How to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android?

The IOS operating system with its closeness is very complex for beginners - often the newly new owners of iPhones decide to throw the development of the "apple" gadget halfway and go to a clearer and simple Android. The biggest problem faced in such a situation is the transfer of numbers: to cross contacts with SIM in the memory of the "iGadet" easily, but it is in the opposite direction - the task of titanic difficulties. From the article you will learn about several effective ways to bypass such a limitation and transfer contacts from iPhone to Android.

Transfer Contacts via ICloud

Use Cloud Storage iCloud to transfer data So:

Step 1. Connect the smartphone with a USB cable PC.

Step 2. Go to site and enter account data Apple ID. You will see such a menu:

Step 3. Select " Contacts" - will appear List stored on iPhone numbers. By pressing the Ctrl + A combination, select all contacts.

Step 4. Click on the settings icon ("gear" in the lower left corner) and click " export In VCARD":

The file with the contact details will be saved in the computer's memory (by default in the" download folder"). The resolution of the file is VCF, it looks like this:

on this "apple" gadget can be deposited aside. We start working with Android smartphone. One of the two options is possible:

Option No. 1. Manual transfer. The format file VCF is copied to Android memory. Then you need to go along the path " settings" " Contact" on the smartphone and specify the path to the file.

Embodiment No. 2. Transfer via mail. This option is much more confused and suits users who have an electronic box on Google-Mail.

  • Go to the site and log in under the account you intend to use when working with a smartphone.
  • In the drop-down menu (where Gmail is written), select " Contacts".

A new page will appear, which will look like this:

  • Press " Import" in the left menu and select the option " Import from the CSV or VCARD file.

    However, do not think that everything will end so simple: the system will report that in this version of Google-contacts it is not supported from external files, and will give instructions to do next:

    Probably, this problem is temporary, but so far it exists, it is necessary to act through the old version of " contacts". Click on the " button to go to the former contact version".

    (78 After switching to the previous version, click on " imports of contacts" in the menu on the left and select File VCF :

    If everything is entered correctly, you will see that there are checkmarks in front of the data (as in the figure). In the next window, make sure the slider " contacts" was in the activated state. Then press " Save", after which make sure that the mail settings included synchronization.

    Enter the postal address and click " Email.

Contacts will be transferred to the Gmail account. All that remains is to log in under the same account on the gadget, and all rooms will be in the notebook.

The main disadvantage of the transfer of numbers from iPhone to Android through the file VCF - images that were attached to the contacts are "lost". However, this disadvantage is quite insignificant: re-install photos much easier than manually "score" all numbers in a notebook.

Copying the numbers via Google Mail

Transferring contacts via Google Mail is one of the most difficult options, so it is worth resorting to it only after Like the rest gave failure. Transfer is carried out as follows:

Step 1. On the iPhone, set Google Mail. To do this, follow the path " settings" mail, addresses, calendars"" Add an account". This window appears:

Step 2. Select "Google" And enter into the questionnaire data as mail username, e-mail, password.

Step 3. Go to iCloud and disable the phone book synchronization (without deleting the contents). To do this, go along the path " settings" ICloud and deactivate the contact switch " Contacts".

Step 4. In the settings of the iPhone accounts, set mail Gmail by default - Follow the path " settings" mail, addresses, calendars, scroll down and find the field " uch. Zap. Default. In this field, select Gmail. After that, the phone book will be synchronized with Google Mail.

Next, it remains to logging under the same Google account on the Android smartphone.

Please note: This method works only if the Gmail's recording was not made earlier. Otherwise, it is better to make a new account on Google Mail and act through it.

Transferring contacts through My Contacts Backups

Copying the numbers through the program My Contacts Backups - The procedure similar to the use of ICloud (first method): the VCard file is also formed, which then must be transferred to the smartphone with Android. Annex MC Backups is free and available in AppStore software reference

Use the program as follows:

Step 1. Run the application and press the Large Green button Backup.

The program will show how many contacts are saved in your phonebook, then the formation of the vCard file will begin. You can track the process using the download row.

Step 2. Upon completion of the process, the program will offer to specify an e-mail where the file will be sent. You can use the same mail Gmail.

Step 3. Transfer the file with the phone book on the SD card, insert it into the smartphone on Android and import records.


Despite the fact that the Internet tells about other ways to transfer contacts with iPhone on Android, you can be confident in the effectiveness of only the three listed three. In particular, the program of Bump, which allowed to carry contacts by easy collision of two gadgets, is not available in the AppStore. Just as a special service Yandex. Partere, designed to quickly transfer data from one smartphone to another, the links to this program invariably lead to an error 404.

Of the described methods, the simplest and rapid option is the option using MC Backups - a special program for the "mobile" moving. However, the application of ICloud is also not necessary to neglect: iPhone users are recommended at least once every two weeks "packaging" contacts in VCF -File "for prevention". This will help to easily restore numbers in case, for example, hacking an account and gadget lock.