How to turn off advertising in vk on android

On the Internet, advertising can be encountered everywhere. The social network VKontakte, where the news feed is constantly littered with advertising banners and videos, was no exception. Fortunately, it is still possible to disable annoying content.

Consider some quick ways to block ads in VK on Android.

Disabling ads in debug mode

You can block ads in VK using a special debug mode that opens access to hidden settings applications. The menu has a function to completely disable intrusive content. Unfortunately, in new versions of VKontakte, this item was removed, so you need to download apk-file with an earlier version of VKontakte (5.20 or lower).

Pay attention! Download files only from trusted sites! Otherwise, virus software may get onto the smartphone.

To quickly disable all ads in the app, do the following:

Step 1. Install VKontakte and log in. Enter the application settings using the button on the bottom panel.

Step 2. Click the gear icon to enter advanced options.

Step 3. Open About app.

Step 4. Tap the "VK" logo five times. This is necessary in order to switch to debug mode.

Step 5. Minimize the application and open the program Phone. Dial the access code: " *#*#856682583#*#*".

Step 6. Debug mode will open automatically. Find the item "Disable ads" and tick it.

Step 7. Restart the VK app and enjoy ad-free chatting.

Pay attention! If, after dialing the passcode, entering the debug mode does not occur, in the permission management, check all the items for VK.

Blocking ads using modified DNS

There is another way to block ads on VK. To do this, you will need to connect to the private DNS server of Adguard, which has developed a number of solutions for removing annoying content. Do the following:

Step 1. Access the smartphone settings menu. To do this, click on the gear icon in the notification shade.

Step 2. Open Network & Internet.

Step 3. Select section Advanced.

Step 4. Click "Personal DNS Server".

Step 5. In "Personal DNS Server Provider Host Name", write the new DNS -address "". For the changes to take effect, use the button "Save".

Step 6. Restart Wi-Fi network or mobile data. Restart the application VK.

Pay attention! Change DNS server effectively blocks ads only on devices with Android 9.0 and above.

Completely remove ads with "Lucky Patcher"

To remove ads from your favorite social network, you can use a special application Lucky Patcher. The utility rebuilds the application, cutting out all unwanted content from it. Download the apk-file from a site you trust. Then do the following:

Step 1. Open the downloaded file. Allow the app to access photos, media, and files on your device. To do this, use the button "Enable".

Step 2. Since the utility was not downloaded from Google Play, permission is required to install software from unknown sources. In the pop-up window, click "Details".

Step 3. Select Install Anyway.

Step 4. Press the Open button.

Step 5. Allow the installer Lucky Patcher to install the application on the smartphone. To do this, press "Yes".

Step 6. Select Settings to unlock installation from unknown sources.

Step 7. Activate the switch "Allow installation from this source".

Step 8. Press "Set".

Step 9. Select "Open".

Step 10. Give the utility necessary permissions. To do this, press "provide".

Step 11. The application will request a permission to manage calls. Press to "Allow".

Step 12. In the next window, select "Allow only during the use of the application".

Step 13. Press "Allow" to access the photo, multimedia and files.

Step 14. ​​The utility will offer to delete the installer. Press "Delete Installer".

Step 15. Confirm the action with the button "OK".

Step 16. Now you need to download Custom Patches for rebeling applications. Spend from the left edge of the screen to go to the settings Lucky Patcher. Select "Download Custom Patches".

Step 17. Confirm the load with the button "Update".

Step 18. Wait for the process to complete and press "OK".

Step 19. Select Appendix VK in order to remove advertising from it. Open "Patches menu".

Step 20. Select "APK based on a custom patch".

Step 21. Check the desired patch. In this case, you need a set that disables advertising in the news. Next, press the button "Patch".

Step 22. Run the process with button "Restore Appendix".

Step 23. Wait for the end of the process and press "OK". Advertising in the application will be disabled.

Pay attention! After installing the updated version of VKontakte, advertising will appear again. In this case, install the patch will have to be again. So that the program is not updated, you can disable VKontakte auto-update in the Application Store Play Market.