How to transfer contacts from android on android?

Previously, it was impossible to cross contacts from one phone to another. When buying a new device, I had to drive all the phone numbers that many people didn't like many people. Everything changed only with the advent of smartphones. And if the contacts' transfer to Symbian still caused certain problems, then on Android this process takes a few minutes.

Synchronization of contacts with Google Servers

If you are afraid of losing your smartphone, then be sure to synchronization of the phone book. In this case, when buying a new device, you will not need old - all your contacts will be displayed immediately after you are logged in. To synchronize with Google servers, you need to perform the following actions:

Step 1 . Go to the settings and find the Google list. In the window that opens, select "Services in Account".

Step 2 . Here are Locate the line "Synchronization of contacts". Here, move the slider "Automatic synchronization" to position "Inclusive".

On devices with an older version of Android, the procedure will be slightly different:

Step 1. Go to the " settings section".

Step 2. Go to " Accounts " or " Accounts".

Schedule 3. Select " Google".

Step 4. Go to the synchronization settings by clicking on the email address (on some smartphones this step is not required).


Step 5. Now check the flag those Google services that you would like to synchronize. In particular, you should be interested in the item " contacts.

Backup contacts to the memory card or SIM card

in older versions of the operating Cloud System Synchronization may not be available. In this case, you can throw off the contacts on a microSD or SIM card. In the future, you put the card into a new smartphone, then import the entire phone book.

Step 1. Open the device's menu.

Step 2. Select the application " Contact".

Step 3. Go to " settings" (in some smartphones To do this, you will need to first press the "Options" button).

Step 4. Select " Import / Export".

Step 5. Select where exactly you need to copy contacts - on a SIM card or Memory Card.

On devices with a more modern version of the Android operating system, you can not only copy the contact details on the SIM card or MicroSD, but also send them through any Messenger Or by email, create a VSF file for export. Instructions:

Step 1 . Run the application "Contacts" and click on the icon in the form of three points. In the menu that appears, select "Import and Export". If there is no such line, then first press "Settings".

Step 2 .Select "Export to Memory" to create *.vsf file with all contacts, which can then be copied to any device. Confirm the action by pressing "OK". The resulting file can be copied to another Android or PC.

Step 3 . Select "Send contacts". A window "Share using" appears here. Specify the appropriate application from the list by which you want to send contacts (for example, messenger or email client).

With this method, you can also copy contacts to the second SIM card.

Transfer of a contact book using PC

If the above methods are copied to contacts from android on Android, you can not try to use a computer. Especially for Windows created convenient program MobileDit!, which is capable of identifying almost any tablet or smartphone running Android. It helps not only transfer contacts from android on Android, but also to synchronize call log, SMS messages, events in the calendar and all sorts of media files.

In order to move contacts from Android on Android using a PC, make the following:

Step 1. Install and run MobileDit!

Step 2. Connect Old smartphone to a computer via a USB cable.

Step 3. Wait for the program to display the list of information contained on the connected apparatus.

Step 4. Select PHONEBOOK.

Step 5. Press the EXPORT button.

Step 6. Save the list of contacts in the format you need.

Step 7. Disconnect the old phone.

Step 8. Connect the new smartphone using the cable.

Step 9. Press the IMPORT button located at the top of the window .

Step 10. Specify the folder in which the contact list was previously saved.

Step 11. It remains only to transfer the phone book to a new device.