How to share wifi from iPhone?

iPhone - a multifunctional gadget, however, make some operations on its miniature screen is simply inconvenient: to familiarize yourself with the Excel report or read Curious article, it is better to transfer for a large monitor laptop. Will the problem be the absence of a USB modem or cable internet in such a situation? No, because the iPhone can be easily used as Access points and turn the router into Wi-Fi. From the article you will learn how to distribute Wi-Fi with iPhone.

What should I pay attention to?

Before connecting the laptop to the smartphone, it should be remembered about such moments:

  • what Do you use the tariff plan? As a rule, the mobile Internet has a traffic limit. Using it to work on the computer, you risk spending all traffic much earlier payment time. Therefore, about operations such as downloading music and watching online videos, it is better to forget - use your mobile Internet for reading, checking mail, correspondence on social networks.
  • How good is the coating zone in the place where you are? In the coverage area (4G ), use the mobile Internet on the computer is quite comfortable, in the zone 3G there are already problems with heavy loads. If the letter E (edge ​​ ) is displayed on the phone, there is nothing to count on normal operation with a computer.
  • How is the battery charged? When distributing Wi-Fi, the iPhone battery will sit literally in front of the user. Therefore, in non-simply activating the access point, the gadget owner risks remain not only without the Internet, but also without a means of communication.

How to distribute Wi-Fi from iPhone?

To connect the PC to the Wi-Fi access point, act as:

Step 1. Go to " settings" iPhone and find the " Cell data". Go to this section.

Step 2. Make sure that the slider " of cellular data" and " turn on 3G" were in the activated state.

Step 3. Return to the " settings menu" and find the " modemia mode".


Step 4. Go to " Modem Mode" and set Password Wi-Fi in the appropriate subsection. The password must contain at least 8 characters.

Step 5. Activate the toggle switch in front of " modem mode".

Next, you need to connect the computer. We consider connecting a laptop with Windows 7.

Step 6. In the taskbar, click on the " Network Management Center and General Access Center.

Step 7. Lay your device in the block " Wireless Network Connection".

Step 8. Click on the device name, then " Connect".

Step 9. Enter the password that installed on iPhone. If the password is entered correctly, the process of connecting to the network will start - wait for it to complete.

The computer is connected to Wi-Fi, two features indicate:

first : Icon " Network Management Center" changed - now is not a stationary computer, but a traditional mobile network icon.

Second : on The screen of the smartphone from above appeared a blue band with signature " modem mode - Connections: 1"(connections can be more).

As soon as you stop needed on the Internet, chop the connection to save traffic.

This can be done in two ways: first, through " the network management center" on the laptop by pressing the " Disable, secondly, through " settings" of the gadget, deactivating the " modem mode" in the section of the same name. With the termination of the connection, the first way distribution continues - you can return to the use of the mobile Internet when you want, however, while risking that unwanted users connect to the access point.

The method, how to distribute Wi-Fi was described by the example of a gadget with iOS 7. For iOS 8, the same scheme is relevant, but the slider " modem mode »Hid deeper: it is possible to find it if you go along" settings"-" cellular communication"-" cellular data network".


Difficulties When connecting a computer to Wi-Fi, distribution from iPhone usually occur only for the first time - then The computer remembers the password from the access point, and the connection installation process takes only a few seconds. If the computer persistently refuses to see the distribution, it is worth seeking help in a cellular salon so that consultants will kill the correct settings of the APN.