How to send photos from iPhone to iPhone?

The user who has changed its Android on iPhone to have more opportunities to communicate with friends, will be unpleasantly surprised by the fact that the transfer of photographs is familiar It is in the whole bluetooth to him - on a new gadget is not available. Apple does not allow to exchange Bluetooth files, because it believes that it contributes to copyright infection and mobile device infection with malicious programs.

However, it is not necessary to despair the newly minted owner of the "apple" device - fortunately, there is a lot of paid and free ways to send a great photo to another Apple gadget.

How to send a photo from IPhone on an iPhone via Airdrop?

One of the most obvious ways to send a photo from one "apple" gadget to the other - to apply the function AIRDROP, which appeared on iPhones along with the 7th version of iOS. Airdrop uses the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi combination to form a network, inside which the iPhone owners can exchange data. More information about how to activate Airdrop and send a photo using this technology, it is described here.

Alas, Airdrop - not a panacea. The technology has a lot of weak points, due to which the owners of iPhones are forced to master and other ways to send photos. What are the shortcomings airdrop?

  • The transmission of data occurs only if the gadgets are close to each other (at a distance of not more than 9 meters). Airdrop is able to help share, say, graphics and charts during a business meeting, however, if the user has the need to send a photo from holiday home, this technology is not an assistant.
  • To transfer the photo you need to pre-configure accounts ICloud on both devices.
  • Airdrop works extremely unstable. Experienced users of "apple" products constantly accuse the current management of Apple in releasing raw technologies to the market and as an argument they cite the poor quality work AirDrop.

Function AirDrop is present only on iPhones 5th, 6th and 7th modifications running on iOS 7 or subsequent versions of the operating system. Due to these limitations, data exchange via AirDrop is inaccessible for a significant part of Apple smartphone users, for example, for iPhone 4/4S owners, as well as for conservatives who do not want to change their favorite iOS 4 for the latest software.

Sharing photos via iMessage

A worthy alternative to technology AirDrop as a tool for sharing photos is a built-in messenger iPhone iMessage. Sending a picture via iMessage is free - and there are no restrictions on the distance between devices.

To send a picture via iMessage, proceed as follows:

Step 1. In " Settings" find the section " Messages" and go to it.

Step 2. Activate the " iMessage" slider.

A window will appear warning that activation of the built-in Apple messenger may be paid - about 5 rubles will be debited from the account (the exact cost of activation depends on the operator).

If the user turns off iMessage and then turns it back on, they will have to pay again.

Click " OK" if you agree with the activation conditions iMessage.

Step 3 . Log in to your account Apple ID - enter password - and wait for the messenger activation to complete. Then you can start composing the message itself.

Step 4. Open the “ Messages ” application and click on the icon depicting a sheet of paper with a pencil (in the upper right corner).

Step 5. Enter the recipient's phone number and click on the " Photo" icon.

Step 6. The following menu will appear.

If you want to send one of those photos that are already stored in the memory of your iPhone, click on " Choose existing".

Step 7. Through the application " photo", select a snapshot to send - open the appropriate photo and click " Select" in the lower right corner.

The snapshot will be attached to the message.

Step 8. Click " Send" and wait when the download bar comes to the end.

The message sent through service iMessage has a blue color, and an ordinary SMS - green.


Use iMessage - very convenient way Send photos, however, it requires some material spending (on activation) and password from Apple ID, the configuration of which is a long and fairly tedious procedure (about how Apple's account is created, told here ). If you need to send a photo urgently, A Apple ID on the iPhone is not configured, it is better to prefer other methods.

Can I use other messengers to send photos from iPhone?

built-in iMessage List of messengers capable of helping to send a photo with iPhone for free, not limited - you can use other programs, for example, What's App, VIBER, Telegram. We will look at how to send photos through the application What's APP, available for download on this link.

After you load the messenger, act as:

Step 1. Run What's App and on a welcome page, confirm that you agree with the provision of services and privacy policy by pressing the " button to accept and continue."

Step 2. Enter your phone number and click on " Ready" in the upper right corner.

Step 3. Specify your name in the appropriate field and attach the avatar (this is optional).

If you do not want to spend time searching for a suitable photo for avatars, you can take a profile from Facebook Together with the photo and name. It is done through the "Download from Facebook" button.

Next, proceed directly to sending a message with a snapshot.

Step 4. Go to the " chats" and click on the icon depicting a sheet with a pencil.

Step 5. Select the destination for the message among those who are present in your " contacts.

Step 6. On the next screen, click on the arrow icon directed upwards.

Step 7. A menu will appear in which you need to choose one of the options:

  • " Select the photo" - if the snapshot is ready and stored in the application " Photo. "
  • " Remove the photo or video" - if there is no snapshot yet, but you want to make it immediately from the iPhone camera.

You can also quickly get access to the camera by clicking on the icon with the image of the camera.

We will give preference to the option " Select the photo.

Step 8. The iPhone will move you to the section " Fleece" Applications " Photo" - There you have to choose a picture to send. Click on the desired photo, and you will see such a picture:

What's APP has built-in Photo editor, which allows you to cut a snapshot, turn it at any angle. In addition, the messenger makes it possible to sign a photo - it is useful if a mass of similar messages arrive on the recipient smartphone.

Step 9. Adjusting the snapshot through the editor and adding a signature (if necessary), click " Send." The photo will appear in the chat.

The addressee can save it to the device's memory - for this you need to click on the snapshot and click on the " icon".

In the list of options, choose " Save." - Then the snapshot will immediately be sent to the section " of the film."

