How to track a child by phone: Best Mobile Apps

To be able to track the location of the child, parents are not necessary to acquire ingenious devices. To do this, it is enough to install a mobile application. We will tell about the most popular programs with which you will know exactly where your baby is.

Often, children do not appreciate the care that their parents surround them, and therefore they often do not even bother to warn that they are delayed on their studies or in the sports section. Adults in such a situation have to worry, as if with their Chad nothing happened.

Avoiding such anxiety is simply simply, if you use one of the applications for tracking children available in a huge number both in Google Play and in the AppStore.


Mobile spy - one Of the most convenient tools for tracking the location of the mobile device. Unlike other similar applications based on iOS, you do not have to "crack" the device that interests you for administrative access to the gadget file system. All that will be required of you is to set MSPY to your child's smartphone or tablet and go to it account ICloud service.

Among the capabilities of the application:

  • Tracking the location of the device of a family member in real time on a detailed map.
  • ​​
  • View human displacement history.
  • Creating a virtual border on the map. If the device is abroad, MSPY will send you a notice.
  • Monitoring incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Access SMS and MMS user, email, multimedia files (photo, video), browser history and calendar.
  • Access to Social networks and Messengers of the holder of the monitored gadget, including WhatsApp, Telegram, Instagram, Facebook and even Tinder.
  • Parental control functions with the ability to choose which applications the user will be able to use, and what - no.

It is noteworthy that MSPY does not create icons and icons, and consumes very little battery energy, so your child will be harder to detect it when monitoring activity. The utility is distributed in basic and premium versions on the official website of the developer. There you can also try the demo version of the application to familiarize yourself with the interfaces and all the features of MSPY.

Download MSPY

Localize - Special Online Tools for Phone Tracking. Using his services, the user will be able to easily determine the location of the family member at any point in the world. You do not have to get access to the child's smartphone and install something on your or its device - just enter the subscriber number to the appropriate section on the Localize. Mobi portal and wait until the service send him a notice of geolocation. SMS content you can edit yourself.

Among the capabilities of the service:

  • complete confidentiality. If you do not want, trackable does not know what you are trying to find it.
  • Suitable for working with all mobile operators and models of devices with an internet connection.
  • Using Localize, you can try to find a comfortable smartphone.
  • A fully Russified, understandable and simple interface on a service allowing you to install geolocation literally into several clicks.
  • The ability to track an unlimited number of devices.

The Localize service works on the subscription model. To start using online tracking services, it is enough to make about 70 rubles ($ 0.89). After making a subscription fee, you will get access to tracking any number of gadgets for 24 hours. On the official website of Localize. MOBI, you will find a detailed guide to the search for the smartphone and form for a 24-hour connection with the support service if you have any questions.

Locator 24

Purpose of this application - Installing the location of a child or other family members based on the GPS and a mobile network. It is very simple to start using it: go round, add a child or an adult and create a unique code for it. Then install the application on another phone and register using the code.

Among the features of the application:

  • View the history of the location of family members for the last 7 days.
  • Notification that a child or adult has arrived (left) a given location.
  • Assign a route to a family member.
  • Send an emergency alert.
  • Notification that a family member has lost internet, has less than 15% battery power, or has turned off access to their location.
  • Communication between family members.

By default, the phone obtains location data using GPS. If it cannot receive a signal from the satellite, then it takes information from cellular networks, but in this case the information will be less accurate. The app has high ratings on Google Play and over 500,000 downloads. It is distributed completely free of charge, but advertisements regularly appear on the screen.

Family location. Where are my children. Where is my family

This app has over 5,000,000 installs from Google Play and has high ratings. Using GPS technology, it performs the following tasks:

  • Location of children and adults on the map.
  • Alert that family members are nearby.
  • Movement history for the last 30 days.
  • Notification of the arrival of a child or adult at a specified location.
  • Information about the activity of children and parents.
  • Notification that a child has entered or left school.
  • Low battery warning.
  • Analysis of driving style (information about the time spent in traffic jams and speeding during the trip, sudden braking and acceleration, etc.).

