How to set a reminder on Android

In order not to forget about something very important, for example, about an urgent meeting, you can create a reminder on the smartphone. Consider how to do it in android.

Working with reminders The Android supports many applications. In this instruction, we will focus on the Google Calendar program, since it is pre-installed on most smartphones and tablets.

Simple reminder

Step 1. In order to create a reminder, run Google Calendar.

Step 2. Click on the circle with the image "+".

Step 3. In the list that appears, select "Reminder".

Step 4. Enter the text of the reminder in the field "Remind me".

Step 5. Switch "All day" Turn to the "Disabled" position.

Step 5. The application automatically puts the nearest suitable time. Click on it to edit. Select the time you want on a circular dial and press "OK".

Please note! Similarly, you can change the day of reminders. Click on the date and set the desired one.

Step 6. If you need to install a repeated reminder, click on "not repeated" and select the appropriate option.

Step 7. Select "Save" to apply changes.

Step 8. The reminder mark will appear in the calendar.

Step 9. At the set time, the reminder will appear in the notification area, as well as on all devices where Google calendar with the same account.

Reminder of the meeting

Step 1. in order to create Reminder of the meeting, it is necessary to schedule it. Press your finger at the time you are going to schedule under the meeting. The window that appears at the bottom of the screen up to edit it.

Step 2. Press the button "Add notification".

Step 3. Select when it should be a reminder of the meeting.

Step 4. If item "Other", a window with additional settings will be displayed. Here, in addition to the usual, you can set a reminder by email. The notification will come to the email address that was specified when registering the current account.

Step 5. Press the button "Save" to save reminders.

Step 6. Meeting with reminder will appear in your calendar.

Please note! You can add several reminders about the same event. For this, the same button "Add Notification" is used.

Other ways to create reminders

As we saw, it is not very difficult to establish a reminder on android. However, this can be done, not only in Google calendar. For example, you can use the Google Keepapplication, which is designed to create notes. With it, in addition to standard notifications, you can put a reminder that will appear on the smartphone when you will be in some particular place. To work this feature, you must provide application Google Keep Access to the location of the device.