How to safely remove a glass or plastic protective film from the screen

Want to remove cracked protective glass from the screen or stick new, more durable? Then read our guide, which will help to do all this as safe as possible!

Protective films are extremely necessary for the display of the phone, since they help protect the screen from various scratches and chips. They passed quite a long way of development, starting with thin rubber protectors, and in our days are usually made from tempered glass.

However, if the protective glassof the smartphone appears cracks, you probably have to remove it. Alternatively, you can simply stick more solid protection. In this article we will tell you how to safely remove the protective glass from the phone screen with minimal effort.

Why remove the protective glass?

Glass protects the smartphone from shocks if you drop it. The same applies to the tablets. The probability of scratching, cracks and chipsets can be significantly reduced due to the protective glass, which in most cases takes a blow to itself. So, why do you generally remove the protective glass from the screen?

  • You found more solid protection for the screen.
  • The protective glass cracked.
  • You brush the device (perhaps for sale).

As you can see, there are several reasons why you can remove the protective glass from the phone or tablet. But how easy it is to do?

Warning: Be careful, removing the protective film of tempered glass.

Old plastic protective films are removed quite easily. The same applies to the protective screen from tempered glass, but it requires additional care, especially if there are already cracks on it.

So, how to safely remove the protective film for the screen?

The easiest method is to stick to the crack of the tape. This will prevent the risk of cuts when removing the protective film. You can also use rubber gloves, in order to provide an additional level of protection. However, ultimately you just need to show maximum caution.

What you need to remove the protective glass from the phone

To remove the protective glass and Do not damage the display, you will need several items. It is extremely important to carefully and carefully remove the glass, as any unnecessary movement can damage the touch screen and ultimately lead to breakage.

First, make sure that you have the following items (or at least some of them):

  • adhesive tape.
  • Bank card (a good alternative is a mediator or even toothpick).
  • Hair dryer.
  • Scotch.

Thanks to these items, you can safely remove any plastic or glass protective film from your device.

How to easily remove the protective glass from the phone or tablet

there are several ways to remove the protection from the display. All of them require that you first soften the glue on the screen itself. To remove the plastic or glass protective film, it is necessary to use the hairdryer by turning it on the minimum temperature. The challenge is to heat the device's surface for about 15 seconds while holding the hair dryer in motion. Do not focus warm in one area - it can damage the screen.

If there is no hair dryer at hand, you can use another heat source - for example, a radiator. Whatever your alternative, the source should not be too hot in order not to damage other components.

After the protective glass is mitigated, try one of the following methods.

Probably the simplest method to remove the protective glass - use a credit card, a mediator or toothpick.

  • Alternately, insert the selected tool for each angle with maximum caution so as not to scratch the screen.
  • Raising one of the corners up, move the tool to the left and right to the glass be detached.
  • If you use a credit card, simply push it along the display length to remove the glass.

If you cannot "drive" the selected tool under the glass, or if it fits tightly to the display at the corners, you can try to use Scotch:

  • Churn a piece of scotch.
  • Wrap it around two fingers with a sticky side out.
  • Press your fingers to the corner of the protective glass.
  • Pull the glass up so that the finger or plastic card hit it.
  • Remove the protective film from the screen.

How to remove the screen protector without tools

toothpicks, you can try to remove the glass with your fingers. Usually the nail is able to "climb" between the protective film and the display of the device. However, even more care must be taken when using this method, especially with glass.

  • Start by running your fingernail along the corners of the protective film.
  • Select the corner closest to the display and wiggle your fingernail.
  • Once the protective film starts peeling off the display, run your fingernail along the edge.
  • Since air gets under the glass, lift it slowly, carefully and with equal force along its entire length.

So you should have removed the glass by now. If there are any pieces left on the screen, follow the steps above again.

Cleaning the display

After removing the protective film, it is recommended to thoroughly clean the display. The fact is that when using a protective glass for the screen, dirt and dust usually collects at the edges, so the screen should be wiped. Whether you're selling a phone or replacing a screen protector with a more durable one, cleaning the display is one of the most important things.

Special cleaning products are available on the market, but most often you can get by with a regular lint-free cloth and a little warm water.


As you can see, removing the protective glass from the display is not difficult, but it can take a long time if something goes wrong.

The secret to successful accessory removal is the application of a small amount of heat. Once the adhesive has softened, all you have to do is find something thin enough to gently peel off the screen protector from the phone's display.

When you're done, remember to clear the display. This must be done both in the case of replacing the protective glass, and in the case of selling a phone / tablet.