The application cannot be installed secretly - it can only be used with the consent of the other person. The fact that it is functioning is indicated by a notification on the screen. You can share your own location only inside the utility. The program is distributed free of charge, but you can buy a paid version that expands its functionality.

Where are My Children

Program " Where are my children" takes control not only the location of the child, but also the battery level of his smartphone - as soon as the battery is low, the parent will receive an alert about it.

What else can the application " Where are my children"?

  • Wiretap. This is a unique feature that none of the similar programs can boast of. The app allows the parent to listen and record the sound around the child's phone without the child's knowledge. The function is especially important for those users whose children are in a restless adolescence.
  • Set movement zones. This feature is not unique, but its value is not reduced by this. The parent defines the area within which the child can move freely. As soon as the baby leaves the zone, the parent will be notified about this.
  • Saving the history of movements. The program stores information about where the baby has been in the last 2 days and provides it to parents upon request. After analyzing this information, an adult can conclude where the child prefers to be and with whom he spends most of his time.

The application " Where are my children" has two modes - "Parent" and "Child", so the user does not have a question how to configure the program must. The first mode allows you to monitor the baby through the phone, the "Child" mode is only needed to confirm the observation.

Kid security

Kid security is a rather young application with high ratings from users. Thanks to him, parents will be able to track the location of the child and find out when he left school, kindergarten or section. Among the features are monitoring the battery status of the baby's phone, the ability to send a loud call if he did not hear the call, control over the time spent in games or social networks.

Other useful functions:

  • Listen and record your surroundings.
  • Create geofences.
  • Send an SOS signal. In this case, a message is immediately displayed on the device's device asking for the help and coordinates of the child.

Users noted that the utility works for sure: there is no serious deviations in the location.

There are minus - at the end of the trial period, only tracking and chat remain available. All other options operate only if there is a subscription. Recording the environment in a subscription is not included - minutes will need to be paid separately.

Tracking by phone number

This application is not entirely calculated on the parent-child format, but it will be perfect for these purposes. The main advantage is free distribution. To use the program, it is enough to install it on your smartphone, register by number and send an invitation to another phone. Next, it remains to follow the link and install the utility to the second device. Knowing that on his smartphone is installed such an application, the child will understand that parents are aware of its location and can track its movement. The utility is not spyware and, if you explain to the baby of its need, then it will not have any offense.

Wide functionality here is not provided here - you see the position of a child or other users connected to the account, their movement and can control the battery level. The application works with any operators, and the number of synchronized devices inside one account is not limited.

Family Locator

Understand the purpose of the program is easily by its name. This is a locator for the whole family that allows you to organize a group chat with a list of common affairs or purchases. For example, someone on the way home did not find the necessary product and noted it as missing. Seeing it, other family members can search for his stores nearby. The application displays the position of all family members on the map, allows you to install geosons, indicates the charge level of smartphones. The capabilities of all users are equivalent here - you can temporarily disable your position and the resolution of other members of the group for this is not required.

The application is completely free, but has a premium subscription. It will not be bored with advertising, the storage time of the history of movements will increase, as well as on the list of purchases and cases it will be possible to make more positions. To understand whether a premium account is needed, you can take advantage of the free period for 7 days.

LIFE360 - Family locator

Creator LIFE360 Chris Halls does not like when his brainchild is called the trekking application and insists that he has developed a social network for communication inside the family. Members of families using LIFE360 can learn about each other's location, but only from mutual approval.

In terms of functionality, the application LIFE360 was ahead of many competitors and at the same time continues to be improved. This is what the program is able to now:

  • due to the function "already at home" LIFE360 prevents that one of the family members is coming to the house. The user who is waiting for its faithful from work will be a few minutes to make a small cleaning and prepare a light dinner.
  • The built-in group chat Family Channel allows family members to communicate with each other completely free and successfully replaces the SMS service and popular messengers.
  • Annex LIFE360 includes a "panic" function - an analogue of an alarm button. In the case of using this function, the whole family will be notified for a few seconds that one of its members has a problem. It is important that the performance of the function "Panic" does not depend on the state of the mobile balance - you can "declare alarm" with zero on the account.
  • The program is able to quickly inform users about the nearest places where you can get help in emergency situations - hospitals, policing sites. Actually, it is this feature that conceived by the developers as the main one - they wanted to provide the victims of Hurricane "Katrina" a more efficient platform for communication than the US government offered.

