How to set up several monitors for computer games?

The configuration of several monitors has a positive effect on productivity both in work and in games. Two or even three displays provide much more workspace, but it is very important to configure them correctly.

First of all, it must be remembered that all the displays are different, so in some cases actions have been to eliminate any problems that have arisen.

As for the Games, the setting of multiple monitors usually lies in the simple connection of all the necessary wires to the appropriate ports, but after you need to run a number of key settings.

Checking Monitors

We, of course, we will not list all monitors that are suitable for setting up with multiple displays, but we will specify an obvious: you need to choose newer monitors of the same model.

If the displays are the same, then the setting, layout and even their maintenance will be much easier. Also note the importance of adjusting the height, since different models of monitors need to be placed in parallel to each other. And, of course, it is worth mentioning the presence of the same types of ports, which will simplify the connection.

In addition, monitors must support the same functions. Agree, the game will look very strange if the displays have different display technologies.

Finally, you need to make sure that your of the video card is equipped with a sufficient number of necessary interfaces. For example, if you plan to use three 4K monitor, then The graphics processor must have three ports HDMI.

If necessary, you can mix and combine ports, for example, two HDMI and one DisplayPort, but, again, the setting on the same monitors is much easier.

If you do not have a discrete (not built-in) video card or you do not know how many ports are equipped with a graphics processor, then this is the very first step before setting up monitors. The discrete video card is necessary for most sets with multiple displays.

Verification of the video card

Here there are good news - modern video cards are usually carried out with regard to Many users want to work with several monitors. Therefore, if you recently bought a new graphics processor, then it probably supports a multimonitorial configuration.

If you buy a video card specifically for use with multiple monitors, we recommend checking the selected model for the presence of the desired port types, as well as their quantity. You also need to pay attention to some functions of a multi-screen mode.

Already several generations of video cards AMD support multimonitorial configuration. In addition, the company has created EyeFinity technology, which allows you to connect from one to six displays to one video card.

Eyefinity also ensures that the image is properly distributed over all connected screens, and the frames do not overlap any important details.

This is a very effective feature necessary for high-quality gameplay. Please note that eyefinity supports connection via DisplayPort, so monitors must be equipped with this port.

NVIDIA offers panoramic Surround mode, which is supported by the company's graphics processors. Like Eyefinity, Surround is compatible with multiple monitors, as well as with all standard connections.


The next step is quite simple. You need to connect all the required wires (make sure the ports are in advance), and then turn on the computer. To configure, only one screen is used, so do not worry when you see that one of the displays does not work.

At this stage, you may encounter some problems (for example, the occurrence of various problems on the display), which are easily solved by replacing the cable or driver updates.

Setting up multiple monitors on the game PC is best done using a special graphics processor control panel, since here you can use all the advantages of the video card.

Most large manufacturers, including AMD and NVIDIA, offer built-in control panels, thanks to which you can not only configure multiple monitors, but also many other parameters.

  • In the case of AMD, the Hyde on the EyeFinity setting is available in reference.
  • If you have a video card from NVIDIA, you can configure the multimonitorial configuration as follows.

If during the game there are problems with low frame frequencies, imposing an image, etc., then go back to the graphics processor control panel and make the necessary Adjustments.

IMPORTANT: game compatibility

monitors, but this does not apply to many classic projects that came out, for example, at the beginning of the 2000s.

There are many up-to-date lists of multi-display games on the Internet (for example, here ), where you can check if a particular game is suitable for multiple displays.

There you will find both modern projects and those that came out more than 10 years ago, which is quite unexpected.

But it's important to remember that not all indie games, as well as old projects, are compatible with multiple monitors.