backup". Here move the slider "Auto Backup" to the state "Disabled". After that, the device will not back up and synchronize data during system resets and restores.

Step 3. If you want to limit the synchronization of specific applications or system settings, then click on the item "Reservation objects".

Step 4. Click on the line "System settings" and in the page that opens, uncheck those parameters whose data you do not want to synchronize. Press OK to save the changes.

Step 5. Click on the item "Select applications" and uncheck those applications whose data you do not want to synchronize. Then confirm the action with the button "OK".

Step 6. To disable backup and synchronization Google return to the menu "Backup and Reset". Here, find the section "Google Backup" and move the slider "Auto Restore" to the state "Disabled".

Step 7. To disable synchronization completely, select Data Backup and move the slider to Disabled.

After you turn off backup and sync, all application data will be stored on the device's local drive. This means that you will not be able to access them from another PC or smartphone.