How to set 3G / 4G on Android?

Modern mobile networks allow you to get a high-quality and stable Internet connection. Slow EDGE and GPRS are already a thing of the past, modern 3G and 4G are constantly expanding the coverage area, and in the future, the widespread introduction of high-speed technology 5G is already being prepared. However, it is too early to talk about it, and in this article we will look at ways to set up 3G / 4G on the Android OS.

Selecting the network type for the smartphone

you need to perform a series of actions:

Step 1. Launch Settings and select “ SIM cards and mobile networks

Step 2. Select the SIM card that will be used to access the Internet

Step 3. Select " Network type"

Step 4. Set the desired network type - 2G / 3G / 4G

Important to know: In different versions of the operating system and different shells, the path to these settings may differ. But they are always in the category related to SIM card settings, so finding them is not difficult. Also, instead of 2G/3G/4G, abbreviations GSM/WCDMA/LTE can be used, respectively.

How to enable 3G on android

In Android OS, the button to enable mobile Internet is located on the quick access bar that appears when the user drags the curtain down from the top of the screen. Just press the " Mobile Internet" button to connect or disconnect 3G on your phone. Depending on the selected network type, the corresponding icon will appear in the status bar:

  • “E” for 2G

  • "H+" or "3G" for 3G

  • "4G" for 4G

Important to know: Connecting to new generation mobile networks can greatly reduce the battery life of your smartphone. Therefore, if it is important for you to save battery power, you should not turn on 4G, but it is better to turn off mobile Internet altogether when it is not needed.

Why 3G does not work on Android

Before you configure 3G on Android, make sure that your smartphone supports this type of network. All information on this issue can be found in the documentation attached to the device, or on the Internet.

It is also worth clarifying whether there is a 3G / 4G coating in your city. So, for example, in the cities of Ukraine, the introduction of 4G is only planned, so it will not be possible to use super-fast Internet with all the desire. With the coverage areas of the largest Russian mobile operators, you can familiarize yourself with the following links:

All smartphones automatically receive mobile Internet settings from the network operator, but sometimes the gadget cannot correctly set the necessary options, as a result of which access to the mobile Internet disappears. Learn how to choose Access Point and set the correct settings, you can from our article " How to set up the Internet for Android".


Most modern mobile devices allow you to easily adjust 3G / 4G, after taking literally a couple of clicks. Therefore, the use of high-speed mobile Internet should not cause you any difficulty; The main thing is that your cellular operator provides appropriate access services.