How to set ringtone on android?

Now many people are switching to smartphones from conventional feature phones. Such users are often completely unaware of the functionality of the operating system. Often they don't even know how to set a ringtone. Interestingly, at an early stage in the development of Android, this was really very difficult, almost impossible. But now you can change the call in a couple of finger movements.

Using the music player

There are several ways to set a ringtone for Android. The simplest of them is to use a music player for this purpose. However, a third-party solution will not work! You need to launch the pre-installed player, which is usually called " Music".

Step 1. Launch the application and select the song that you want to set as a ringtone.

Step 2. Hold your finger on this song until the context menu appears.

Step 3. Select " Use as ringtone" or " Set as ringtone".

Warning: this method may not work on new smartphones. It all depends on the specific branded shell. In many of them, you can set the music for a call only in other ways - the player is not suitable for this purpose.

Setting the melody through the “Settings” section

This method works on the vast majority of smartphones. In order to put a song on a call, you need to perform the following actions:

Step 1. Go to " Settings".

Step 2. Go to the " Sound" section. It may also be called " Sounds and Notifications".

Step 3. Here, click on the item " Ringtone". It may also be called “ Phone Ringtone ”, “ Ringtone ”, etc.

Step 4. At this step, you may need to select an application to view your media library with. For example, you can use the file manager for this ES Explorer .

Step 5. Choose the song that you want to use as ringtone.

That's all! In the same way, you can put a melody on SMS on Android - in this case you should be interested in the " melody of the default notification".

On modern smartphones operating on more topical versions of Android, the procedure may differ slightly. For example, on devices Xiaomi (MIUI shell), do the following:

Step 1. In the settings, select Section "Sound and Vibration", and then press the button "Ringtone".

Step 2. Optionally, you can choose a melody from affordable. If you want to install a user track, select "All Melodies". On the page that opens, press "Select a ringtone on the device".

Step 3. A window will appear where you can specify the source. It is convenient to make settings through the conductor, but you can use another way. After that, it remains to choose the desired track and press "OK".

Please note that with this method, you install the ringtone for all incoming calls. Custom melodies are configured separately, through contacts.

Using the "Contacts"

at one time, even smartphones based on Symbian made it possible to set any contact with a certain melody. You can do it on Android. To do this, follow this manual:

Step 1. Go to the " contacts".

Step 2. Select your contact you are interested in.

Step 3. Here you must click the " button to change. It may look in the form of a pencil or hide under a triple, located in the upper right corner.

Step 4. Now you just need to click on three points. In the pop-up menu, click on " Set Ringtone.

Step 5. Select the application with which the list of songs stored on the device will be viewed.

Step 6. Select a folder with MP3 songs, and then the composition itself.

Step 7. Save the result by clicking on the tick.

Note: On some smartphones, the process of installing the ringtone may differ. Everything, again, depends on the branded shell - each manufacturer is sophisticated in its own way. Our example is given for "clean" Android, installed on the devices of the Nexus family.

On devices Xiaomi, the order will be slightly different. For example, selecting the desired contact you do not have to go to edit mode. Enough in the same window, press the button "Default Melody". You will then seek a new window in which you can configure the ringtone (how we have already told it).

Using third-party applications

To change the melodies, you can use third-party utilities. Often they make this process a little more comfortable. We recommend trying Rings Extended , GO SMS Pro and Ringtone Slicer FX. All of them differ in their functionality by providing more advanced on the installation of ringtones.