How to transfer photos from one android to another

In the memory of modern smartphones, a variety of files are stored: Documents, music, images. But most often it is the photos that one has to be copied from one device to another.

If there is no computer at hand and you urgently need to send pictures to another phone or tablet, then then we will tell you how to transfer photos from android on Android.

Creating a shared album in Google Photos

Google Photos is a free application for synchronization by photographs with cloud storage Google, access to which can be obtained from any mobile device or computer.

On more modern Android devices Google Photos is set by default. If there is no it on your smartphone or tablet, then load the application through Play Market. How to copy photos from Android on Android through Google Photos :

Step 1. Run Google Photos, select the desired Google account and turn on the autoload and synchronization. After that, press "Ready".

Step 2. Click on the albums in the upper left corner and select "General Albums".

Step 3. Create a new album. To do this, click on the plus icon.

Step 4. Mark the photos you want to share and press "Next".

Step 5. Enter the name of the album and click "Share" to throw photos to another device.

Step 6. The application will request access to the list of contacts. Press "Allow".

Step 7. Select from the list of the person who want to open access to the album and send a link.

Step 8. To change the access parameters, click on the icon in the form of three points and in the menu that opens, select "Access Settings".

Step 9. Here you can copy the link to the album, allow or prohibit other users to add or edit photos, post comments.

Creating a shared album is the easiest way to synchronize images between devices. Especially if you want to share only certain photos. To transfer all the pictures to another smartphone, turn on the autoload and log in to two devices in one account. About, How to copy photos from Android to computer read in our manual.

Transfer of photos via Bluetooth

Bluetooth is on all modern Android smartphones. And although in the first place it is used to connect wireless accessories (hours, headphones, columns), you can share photos and other files with it. How to throw photos to another phone in Bluetooth :

Step 1. On the main screen, make a swipe from top to bottom and call the notifications panel. After that, press the icon "Bluetooth" and go to "Settings".

Step 2. Slide the slider to "included". Similar steps run on another smartphone.

Step 3. Run the gallery and select a photo you want to transfer to Android. To do this, click on the Share icon and select "Bluetooth".

Step 4. The search for nearby devices will begin. Select the desired list to start the transmission.

Step 5. On another device, press "Accept" to allow data transfer and save the file in the memory of the smartphone.

via Bluetooth You can send several photos at the same time. But due to the instability of the wireless connection, we recommend share files separately.