An approximately the same way is sent to the photo through Viber and Telegram. The use of messengers to exchange data has one significant disadvantage: You can send photos of only those people who are in the list of your contacts. If there is a need to transfer the photo to an unfamiliar person (let's say, when selling a product via the Internet), you first need to make a recipient number to the phone book.

Phototopotypes iPhone - What is it?

Together with iOS 7, the function " photo throot (" photo stream appeared (" Photo Stream ), thanks to which it became possible to share with close big The number of photos by spending the minimum of traffic. The essence of the function is as follows: the user saves pictures in the " photo stream" and transfers to a familiar data of his account from ICloud. The recipient activates on its iPhone account, and all pictures are available to it in the folder " of my photo flow.

Snapshots from the "photo thumbnail" are transmitted to the cloud of ICloud only after the "photographer" enters the Wi-Fi action zone.

Activate " photo streams" on the iPhone is quite simple:

Step 1. In " settings", find the " photo and the camera" and go to it.

Step 2. Switch the slider " My photo thumbnails" and " Sharing photo" to active position.

You can access these slots and otherwise - if you pass along the " settings" - " ICLOUD"-" photo".

On devices with iOS 8.1 there is also a toggle switch "ICloud Media". If you activate it, in the cloud will be unloaded All photos and video with iPhone. The user who has decided to include a media library ICLOUD should understand that the place in the "cloud" can quickly end - only 5 GB are given for free.

" Photostream" also has a limit, which, however, is not expressed in gigabytes, but in the number of images. For a general view, you can place no more than 1000 photos - when the thread appears 1001th snapshot, the very first automatically disappears.

Please note that Apple does not recommend to divide the data of the ICloud account with "third parties" - Thus, the "apple" company removes responsibility for the fact that personal information The user can be "not in those hands." Attracting photos through " photo streams" is only close. Provide a password from ICloud An unfamiliar person - the act is very unreasonable.

Other ways to send photos

In order to forward a great picture to another iPhone, it is not at all necessary to use the unique features of its "apple" device. You can apply one of the universal methods suitable for any OS.


Configure the application " Mail" and send photos without activating Apple ID And not surviving about security. You can pass a snapshot in a few simple steps:

Step 1. Laying the desired photo in " photoslend" and open it.

Step 2. Click " Share", then click " Next".

Step 3. In the menu that appears, select the option " Mail.

Step 4. Push the recipient's postal address and click " Send."

Some time later, the photo will be in the mailbox of the addressee, from where it easily downloads it in memory of the smartphone.

Cloud storages

iPhone user has the ability to post photos not only in ICloud, but also in other cloud storage - In particular, in Google Drive, Yandex. Disk, Dropbox, Box, cloud The first three services are subject to strict requirements for the device OS - the gadget should stand "Operation" iOS 8 or later. BOX and Cloud Mail. Ru are installed on iOS 7.

Consider how to share photos using the last cloud service. The choice of this "cloud" is justified not only by the liberal attitude of the application to the iPhone OS, but also the simplicity of data exchange - to open access to the repository other people can be literally a couple of clicks. The user is given 25 GB - in comparison with the 5th "free" GB in ICloud is a whole abyss of information!

After loading " cloud Mail. Ru", act as:

Step 1. Open the application and enter the email address and password from it. Attention: only the mailbox will come up.

Step 2. Next, go to the " cloud section". There are initially there are several pictures and one video, however, it is obviously not what you are going to send.

Step 3. Place the snapshot in cloud storage. To do this, click on the plus in the upper right corner.

The menu will appear where you have to choose whether you want to unload the photo available on the iPhone, or make a new photo right now. We already have a snapshot to send - click on " all photos and video".

Step 4. The program will request access to Appendix " Photo" - press " Allow".

Step 5. The Mail cloud will move you to the " of the film". Select the desired photo and click " Ready" - so you run unloading.

The process of placing the picture in the "cloud" can be monitored - the process of the process is displayed with a blue strip around the icon " to cancel.

Step 6. As soon as the unloading turns out to be completed, click on the "I" icon - you will go to the "Properties" of the image.

Step 7. In the " properties section, find the block" sharing"and click on the item in which the following is written:" The link is closed. "

You will see a window offering several ways to share a link to a photo with another owner of the iPhone: mail, Other email, SMS message. Considering that not everyone uses email on a mobile device, the most suitable option will be SMS.

Step 8. Clicking on the " message icon, you will find yourself in the application of the same name. In the body, the letter will already be "scored" reference to a specific image in the cloud Mail - you only need to enter the destination phone number and send SMS.

The recipient of the message remains to open the link and save the image to your iPhone.


This method to share photos has long been released from fashion. The reason for the cool user relationship to MMS-Kam is the high cost of messages. One MMS costs about 7 rubles (the exact price depends on the operator) - much more profitable to spend 5 rubles to activate iMessage and share photos as much as you like. Now the MMS is more often resorted by those users who want to send pictures from the iPhone on Android or a smartphone on the other OS.

Exhaustive instructions, how to set up and send MMS here. In general, it is necessary to act as well as when using iMessage.


Each of the tools of photographs from iPhone to iPhone has drawbacks - among all the most convenient and universal ways the use of a built-in messenger iMessage. This messenger requires minimal financial costs and installed on all "apple" smartphones (in contrast to technology AIRDROP ).

You can organize a convenient image sharing through additional applications - third-party messengers ( What's APP ) and cloud storage ( Mail cloud ). However, a user who prefers these methods will face restrictions: through messengers can only be communicated with those people whose numbers are "clogged" in " contacts", and the storage facilities always installed free space limit.