Annex LIFE360 is a conditionally free - the full version can be purchased for a small amount. However, to domestic users do this: the majority of paid functions LIFE360 only works in the United States.


The name of this application well describes the essence of its operation. With this program, you can control the location of your child. He delayed on a visit to his friends, is still on the sections - you will know exactly about it before the son of the son or daughter. In a special section, you can form geosons. If your child went beyond their limits, a push-notification will go to the smartphone. Also, the developers have a bot in Telegram, which also notifies about such events - you just need to subscribe to it.

With the help of Kidcontrol, you can use not only the GPS chip built into the child's smartphone. This application allows you to monitor even the status of the battery. If a child declares that his smartphone is not suitable for anything, because discharged in three hours, you can always check his words remotely. Another important feature is the SOS signal. If you click on the appropriate button, the help signal will receive all parents and relatives connected to the service. At the same time, it becomes immediately clear where the person who served the alarm is located, because its location is displayed on the map.

The program can be downloaded both on Android and iOS. It is very comfortable, because with its help you can follow not only for children, but also for all other family members, for example, for elderly relatives. The main thing is that the person had a smartphone to which the application is installed.

free utility from Google allows not Only see where the child is located, but also to fully control his smartphone - allow or prohibit the installation of applications, watch which programs it uses most often and put restrictions on them. You can also block the gadget for a while.

FAMILY LINK is an application for parental control. The developer recommends using it on children under the age of 13, after this age the company advises to negotiate with the child's level of control.

Parental control and GPS: Kaspersky Safekids

The utility from Kaspersky laboratory offers users wide opportunities, but in There are not very many free versions. You can control the installation of applications, block dangerous sites and unwanted content, set restrictions on the use of the device and receive advice from a professional psychologist.

To obtain an extended functionality, you will need to pay for a subscription (there is a trial version for 7 days). For it, you can set geosons and get the coordinates of the child's location online, to establish a schedule for using a smartphone, to see the battery charge level, receive a report on the Internet actions, social networks VK and Facebook.

It should be noted that the subscription price here is sufficiently available, and the capabilities of the application fully justify the costs.

how to monitor For children by phone using operator services?

If the parent has no smartphone and it cannot establish one of the applications described above, it should be resorted to an alternative - to connect a mobile option for a remote care for the child. Top-4 operators offer such options:

  • "Mobile employees" (MTS) . The service is designed for personnel management, but can be useful for tracking a child. Among useful functions are the task of geosone, a request for position and movement, chat and so on. Cost - from 3 rubles per day.
  • "Parental Control" (MegaFon) . The option allows parents to track the movement of the child, and also reports that the baby leaves the predetermined geosone. The cost of " parental control" - 5 rubles per day.
  • "Beeline-Coordinates" (Beeline) . Beeline service gives the user the opportunity to know the location of another subscriber who previously agreed to be controlled. The option "Beeline coordinates" is rather cheap, and on the first week and free. After the test period expires, the subscriber will have to pay 1.7 rubles per day.
  • "GEOPOIS" (tele2) . The option allows you to monitor the location and movements of another subscriber around the clock - of course, if he approves of "surveillance". Connection " Geopoisk" is free, the subscription fee for using the service is 3 rubles per day.

Locator services are offered by all carriers, but smartphone users are advised to opt out of these options in favor of third party mobile apps. There are a number of reasons for this: firstly, the data provided by operators is very, very approximate (because it depends on network coverage), secondly, provider services are paid (then as, for example, many applications do not require money), thirdly, for tracking to be feasible, both phones (parent and child) must be connected to the same operator - and this is not always convenient.