How to slow down video on android

Some modern Android smartphones support SLOMO on the software and hardware level, so they can immediately remove slow video.

Despite the fact that most of the devices are deprived of this functionality, on any already captured video, you can impose a symbol effect immediately after shooting. Next, we will tell you how to create a slow video on android and which applications can be used for this.

Applications for slow motion


SLOW MOTION VIDEO FX is a free video editing application from BIZO Mobile. The utility is suitable for creating slowdown and accelerated video. Using Slow Motion Video FX You can edit media files already on the phone or record video with the EXTERM effect on. Among the additional functionality is the possibility for selecting speed and rapid exports to YouTube.



Efectum is a full-fledged video editor for Android, with which you can mount the files from the gallery or recorded directly through Appendix. In addition to speeding up and slowing the roller, you can control frame frequencies, change the audio track, trim rollers. Efectum Supports all popular video formats and HD - quality. Finished files can be exported to Social networks, save in memory device.

Slow Motion Video Maker

Slow Motion Video Maker is a simple utility with which you can slow down video, Create slideshows, apply filters, effects, animation, text. The application supports all popular video formats and is suitable for simple video editing. In addition, using Slow Motion Video Maker you can compress the finished video without losing quality.

How to make slow motion video

You can slow down or speed up the video using the applications described in the video. In this example, we will look at how to make a slowmo on Android using Efectum. Instruction:

Step 1. Download and install Efectum via Play Store. To do this, use the search by name.

Step 2. Launch the application and select the desired effect on the main page. Press "Slow" to slow-mo.

Step 3. If necessary, give the app permission to access the device's memory. Then select a video from the gallery or click on the camera icon to create a new one.

Step 4. The video editor will open. If necessary, adjust the pink sliders if you want to trim the video and click Next.

Step 5. Move the slider to adjust the video speed. If you want to apply slowmo to different parts of the video, use the pink sliders to select the desired part at the bottom of the screen. Then press "Next".

Step 6. Select the video quality (high, medium, or low). The processing will start. When it ends, then additional effects can be applied to the resulting video. Press Done to save the video.

Step 7. After that, click "Save to Gallery" to save the video to the device's memory or tap on the icon of any social network for a quick export.

You can also use other free apps from Play Store to slow down the video. In general, they have approximately the same functionality and principle of operation, so there should not be any problems when working with another editor.